"I don't believe it." Tsunade said in bewilderment. "How did you find this?"

"During our search for the Uchiha we came upon one of Orochimaru's previous lairs. We thought we should bring it back to you." Captain of the ANBU informed her.

There before Tsunade lied Orochimaru's original body. And in Tsunade's hand was the ring that they found on the little finger of Orochimaru's original body. It was an Akatsuki ring; on it was the kanji 'Kūchin' which meant 'The Void'.

Tsunade smiled. "This presents a unique opportunity."


Sakura sat by the window in her apartment reminiscing about her childhood. She remembered Sasuke, the boy who left her for power. The stupid fool. It had been six years since he had left. By now Orochimaru was probably waltzing about in Sasuke's body.

The only reason that the ANBU continues to search for him was so that Orochimaru won't get his hands on the Sharingan. They didn't care about Sasuke, nobody cared anymore not even all of his previous fangirls. Naruto and Sakura were the only ones who wanted Sasuke back, the old Sasuke.

The Sasuke she knew back when she was a kid. But deep down she knew that that Sasuke was gone. She was nineteen now, she had changed too but not in a bad way like Sasuke. She had trained with Tsunade-shishou and now was incredibly strong. She was also a very beautiful woman, she had grown up a lot. Her body had matured and over the years her hair had lightened to a soft pastel pink. She had it grown down to her waist but always had it up in a high ponytail.

Just then there was a knock at the door of Sakura's apartment.

Sakura opened the door to find an ANBU member standing in front of the door to her apartment.

"Haruno-sama. The Hokage needs to see you." He reported flatly.

Sakura nodded and he left in a puff of smoke.

(When Sakura got to Tsunade's office)

"Tsunade-shishou, you wished to see me?"

"Ah, my apprentice good to see you. I have a very rare and important mission for you." Tsunade told her.

"What is it?" Sakura asked confused.

Tsunade showed her the Akatsuki ring and Sakura eyes widened in surprise.

"We have done a lot of research on Akatsuki and from what we've learned, this ring plays an important role in becoming a member. We found it on Orochimaru's original body." Tsunade explained.

Sakura didn't like where this was going…

"So we want you to infiltrate Akatsuki. You will become a member when you can locate their lair and show up wearing this ring. And if they say the ring isn't enough then just give them a sample of your powers. We want you to gather information on them. Akatsuki is a threat to the village and we want to take them down." Tsunade finished explaining and gave Sakura the ring.

"Wear it on your little finger. I'm not sure if that is of any importance but that was where Orochimaru was wearing it." Tsunade said.

Sakura nodded and put it on. But on the inside she was thinking, Eew, I have to wear this ring that was on Orochimaru's dead body! That is sickening.

"So Sakura, do you understand your mission? Locate and infiltrate Akatsuki and relay any information you get back to us." Tsunade finished.

Sakura nodded.

Sakura took out a kunai and took off her headband. She made a big gash over the leaf village symbol. It was the sign that you were a missing nin. "I understand." She said holding up the headband with a serious expression on her face.


After Sakura left the village she began to try and track down Akatsuki. And she heard reports of an assassination by two members of Akatsuki in the Cloud Village.

She arrived just in time to see the two Akatsuki members assassinate another victim.

She threw a tracer on the stupid looking one. He didn't seem to notice anything. Then she left before they spotted her.

After a day Sakura followed the tracer's signal to what seemed to be the Akatsuki's lair.

Surprisingly she didn't see the big pink 'Welcome!' sign she was expecting. How disappointing.

But she did see that the entrance was sealed with a gigantic boulder. But that was no problem for her.

She just smashed it open with her super strength enhanced fist.

Then once the boulder finished crumbling. She laid eyes upon all the shocked, surprised faces of the Akatsuki.

"Knock, knock." She said dryly.

Then she raised her hand above her chest to show them the Akatsuki ring that laid on the little finger of her right hand. And they probably also saw the missing nin headband that was tied around her forehead.

She used a skill that she had learned from Sasuke many years ago. She smirked, as mockingly and evilly as she could.

"HOLY SHIT!" Hidan shouted.

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