Title: Rebirth of the Time Lords
Author: RamblingRose
Rated: PG
Summary: Rose tells the Doctor to take her back to her time and come back in twenty years to get her. But after leaving her, TARDIS takes him to a post-time war Barcelona where is assigned the task of taking on several companions and teach the ways of the Gallifrey. Notes: 10/Rose. very AU.

Chapter One – Goodbye

"I love you!" The Doctor spat out. It had gotten the desired effect of making Rose stop in her tracks. "Is that what it will take to keep you here? If that's all then I'll say it, I'll admit it." His dishevelled brown suit and rumpled hair was a testament to the anguish he felt at the prospect of her leaving.

Perhaps he had made a mistake of some sort, by returning Rose back home immediately upon her request. IHe should have seen this coming; he should have mistaken the coordinates. Anything but this/I! Perhaps he should have tried harder to get her to tell him Iwhy/I she had to leave…

She had dropped her bombshell suddenly and late that afternoon, after a visit with her mum. Rose had returned to the TARDIS to tell him.

"I need to stay here Doctor," she had said softly. "IOn Earth/I, in this time."

He could tell by the look in her eyes that she had only been half-heartedly into the admission. She wouldn't meet his eyes, instead she had been looking down at the feet she was nervously shifting back and forth. He asked why and all she would say was, "I just do."

She turned to go and simply walked away from him, with quick but rigid steps, out of his life. He could only watch her walk down the platform and open the door. Just before walking out, she turned to him slightly. "I Ican't/I say why, Doctor. Just trust me that it's for the best. Swing back around twenty years from now and pick me back up. I can explain it better then. Or, at least I hope I'll be able to." She looked out into her world then looked back at him. "Please don't forget me, Doctor?"

"I won't Rose. I promise," he said quietly and watched her as she left for her old home.

After all the two of them had done… how could she have been able to leave him so easily? All their travelling, fighting, and loving together had led to her just abandoning him and leaving him alone? Something didn't quite add up right in the equation.

He wasn't sure how long he had stood there, watching the door, hoping she would run back and tell him it was all a joke. After a long wait, the TARDIS brought herself to life. He had tried to stop it, but she had already thrust him through space and time. He ran over to check the coordinates TARDIS had selected and made a mad dash to try and reset the coordinates.

"No! Stop!" he shouted, still trying to reset the coordinates for the time and place he had just left. "What if she changes her mind?"

No matter what he tried, the coordinates automatically reset themselves for one place and one time:

Barcelona, some three thousand years after the end of The Time War.

When TARDIS materialized, the Doctor stepped out of the ship. He was standing in front of a vast shrine that he had heard of in legends as a child, but had never known if it were a fact or fable.

The Shrine of The Time Empress, the stone sign proclaimed in large letters. A path of white stone lead up to the large building that was made of the same material. The way the sun reflected off the white building reminded him of the heart of TARDIS.

He looked up at it confused and muttered, "It Idoes/I exist." Even though, theoretically and historically speaking, it was foretold to have been impossible to exist, it stood gleaming in front of him like a beacon of hope.

Like him, she lived somewhat outside of space and time, travelling through it with ease and able to do anything she pleased. It was rumoured that it was a piece of her very soul that guided the TARDIS. But those were all just silly legends Gallifreyans told the loomlings as sleep stories… or at least he had Ithought/I they were.

The Doctor, like most other Gallifreyans, never expected that the legends were actually true. The idea of a singular being able to house and control the Vortex was a thing of fantasy, especially when anyone or anything that tried died.

Cautiously, he approached the gleaming white steps of the shrine and climbed until he reached the entrance. A small child was sitting there reading a book. When he approached, she looked up and gasped in awe. She instantly dropped her book and threw her arms around his leg.

"Doctor!" the girl breathed. "I never thought I would actually get to meet you." She stepped back and curtseyed. For some reason, her toga-like dress and high ponytail seemed to fit in perfectly with the building, as if she was being trained as a temple priestess of sorts.

"That's not necessary," The Doctor said hushed and embarrassed tone. He knelt down to the child's eye level. "How do you know how I am?"

"I've read all the books about you, Doctor," she piped with pride. "The Empress has been expecting you. Said she had something to tell you, that it would bring you hope since Rose is no longer with you."

The Doctor stood up quickly and looked down at the child. "You know about Rose? The Empress knows about Rose?" his voice rising in pitch and volume with surprise. "How could either of you know about Rose?"

"She knows about every Time Lord and Lady in existence, as well as their companions. She Iis/I the Empress of Time you know," the child replied flatly. "But you wouldn't know about that yet, right now, she is just a legend you grew up with."

The girl's speech was well beyond her years, the Doctor wondered if she was trapped in time. She took his hand and opened the door. "Come on, I was told to make sure you came to her. It's easy to get lost in there but I know the way around." She jigged slightly with excitement and grinned widely. "Just wait until I tell my big brother I met you… He'll be jealous!"

"Why is that?" The Doctor asked with amusement. His voice echoed off the vast walls around him.

"All the Time Lords and Ladies would love to meet Iyou/I, Doctor." She had answered as if it should have been the most obvious answer to his question.

The Doctor knew most of the counsel held no great love for him. His face darkened with anger and pain. He blew out a breath trying to calm himself. "Wait a moment… The Time Lords were all killed in The Time War. So how is it possible they all want to meet me?"

"You'll see in a moment, Doctor. This is really exciting. I never thought II/I would be the one to guide you. It's really an honour to do so. I read about the young girl in the books that showed you this moment, but I never in a millennia would have thought it was Ime/I I was reading about. The History is dodgy like that, never giving the name of the companion that travelled with the legendary Doctor and his legendary students…"

The Doctor was puzzled about the way the girl was talking about future events as though they had already been written. The idea that he was going to be playing, apparently, a big part in Time Lord history was intriguing.

The child pulled him into a room. As soon as the door closed, the walls exploded in a glow of gold so bright that he had to shield his eyes. The child simply gasped an amazed, "Wow… The Vortex..."

"Hello, Doctor," a strong feminine voice said form the depths of the light. The voice was gentle and soothing to The Doctor's ears, like a song intended to bring him peace. A shadowed figure stood at the very centre of the light. "I welcome you to my home. It was I that asked the TARDIS to bring you here. I felt it time for you to know, you are not alone. I have been here for you, guiding you back to me."

"Who are you?" The Doctor asked. "I mean, other than the obvious 'Empress of Time' thing."

"I am life, I am death. I am the beginning and the end. I am the Empress of Time and Space. I do not have long, Doctor. Just long enough to tell you… Do not feel alone. When you return to Rose she will not be alone. Teach her companions your ways. As you are the only Time Lord in your existence… You are the one that must prepare the future Lords and Ladies of Time. This is all I ask of you, my Doctor. It is time for the Time Lords to be reborn. Take this child with you. She must also learn your ways."

"What's there to teach?" The Doctor asked.

"Everything," the voice whispered. "Teach them how to utilize your secrets. Your new companions will all have the blood running through their veins to withstand them. So teach them, Doctor. I need to stay here. But trust me when I say, I will be with you every step of the way."

"What new companions?" he called but it fell on blank walls. The golden light had already began retracting itself, as if it was water going down a drain, leaving the room in darkness. The child beside him squealed with delight and hugged him about his knees.

"I get to go with you!" she giggled. "Fantastic!"

The Doctor looked down at the small girl with a bemused smile. "You're right, it is fantastic."