Summary: Not now. It can't be now. But one day …
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slightly implied adult stuff
Disclaimer: I wish so badly I own these fantastic creations, but sadly I do not, no matter how many times I kidnap them.
Author's Notes: Just a quick drabble … the idea just popped into my head. It's not as long as my other drabble, but this one is completely original, whereas the other was mostly copied from OotP.
I wrote and posted this at 11pm and I'm tired. So excuse any big errors or whatever.
I don't know when this is set, it could go anywhere, really.

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One Day

By Alexannah

Love can take us many places
When it calls there is no escaping
Promise me that you are here to stay
- Kym Marsh

"Good morning, Minerva."

Minerva looked up and painfully returned the greeting. Anyone surveying the two of them that morning would not have found anything to suggest that something out of the ordinary had happened the night before. But it had.

Years had passed since Minerva had been the naïve sixteen-year-old girl who had first begun to realise that the feelings she harboured for her Head of House was more than a simple teenage crush. Yet it had taken her so long to pluck up the courage to tell him to his face.

Last night she had confessed. Not entirely. The 'L-word' had not actually been spoken aloud, yet they both knew, somehow, that it didn't need to be. Minerva now realised that she'd known all along her feelings were returned. Yet still nothing had happened.

Not now. It couldn't be now. The wizarding world was at war. Perhaps not openly yet, but they both knew Albus would be needed, and soon. They simply could not start a relationship, not with so much at stake.

But still, as his hand brushed hers under the table, Minerva smiled a secret smile that he returned. Although nothing had happened, in a way, it had. Maybe they couldn't be open about their feelings, and maybe everyone would see no difference, but still, something had changed between them. On the outside, they may never have a relationship – in the worst-case scenario – but on the inside, they had just begun.

Albus passed her the butter, and Minerva took it, smiling thanks at him. No-one noticed the secret sparkles in their eyes or the fact that their hands lingered nearer to each other's than was really necessary.

Yes, thought Minerva, watching him as he took the morning copy of the Daily Prophet from the owl, things had definitely changed. It would be a long time before they could share a bed, share a house, share a kiss, even hold hands … but one day they would. Minerva smiled as the owl, frustrated with Albus for taking his time in paying him, nipped his finger hard. One day they could be open. One day they could be free.

One day.


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