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a/n: True love.. and the struggle of getting there.

Eyes Like Emeralds, Hair Like Fire

-- -- --

Her eyes are like emeralds and her hair is like fire.

He's never seen anything like her.

-- -- --

He tried so hard to get her attention.

He got so many detentions, got in so much trouble, and made so many enemies. But only one ever mattered to him.


-- -- --

Her eyes glittered when she was angry.

He wasn't sure if he liked it when she yelled at him.

It was the only way to get her attention.

-- -- --

Her favorite color was blue. She hated transfiguration with a passion, but charms was her calling. Her sister didn't like her. She wanted to be a Healer. She broke her arm when she was seven.

He knew so many things about her, but she didn't give him a second thought.

-- -- --

He wants her so badly he could cry.

And for James Potter, that's saying something.

-- -- --

Shouting matches in the common room became nightly entertainment for the Gryffindors.

I hate you, her voice screamed.

I love you, his heart yelled.

-- -- --

There were many blonde, black, and brown-haired girls, and he'd dated nearly all of them.

But there was only one red-head.

There was only one girl he'd ever wanted.

-- -- --

She was all he thought about.

But she didn't know.

She didn't care.

-- -- --

He had a girlfriend at Christmas, but the expensive emerald necklace he bought wasn't for her.

Happy Christmas, Lily.

He still has a scar on his chin from when she chucked the necklace right back at him.

-- -- --

He drowned himself in firewhisky as his friends told him he didn't need her.

He spent 52 galleons trying to forget her.

And she was worth every knut.

-- -- --

He watched as the Ravenclaw Seeker kissed Lily under the beech tree.

He didn't deserve her.

-- -- --

In Seventh Year, he was made Head Boy. But it wasn't the gifts his parents showered him with, the extra privileges he received, or even his own private dorm (though it was a close second).

It was the fact that he'd get to share it all with her.

-- -- --

He'd changed over the summer, but so had she.

He loved her even more than before.

-- -- --

He lived for the nights he patrolled the corridors with Lily.

He loved it when she laughed.

-- -- --

It wasn't long before she realized that what she needed most had been in front of her all along.

He'd never been happier.

-- -- --

He loves her so much it scares him.

But at least now, she loves him back.

-- -- --

His best mate says it's girly of him, but he's been planning their wedding since he was eleven.

Her dress is beautiful, but her eyes are so entrancing, he doesn't get the chance to look.

-- -- --

She has nightmares.

He has flashbacks.

I hate you, she screamed.

But thankfully, he'll never hear those words again.

-- -- --

Their son is almost as beautiful as her.

He has her eyes.

-- -- --

He holds her in his arms, thinking that maybe, if he holds her tight enough, he'll never have to let go.

-- -- --

He kisses her one last time, then runs downstairs to face the most evil wizard in existence.

It isn't himself he's afraid for.

-- -- --

With a flash of green light, it's all over.

As he fell to the ground, her face flashed through his mind one last time.

-- -- --

Her eyes were like emeralds and her hair was like fire.

He'd never seen anything like her.

-- -- --

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