Chapter 1 "She can't be dead!"

John came home a little after one in the morning. He had been gone the night and left Dean in charge of looking after His younger brother. Soon after John poured himself a cup of coffee, Dean entered the kitchen. John looked up at his oldest child as he stood in the door way.

"What are you still doing up?" He asked his fourteen year old son as he sat next to him. Dean looked at his father hard. Sure he respected the man, but he still, somewhere deep inside, feared him.

"Where's Alexis?" Dean asked as he caught Sam out of the corner of his eye. "I saw you Sam." Twelve year old Sam came and joined the rest of his family at the table. Dean looked at him and then back at his father. "Where is she dad? I saw her leave with you." John just looked down at the cup of black coffee. He couldn't look at his boy's and tell them that their seven year old sister was dead.

"She's not comming back boy's." Dean and Sam's eyes went wide.

"What do you mean she's not comming back? Where the hell is she dad?" Dean screamed as he stood, knocking his chair over and scaring the shit out of his younger brother. Sam was wondering the same thing. He, too knew that Alexis left with their father. He also knew of the arguement that John had with his little girl before they left earlier that day. "Answer me dad!"

"She's gone and that's all you need to know." John screamed at his son's as he got up to leave. Dean moved to block his path. "Get out of my way Dean."

"No until you tell me where she is." Sam joined his brother and waited for their father to explain what happened to their baby sister. John signed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Fine, then I think you both should have a seat." Dean and Sam exchanged looks and made their way back to the table. John sat across from the boy's, but never looked them in their eye's.

"Well." Dean said begining to lose his patience. He could tell his little brother was too. Even though Sam was a mear twelve years old, he still knew something wasn't right about the way his younger sister never returned with her father.

"Something happened. Alexis was hurt and she's gone." John said trying hard not to give them to much information.

"What the hell does that mean? How bad was she hurt? Is she dead? I mean come on dad, give us something." Dean said as worry began to fill his voice. He, as well as Sam, knew that she was hurt alot worse than their father was letting on. All he had to do was get it out of him just HOW bad it was.

"She's dead boys." The two brother's just stared at their father in shock.

"How?" Was all Dean managed to get out before breaking down. Sam was well beyond that at this point. He was softly sobbing with his head placed in his hands.

"Their were vampires and Alexis got in the way. One of them stabbed her and she didn't make it to the hospital." After John explained what had happened he tried to leave again. Again Dean got in his way.

"I want proof."


"You heard me. I want proof." Freash tears were still streaking down the young boys face. Sam had made his way to his little sister's room to mourn her. "Give me proof dad. Show me she's really gone."

"Why?" John asked confused as to why Dean wouldn't believe him.

"Because I don't believe you!" He screamed at his father. Anger took the place of worry and sadness.

"You really want proof?" John screamed loud enough to make Dean take a step back. He swallowed and nodded at his dad's question. "Fine! Here's your proof!" John tossed a photo on the floor and Dean quickly picked it up. He looked at it, almost studying it. Sure enough it was Alexis, blood soaked the young girl's shirt. She loved that shirt. Dean and Sam had chipped in to get it for her for her seventh birthday. That was three days ago. Dean looked back at his father.

"She's really dead isn't she?" He asked already knowing the answer. John nodded.

"I'm so sorry Dean." He said as he knelt down to comfort his crying son. "I did everything I could, but it was to bad." Dean wiped the tears away and then went to find Sam. He was laying on Alexis bed, clutching her favorite stuffed horse. It was the last thing Mary gave her before the fire and she never went anywhere without it. Even Dean though it was weird that she left it when she went with dad. Dean sat down next to his younger brother and together mourned Alexis. John had explaind to the boy's earlier that day why he was taking such a young girl on such a dangerous hunt. He wanted his children to start hunting as soon as possible. With Alexis being a girl, John thought it was best to wait till she was a little older to start her out hunting. Both boys had their first hunt at the age of five.

"She can't be dead Dean. We were supposed to pertect her and we failed. We failed out baby sister." Sam cried into his newly deceased sister's pillow. Dean was softly rubbing his back in a attempt to calm him down. The three sibling's were very close and both brother's knew it was their job to look after Alexis. After Mary died and John went out to find the thing that killed her. Dean, Sam, and Alexis were all that was left. They were always together and looked after one another.

"We didn't fail her Sammy. There was nothing we could do to help her."

"We should have been there. I mean after her and dad had that fight and then leaving. We should have done something." Dean looked at his little brother confused.

"What do you mean they fought?" Sam lifted his head to look his brother in the eye.

"You didn't hear them?" Dean shook his head as Sam sat up next to him. "After you went to your room, dad took Alex outside. I heard something about beating someone and then dad yelling at her to keep her mouth shut. After that is when they left to go after the vampires." Dean was lost. After he went to his room, he was lost in the sound of AC/DC blasting though his headphones. Right now he was hopeing that he never wore those stupid things. He wanted to know what that fight was about. He got up and went to talk to his dad, but John was on his way out the door.

"DAD! Wait! I need to talk to you!" Dean yelled as he ran to the front door after his father. John stopped and turned to his oldest boy.

"I have to go Dean. Take care of Sammy."

"But dad."

"No but's Dean. I'll call you later." And John left. Dean was at a loss. His father had just walked out on him, his younger brother was loseing it in the other room, and his baby sister was dead.

"What the hell am I going to do now?" Dean said to no one.

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