The Last Marauder
by Crystallic Rain

Notes: Another challenge fic. I wrote this because I was inspired by a brilliant drawing, I believe by Marta on showing where the marauders are now. It's a simple doodle, but a sad drawing all the same. I thought this fic gave the same feel. I quite like it, though it's simple. Review if you have the desire.

What had happened to them? They had once been the best pranksters. Rule breakers. Marauders. They were once the closest friends, weren't they?

Murder, betrayal, imprisonment... These things tore them apart...

It had been sixteen brutal years since James had been murdered by Voldemeort. This was what had started it; he was the first gone.

Or perhaps Peter was the first gone – he had been gone for almost a year before James. He was gone from the moment he had that awful black skull, the snake's head springing from its mouth, imprinted on his forearm. He was gone once he told Voldemort where the Potters were hiding, once he faked his own death to frame his friend, Sirius.

Sirius Black... the supposed wanted criminal, the one everyone had thought really betrayed his best friend, the one who was killed by his own cousin. He was the last one to leave.

Except for one – the last of the four friends. Remus Lupin. Remus had once been so thrilled, sure that his friends would never abandon him. Now, Remus sat alone, simply longing for the days when his friends would cause trouble at Hogwarts or transform with him on the full moon. He hated the hollow feeling inside him.

He hated being the last marauder.