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Chapter One: The Definition of Invisible

You peer delicately at me, as your ravishing hair flows to the side.You are so alluring, with your bewitching smile and perfect form. I cannot help but stare, though I in the back of my mind, I know I should not. Your beauty capivates me, grabbing hold of my sanity. You're like a magazine model. So tell me, Ms. Parker, why did you choose to work here? It is not elegant, nor does it pay a reasonable amount of salary. The building is old and worn-out. It reminds me of the ancient fire-station on Broadway that eventually collapsed ontop of the fire trucks after a small storm. That's how bad it is, and you know this. You must. You must hear students talk poorly about this school... this town. They call it Hell, and who can blame them? So why do...

"Okay class, I expect this paper to be turned in tomorrow morning and don't worry it is completely confidential. This is only so I can learn a little about you, since I will be teaching all of you for at least a semester."

God, her voice is so appealing.

She glides from desk to desk, handing out some paper to the class. I, myself, do not know what it is. Hell, I couldn't even pay attention for a spilt second without drifting off into some daydream phase, of which I seem to edulge in whenever I see something I cannot have. It's like when you were six years old, and you wanted that super action figure that your parents said was too costly. So, you'd just stand there, in the middle of the isle, admiring it and all its neat contents. You could spend hours, upon hours, daydreaming of what you'd do if you could simply obtain it, have it in your grasp. This is the same thing, only unlike the action figure of which you'd eventually get for Christmas, or something, you cannot beg your parents for a girl, especially a teacher.

You must think me sick, right? Crushing over a teacher, when I could really be looking at girls my own age. Well, my friend, you may be right, but if you were to see her, you'd understand why I do this. I don't think a man alive could deny her. I'm sure many guys await her hand and foot, only hoping that she's will choose them over all. That little devil, she has us all wrapped around her finger.


The school bell goes off precisely at 3:10 p.m. Everyone is rushing to get out, after all, its the end of the first day of school. I pick up the paper off my desk and gather my belongings, the cheap Dollar General notebooks and number two pencil. As I exit, I take one last glance at her and leave the room. I walk myself to my locker, with one arm securely holding my things and the other shoving my hand into my hood pocket. The jocks are at an uproar talking about Homecoming, which is in the next month, as they claim that they are going to "thrash" the other team. Yeah, whatever. Our school sucks. I pass by them with my face down, maybe if I don't look at them, they'll leave me alone.

Their eyes don't even move, not for one second. It's like I hadn't even passed. Oh well, I'm used to it. Its like the only time they remember my name is whenever they need something, like homework answers, lunch money, that type of thing. God, I hate them all. Anyway, I finally reach my locker and hurriedly get my stuff and walk out. Great.

It's raining.

The rain is coming down pretty hard too, just my luck. I pull up my hood over my head and start walking. I notice a car pull up right next to me, its an old secondhand Taurus from what I can tell. I don't know whether the drive wants my attention or not, so I keep walking. Okay, nevermind. About ninty-nine percent of the time, people don't want to talk to me, so I was pretty sure of that. But, whatever, I look over.

"Hey, Roxas, get in. I'll drive you home.", she tries to say seductively.

"Fuck you."

"Fine, asshole."


By the time I get home, I notice mom's car isn't there. She must have went grocery shopping, or whatever moms do in their spare time. Maybe they hold a meeting every Tuesday and give each other helpful hints like, Where to Find the Best Diapers at Half-Price, How to Give the Family Pet CDR, and What to Do When Your Kid Eats Rat Poison.That's only a theory though, I have no hard evidence. You'll find I have many theories, though never seem to have real evidence to support any of it. I warm up a Hot Pocket and sit down, pulling out the paper Ms. Parker assigned from my backpack.

"In full sentences, write a short introduction about yourself which can include information about your family, friends, or life in general. It can be about anything, as long as it stays in topic."

I stare at it for a while, wondering if I should just make something up or actually tell her the truth. I know she is probably expecting some happy-go-lucky story about mom and dad, the dog named Spot, and our friends, but the thing is, my life was nowhere near perfect. Whatever, I'll tell her the truth, what do I have to lose?

"How To Portray Yourself As Invisible For Dummies"

Unseen by the human eye.




That's what I am.

People don't seem to notice me, unless they squint their eyes very hard, then there I am. Like a microbe, too unsigificant to notice. But, how did I get this way you may as? For that I must tell you my story. It is not of a happy family, our dog named Spot, and friends, so if that's what you're looking for, then I suggest you stop reading this very moment. If you don't mind its contents, then go ahead and pursue reading if you'd like. I won't stop you.

Let's start with the family, shall we not? At once period of time, it consisted of you're average everyday mom, dad, and twin brother, but that was long ago. Now it's just me and mom. Dad left us when I was three, so you don't really have to take pity because I can't say I miss him. I barely even knew the guy. Then Sora, the twin brother, soon also left me, but not in the same sense. You see, Sora was my bestfriend. My only friend, for that matter. He and I were as close as one can be, that is until the day of the accident. I don't think I will ever forgive myself. But then again, you don't want to hear about a tragedy like that, do you? I didn't think so.

So let's just say that dad leaving and Sora passing away, in a way, got me where I am today. Mom had a hard time supporting a kid by herself, so you can simply guess I didn't have the greatest things in my possession. I never really minded, reall. I didn't seem too thing much of it. It's just clothes, right? It's just fabric you wear all day, then change. It didn't signify any importance.

Well, that's what I thought.

...Until the day I was proven wrong by the kids at school. They called names and teased. I had came in for my first day of 4th grade, with my new clothes mom had bought me from Goodwill. I was rather proud of them really. I was wearing a black power ranger t-shirt and jeans with minor holes. Besides the tears here and there, I thought I looked pretty good. I came into the classroom with my chin up high showing off my outfit. I even wondered if any kids would comment on how cool I looked. Of course they will, I thought. And surely, they indeed took notice. They noticed the stain on my shirt and how my shoes were worn out. Ever since then, I've either been picked on or simply remained useen by the average student. That, along with eveything else, has made me what I am. The definition of invisible.

-By: Roxas

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