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Previously in Chapter 8:

Kairi needs me. She called me and expects me to be able to help her. But will I be able to live up to her expectations? Or will I just be a fraud in her eyes if I'm unable to succeed? I'm in the car driving.. speeding... to get to her. I just hope to God that I'll be able to do so.

I see a figure in the distance; sitting on a bench. It's Kairi.

She's dripping wet from the rain. Damn. I should have gotten there faster. Her eyes are swollen and she's staring off into the distance in such a daze it scares me. Her eyes appear sad, almost lifeless, and I don't understand how that could be. She seemed so joyful and filled with life the last time I saw her. Fuck, she had such a good sense of humor. How could this be the same Kairi I met before? How could her eyes reveal a feeling I thought Ionly had. I don't want her to be like me, dammit. She can't possibly be as lost as I am. She was my way out. I know it sounds selfish, but her optimistic views and joyous smile was what gave me hope that there was a way out. That I wouldn't be like this forever.

But, I guess even angels fall.

"Kairi? Are you okay?" I asked her in a soft low voice, ashamed I didn't have much to give her.

A small smile crosses her face, "I am now."

How to Cheer Up a Girl When She's Feeling Down

1) Buy her some StarBucks.

2) Offer to run into as many doors needed.

3) Tell her embarrassing stories from your childhood.

4) Sing along to the Backstreet Boys in the radio.

5) Tell her how happy it makes you to see her smile.

Chapter 9: Fighting the Demons

We're sitting at park. I don't even know how long we've been here, nor do I care. All that matters now is that I'm with her, and somehow my pathetic self was capable of making her feel at ease. She's lying on the grass and if it wasn't for the fact that she was crying earlier, I'd tell her how god damn sexy she looks right now.

She looks up at me, her eyes scanning my facial expression.

"Do you want to know what happened?" she asks.

"Only if you want me to."

She stares at the grey sky, "I want to tell you everything."

So, she sits up and crosses her perfectly smooth legs. I stare at her concerned, yet still curious over what could possibly upset such a beauty.

She tells me about her boyfriend, about Sora.

He was great when they first started dating, but soon after, things changed. He was cruel and fowl, living in the self interest that overtook him. Yet, by then... it was too late. Kairi was chained to his side, fearful of what those precious fangs of his would do to her if she ever left.

So, she stayed.

She endured the anger and drunken punches, not knowing what else to do. After all, he was the jock, with a well known reputation. She on the on the other hand, she was just a trophy.. another object taking up space in a crowded room.

"I'm sorry if it's such a dreary story, Roxas. I'm kind of embarrassed. I hope you can forgive me."

I stand there, in awe after what she just spoke.

"...Forgive you for what exactly?"

"You know, because I'm such a... wreck."

I continue staring at her perfectly blue eyes. Is this girl serious?



"Even if that were to be true, justt.. forget about it, okay? Because you want to know something?... Even if your life were to be that chaotic mess you say it is, I'd be willing to risk it all for a smile on that lovely face of yours."

I take her chin and place my lips on hers. Tears stream down her face as she kisses me back just as passionately as I did her. This feels ecstatic. It's amazing how sex has little to do with the feeling pulsing through my whole entire body. Just being near her will suffice.

"So...," I smirk, "where we moving to?"

Confusion covers her face.

"Moving?" she responds.

"Well yeah, I'm not letting that creep anywherenear you. Plus, this isn't anywhere to live. How about we move to... Toyko!"

She giggles, "Why Tokyo, my dear?"

"Ehh, never mind. Forget it."

"Whatttt?! Now you're going to have to tell me!"

I smile, "Okay, well. I thought Tokyo because Japan has always fascinated me, but I then I reconsidered because of all those hott anime actors walking around there.. so I decided it was a horrible idea."

"Haha, like ' L' from Death Note? He's a hottie, I'd hook-up with him anytime!"

"See what I mean?" I glare in her direction.

"Oh Roxas! I'm just kidding, you know that, right?"


I start gazing at the sky taking in all the events that have just happened. Why did she trust me so much? I've never been anything special. Fuck, I've never been anything at all.


"What is it?"

"Why me?.. Why'd you choose me rather than prince fucking charming?"

"Well, my foul mouthed knight, the difference is... prince charming is just a fantasy in paperback novels. You, on the other hand, are the real thing."

I don't think I ever understood what people meant when they said "we're all human ." That is, until now. I lied there in the grass thinking about what Kairi just said. Maybe I'm not as big of a screw-up as I thought I was. I spent too much time contemplating whether I was "okay," that I never took the time to just accept what was there. Maybe we all have some demons under our bed sheets, trying to pull us down. I guess we just have to put up a fight and look past the insecurities..

How to Fight the Raging Devil 101

1 Don't give him the satisfaction by admitting defeat.

2 Accept the flaws you hold in your hands.

3 Be thankful for the beautiful girl beside you.

4 Try to tie his tail to the firey depths.

And if, all else fails..

5 Pull out a Red Bull, it'll give the wings you need to get outta there!

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