Ok, I know its been done before, but this is only my second fanfic ever, so I'm still finding my style of writing so don't bash me too hard. Um, I will definately try to make this one different.. but... yeah.

Author's Note: Angsty. I don't think it will be too bad. Its not a romance at all, but it does hint at some sandle and mentions the GSR relationship once or twice. But like I said, not a romance.

He had been up for 36 hours now.

Vegas really was a city of sins; and tonight, everyone's favorite sin just happened to be murdering. And it was non-stop. New York, then here… He must really like the cities that never sleep.

Either way, here he was, completely tired but working his tail off.

"This is what I wanted…" Greg thought to himself. "I wanted to leave the lab for this, so stop complaining." Besides, his shift would finally be over in about an hour or so.

"Hey Greg.. Whoa, you look like death."

"Why, thank you Catherine. I have been around a lot of death lately, maybe its rubbing off on me. You think death is contagious?"

"If it was, I would have died years ago."

"Yeah.. Eww.. Think about Grissom! He's been dead for like, ever."

"Ha.. Yeah Greg.. Anyway, you should probably get home soon. I mean, you really do look bad."

"You and your endless stream of compliments and motherly talk, that is why you are the only woman who reminds me of my mom and a hot girlfriend at the same time. That's pure talent there," he said with raised eyebrows and finished it all off with an exaggerated wink.

"A hot girlfriend, eh? Well, I need to get out of here. Get some rest."

Catherine closed her locker and headed for the door.

"Oh.. And Greg, you have a little brown on your nose. Goodnight."

Greg just smiled his famous goofy smile, rubbed his eyes and then started for the DNA lab.

He was almost there. His old home. So many memories there, including head dresses and flying through those windows. Good times.. Sort of.

He walked though the door and found Hodges hovering over a microscope.

"Ahh, my old home. And how dull it looks now. Hodges, you are dull."

"Yeah? And you look 20 years older now that you've become a field mouse… traitor."

"Touché. You got the results for the Wiley case?"

"You know how busy it has been, and besides, Grissom's things come first. And I don't have time for all of you unimportant people."

"You wanna know why you don't have enough time for all of us unimportant people," asked Greg smartly.

"Because you aren't me."

With that, he turned around and left a very upset Hodges staring at him at loss for words.

Greg smile to himself. Hodges…

Yeah, it made him angry that he would have to wait that much longer to finish up the case, but at the moment, he didn't want to think about. And it was clearly the jealous boyfriend that did it anyway. You didn't have to be a scientist to see that. But, as always, evidence was required. A cartoon of Grissom dressed up like Hitler popped into his head and the Hitler/Grissom guy was shouting "EVIDENCE EVIDENCE!"

Greg laughed at the thought.

He was so engulfed in his imagination that he didn't realize the brunette studying a piece of paper coming straight at him.

They knocked into each other, sending both of them back into the real world and onto the ground at the same time.

"Oh.. Sorry Sara, I wasn't paying attention. You ok?" Greg said as he pushed himself up and offered his hand to Sara.

"Yeah.. And its ok, I wasn't either. Thanks." She took his hand, got up and grabbed the paper she was holding.

"Watcha lookin at?" They had started walking now.

"Oh, its just the results for my case. After this huge goose chase, it turns out the lady slipped on some rocks and the rest is history."

"Sounds like you've had the kind of night I've had."

"Yeah.. I just want to get something to eat, then go home. I'm sick of Vegas and the evil people that inhabit it."

"What about me, Sara? I'm not that evil." Greg said, making his eyes big and puppy-doggish.

Sara laughed.

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah.. It sucks we see all the sucky people. Oh hey.. My shift has finally ended… you wanna go get a burrito and a slushy? It's on me." He smiled real big for her.

She waited, and looked at him with a half-smile. He was good at making her feel happy.

"So a Quick-e-mart meal with you?" He smiled even wider. She giggled.

"Fine.. But don't get used to this. I don't usually go out with anyone, let alone losers who can't even take me out to fast food joint. But because you have a pretty smile, I'll accept this once." She smiled at his defeated look.

"Let me get my things and we'll take my car. Oh, and I'm driving."

Greg rolled his eyes but followed her to get his stuff as well.

It wasn't a date, just a two friends getting a fun little meal after a long day, or days in their case. Not too long ago he would have died if he had gotten her to accept one of his offers. It wasn't that he didn't like her anymore, he just saw her more as a sister than a girlfriend. They had become really close when the team split, and just kind of stayed that way.

After about ten minutes, they were in the car on their way to the gas station down the street.

"So has everything been going good?" Sara asked with a touch of concern in her voice.

This confused Greg. He looked over at her.

"Um.. Yeah. Thanks for asking. But um.. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason. I have just seen you here a lot and you look like you are getting sick." She took a quick glance at him.

"So sue me for being a little worried. I remember my first year being a CSI.. Totally sucked."

"Well, it hasn't sucked. I like it fine. And thank you sweetie for caring.." He smiled at her cutely.

She giggled.

"Oh shut it Greg."

They didn't say anything for next two minutes of the ride, just smiled.


They pulled into the almost empty parking lot and made their way inside.

When they walked in, the girl behind the counter smiled at them.

"Hello." She said pleasantly.

"Hi." Greg waved and headed for the back of the store.

Once behind an isle dedicated to junk food, Sara turned to Greg.

"Kind of a slow night, huh?"

Greg nodded.

"What flavor do you want? Cherry or blueberry? Or if you want to be a little crazy, you could always do a mix." He said with a daring look.

"You're so weird. Blueberry. Oh shoot. I forgot my phone in the car."

"Ok.. Well just go out there and I'll be there in just a second."

He said while attempting to pull the cup from its holder. It wasn't working out too well.

"Ok. You sure you don't want me to pay?"

She walked over to him, gently took the cup out from the holder, and smiled.

"Yeah Sara, I got it." He snatched the cup out of her hand and turned towards the slushy machine.

"Fine, fine." She turned around and went out to the car, giggling the entire way.

He really was an amazing guy. She didn't like him like that though; she was with Grissom now anyways. But, maybe Greg was someone should would go out with one day. Not saying that her and Grissom would split up or anything, but if Grissom wasn't there.. She might.. Wait. This is Goofy Greg we're talking about here. But, then again, he wasn't really goofy anymore. Sure, he had his times, but she actually loved it every time he was a little goofy. He lightens the mood and he is really the only one that can get her to smile, and then laugh too, which was amazing. Even she had to admit that.

She had only been in the car for a second or two when she saw a woman and a young girl walk in. Obviously mother and daughter. The girl was absolutely adorable. She had to be around 5 and she had a cute little sundress on, and tied it all off with plastic princess shoes. The sight could bring a smile to anyone's face.

Well… maybe not that guy, Sara thought.

She was now looking at a tall guy with dark eyes and a double chin. He wasn't fat, but wasn't thin either. He had on a black jacket, black dickie pants, and a hat. It didn't strike her as odd until he was up to the door; he paused before entering, looked around and then pulled his jacket back a little to reveal a gun.

Oh my God, Sara thought.

She started panicking. Her first thought was to get to Greg and the little girl. She thought she may have time because the guy was just sort of walking around.

She jumped out of the car and rushed to the door. But when she got there, she slowed down so she wouldn't look so unnatural.

She walked inside and saw the little girl and her mom, but there was no sign of the guy or Greg.

Another wave a panic hit her. Where was Greg? She looked around the store, then at the little girl. She knew the first thing to do would be to get the little girl out.

She took slow steps over to the lady.

"You have got to go right now. Hurry and get your daughter out." Sara said all of that quietly, but in a very urgent tone.

The lady stared at Sara for a second in complete confusion. Sara looked around and was getting frustrated.

"There is a guy with a gun in here. Get the hell out." She didn't say this as quietly.

The lady got the message this time, picked up her child and hurried towards the door.

"Stop! Don't anyone leave the store. Just get down on the ground and shut up, or I will take you out right now."

The lady stopped dead in her tracks. Sara looked in the direction of the terrifying voice and saw the guy with the gun. He was standing behind the isle that Sara had left Greg in. That's when she noticed the pair of shoes attached to blue jeans on the floor next to isle.