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Harry Potter and the Slytherin Prince

Chapter One

Hazy Dreams or Maybe Memories

A whispered name was upon those lips, those lips he just couldn't get enough of. Those lips made him feel like electricity was in his veins and his skin was made of fire. He wanted to have them forever, as his hands wandered over pale flesh that felt as if it were made of silk. He kissed and nibbled at the soft flesh at the neck of the one he wanted more than life itself. He felt hands sprawl across his back and digging in, making him wonder briefly if in the morning he would have marks down his back but he didn't care. The fingers needing into his back was enough to make him moan against that skin.

The moans of the other became louder and louder as his kisses became more passionate, fierce and frantic. He felt himself slip inside his mystery lover as he continued to thrust over and over again. Then in a brilliant moment of lust everything was over and he was once again staring hazily up into the eyes of the person, he knew he could never live without.

Emerald eyes opened to stare around the small compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Harry was on his way to starting his seventh year at the school. He didn't even remember falling asleep but it didn't come as a surprise as he hadn't really been sleeping the last few weeks with the nightmares that plagued him and strange dreams that he couldn't explain.

He glanced around the compartment and covered a smile as Hermione was sitting on Ron's lap with a book in her own lap. Their compartment was a little more filled than usual, meaning she had an excuse to sit there. He rolled his eyes he didn't know why Ron still hadn't asked the girl out; Harry knew he liked her a lot though he had never said anything. Ginny was sitting with Neville talking about something or another he wasn't sure. Seamus and Dean were playing a game and the final member of their merry band was sitting with her magazine flipped upside down. He met Luna's eyes and she gave a knowing smile before going back to the magazine.

Hermione glanced down at her watch and sighed before standing up slowly. She closed her book with a finality, that told them she was done with it. Ron stood as well and Harry shook his head.

"Well we'll see you Mr. Perfect and Miss. Head Girl after you're meeting." Ginny joked. Ron laughed and followed Hermione out the door.

"Yes well at least I'm not bragging about it." He said, peeking his head around the door before he was gone. Ginny gave an unladylike snort.

"That boy hasn't stopped bragging since fifth year that he became a prefect." Ginny muttered under her breath. Harry chuckled before turning his attention back out the window and to his thoughts about the dream.

The dream was strange and haunting like something he had experienced before. He knew that wasn't possible but every time he had that same dream, it felt so real. Every emotion, every touch felt like he had experienced it before, and he yearned for that touch. Though he didn't know why. He let his thoughts continue as the day wore on.

It was late afternoon by the time Hermione and Ron had returned. Ron was livid about something as he ranted down the hall. He threw open the door, startling the occupants into staring at him confused. He growled, sitting down.

"Head Boy! Really, what was Dumbledore thinking?" Ron ranted, turning to Harry for support. Harry looked at Ron confused while Hermione came into the room glaring at Ron.

"Really Ron, couldn't you have waited until after we got back here to start ranting about Malfoy?" Hermione scolded. "I'm surprise he only brushed you off like that. If he wanted to, he could start taking house points from you once we reach Hogwarts." Ron rolled his eyes before turning to Harry once again for support. Harry raised his hands in defence.

"All I heard was Malfoy and something about Head Boy." Harry said, explaining his situation as clearly as possible without taking sides. Ron gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Really Harry weren't you listening? Malfoy is Head Boy. We thought it was bad when he was a prefect but Head Boy. Dumbledore must be barmy to make Malfoy Head Boy." Ron said, making Harry realize why the red-head was so upset. For some reason it didn't bother him that Malfoy was Head Boy so he simply shrugged his shoulder. Ron looked shocked.

"It's good to see that you've matured over the summer, Harry." Hermione said proudly. Harry shook his head.

"It just doesn't matter that Malfoy's Head Boy. It just means Dumbledore can keep his eyes on him without him doing any major damage around the school like when Umbridge took over. It will also keep any major Death Eater problems from rising up with Malfoy unable to make a move without Dumbledore noticing it." Harry responded. "He's still an asshole though." He added as an afterthought. Ron smiled.

"You mean the Ferret won't actually be able to do any harm to us this year because Dumbledore will have his eye on him. Oh this year will be heaven!" Ron said triumphantly.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." A voice said from the doorway. Malfoy's eyes scanned the room landing on Harry whose emerald eyes stared back at him intently, readying himself for a fight like always. Crabbe and Goyle were in another compartment farther away and he knew he didn't have much help if he picked a fight. "You may be safe, Weasel but Potter, on the other hand, doesn't have any luxuries if he breaks the rules, now do you Potter?" Harry locked eyes with Malfoy and a chill ran down his spine. He gave a small smirk at Malfoy.

"Don't worry, Malfoy. If I can help it, I won't need to break any rules." Harry replied. Malfoy stared at him.

"Potter, you always break the rules because you believe the rules don't apply to you. Just watch out, I'll make sure I'm there to catch you this time and I don't have to worry about the repercussions." Malfoy sneered before a smirk curled his lips. Harry gave a nod in understanding for a moment and turned back to the window as if the blond didn't exist anymore. Ron looked at him in shock as he saw his friend continue to look out the window at the darkening sky as if his rival didn't exist. He turned to Hermione in shock. Hermione turned to Malfoy with a slight smile.

"If you don't need anything else, Malfoy, I'm sure you have more pressing matters to attend to." Hermione replied smoothly, giving Malfoy the invitation to leave. Malfoy nodded and turned leaving the group.

Draco sighed as he walked away from the compartment holding the Golden Trio and company. He felt a pain in his chest as he got farther away from them. He found the only empty compartment left and was far enough away from any Slytherins that he may get just a while without having to deal with any of them, especially away from Pansy, though it was all an act to appease his father. He slipped into the compartment and sighed, looking out the window feeling a familiar feeling spread through his body like so many times from before over the last few months. That confusion, the overall sadness of loss and the want to be there with him.

'Why Potter? Why? Why did you do this to me?'

To Be Continued…

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