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Chapter Ten

Perverts, Potter and the Prince

Draco sat silently at the Slytherin table the next day. He stared down at his empty plate. He felt a presence looming over him and he turned to see a Gryffindor crest. He sighed allowing many to think it was because he didn't want to have to deal with the Head Girl but it was mostly because he knew he must have forgotten something.

"Yes, Granger?" He asked not bothering to turn around. He could almost tell she had placed her hands on her hips. Sighing again, he turned around, pulling his feet out from under the table, spinning around on the bench. He looked up at the girl noting he was right about the hands on her hips.

"It's lunchtime. I thought we had a deal." Hermione said. He could see she figured this not sitting with the Gryffindors for lunch had to do with his meeting with Harry last night and that he didn't want to see him but that was not it at all.

"Sorry, I must have forgotten." Draco replied, grabbing his book bag and standing to move to the table behind him. Hermione sighed as she sat down once again beside Ron. Draco was surprised when he was placed to sit beside Harry. Harry nodded to him in greeting. His own hands were wearing fingerless gloves instead of the white bandage around Draco's hand. Draco smirked; he was trying to hide the cut down his right palm.

"Malfoy, why aren't you all decked out like yesterday?" Seamus asked. Draco looked down at his lap, remembering he had thought about it for several minutes before just grabbing a black t-shirt and loose fitting black jeans.

"Would you rather I come to your table tomorrow in leather pants and a mesh shirt, Finnigan?" Draco asked. Several people chocked on food and Harry coughed because he almost had pumpkin juice come out of his nose. Seamus was staring at him with wide eyes and a happy smile on his face.

"Would you?" Seamus asked. Dean nodded his approval of the idea.

"Seamus!" Chorused several voices. Draco smirked leaning forward to stare at the sandy-haired teen and dark-skinned young man beside him.

"And what would you do to me if I did?" Draco asked. Harry smacked his forehead and turned to the blond.

"Please don't encourage them. They are horny enough as it is." Harry stated. Ron snorted and eyes turned towards him.

"You don't even have to hear them going at it anymore. You've escaped. I'm still stuck in that damn room. The worst part is when you go in during the day and they're at it." Ron grumbled glaring daggers at the two boys who grinned wickedly at him.

"Maybe next time you'll find us playing with Malfoy, perhaps we can tie him to the bed." Seamus said.

"I bet he's a screamer." Dean suggested.

"He's a scratcher." Harry said and all eyes turned on him. Draco's eyes widened as he stared at Harry. He probably had left marks on Harry but those would have been long gone; but hadn't his own bite mark from Harry stayed. Hopefully it was just rumours that Harry was going by and not his own memory.

"And you're a biter." Draco replied crossing his arms over his chest trying to protect himself somewhat. Dean and Seamus looked at the two of them.

"Oh god, Harry, did you shag Malfoy before we got the chance to? That's not fair Harry. You wouldn't play with us yet you'd play with Malfoy." Seamus whined. Hermione watched Harry and Draco cautiously. Did Harry remember something about his night with Draco or was it simply something he'd heard or observed like yesterday's peanut butter and jam incident? Harry stared at Seamus and Dean.

"And what if I did?" Harry asked causing Ron to spit out his pumpkin juice across the table, Hermione to stare wide-eyed at Harry and Draco to smirk. Draco couldn't believe he was hearing this. Harry was either playing the biggest prank of a lifetime with Seamus and Dean or he remembered something. Did it mean Harry wasn't turned off by the idea of sleeping with him?

"Then you'd be bottom." Draco stated. Seamus and Dean seemed interested in this way too much. Harry turned to Draco and raised an eyebrow in question. He leaned in close to Draco's ear.

"You and I both know that we'd end up fighting rather than doing anything." Harry whispered hotly in Draco's ear. He shivered involuntarily. He had missed Harry being that close to him and he wanted to cry at the same time because if Harry thought that then nothing would happen between them.

"Alright, joke's over, Potter." Draco said out loud turning to the rest of the table. "Glad you all enjoyed the show. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must be going." He stood abruptly and grabbed his bag rushing out of the Great Hall. Hermione turned to Harry with a glare.

"What did you say to him?" Hermione demanded. Harry looked at her.

"That we'd end up fighting rather than doing anything. We are rivals, Hermione. We were just joking with you guys." Harry replied, going back to eating. Ginny stood and grabbed Luna from the Ravenclaw table as she passed. Hermione sighed; the two girls could get away with getting up and going somewhere, where if she'd chased after Draco, there would have been questions.

"I am trying Harry to help relations between the houses, not destroy them. Next time, if there is a next time, I suggest you all behave yourselves." Hermione said sternly.

Draco didn't care where he went as long as he got out of the Great Hall. He needed to get as far away from Harry as possible. He felt like his heart was breaking in his chest and he held tightly onto his bag to keep him grounded in reality. He wouldn't cry, not now, not until he knew for certain he was alone. He found himself at the top of the astrology tower, just sitting there crying. He heard gentle footsteps after a while and he wiped at his tears angrily.

"Draco?" Luna called softly. She gave a sad smile seeing the blond sitting on the ground staring out. She walked over sitting down beside him. She stared out at the view from the tower. She was waiting for Draco to start talking, it was better that way.

"He thinks we'll only ever fight. When you put sex into the equation, it's nothing to him. I'm nothing to him. I shouldn't have expected anything different. I was stupid for trying to look for anything else with him." Draco whispered, tears sliding down his cheeks quickly. Luna placed a hand on his arm and shook her head at him.

"Do you think that the reason maybe Harry would think you would only ever fight is because he doesn't know what you two would be like as friends or lovers? Based on your past experiences with each other, all you've ever done is fight and even though you had your meeting last night, it's the first time he knew you or saw you as an ally rather than an enemy." Luna replied leaning back on her hands. Draco turned to look at her.

"I can't hope for that, Luna. I can't hope for anything." he murmured.

"Until Harry's encounter with you at the end of last year, he was spiralling, Draco. He was getting worse and worse. He was depressed all the time. He blamed himself for everyone's deaths. He thought it was better if he was dead. Then the day after his hang over, we all remember it was like the old Harry was somewhat back. He was creating plans for next year, he was planning to join the Order and do some missions with them when they let him. It was like the spark inside him to keep going had a purpose to do so without knowing exactly what it was. You created that spark, Draco. Harry will never be able to deny that. Eventually, Harry will see you Draco. You are his soul mate, you are his dragon." Luna stated. Draco's head whipped around to stare at her.

"He told me that night just as he was falling into sleep that he was sorry, he called me dragon, said that he hoped he was able to change my mind about changing sides and that perhaps we would be together at another time; that maybe love would find a way. He changed my mind and I fell in love with him so do you think he meant what he said?" Draco asked a slight hope rising in his chest. Luna smiled and nodded.

"Harry doesn't say something usually unless he means it." she said with a smile to the blond Slytherin. Draco sighed, running fingers through his hair. He laid back on the ground not caring about dirty clothing. He glanced at the platinum blond beside him. The thought that they could almost pass as siblings passed through his head.

"Be truthful, Luna, do I have a chance with Harry?" he asked quietly, not wanting to betray anything. He didn't want to sound hopeful. Luna turned to stare at him with the dreamy look in her eyes she often had for several long moments.

"There is no one better suited for him than you. He already loves you, he just doesn't know it yet." she replied softly, lying down beside him to stare at the ceiling of the astronomy tower. They lapsed into silence for a long time and he found he liked the girl's company. He would have to remember that and perhaps spend time with her when he wasn't upset.

"Thanks, Luna." he said.

Harry looked down at his hand, it ached not burned. Hadn't Dumbledore said it'd burn if Draco wasn't loyal to him? So what did it mean if his hand was aching? He stared for a long moment at his parchment; he was supposed to be taking notes. He gave up focusing on his notes, when his hand ached; it made him wonder about what he'd said to Draco. Hadn't he thought last night about a friendship with Draco? Then he suggests to the blond that they would never actually get along. God he was an idiot. He glanced at Professor Flitwick who was talking about a charm of some sort. He glanced at Hermione and then at Ron. Getting up and leaving was pressing on his mind. He needed to apologize to the blond if he could find him, seeing as he wasn't in Charms. He didn't care what anyone thought; he packed his bag and walked out of the classroom.

Harry sighed; it was a stupid move, he didn't even know where the blond was. He glanced down at his gloved hand again. If he was connected to Draco then shouldn't he be able to track him down through their blood bond? When he felt a slight tug on his hand like someone had grabbed it to pull him along behind them; he followed. He didn't run into students or teachers and soon found himself at the bottom of the astrology tower. He slowly ascended the staircase wondering if he was wrong and he was going insane. He stopped before going any further as he could see Draco but he wasn't truly visible.

"You know, Potter, I didn't expect you to learn the benefits of being connected to someone through their blood so soon. If you are planning to tell me to get to Flitwick's class, I'd rather not." His voice carried over the top of the tower. Harry walked over slowly and stood over the blond who was lying back with his eyes closed. Silver pools opened up to see emerald jewels staring back.

"I walked out of Flitwick's class to come find you but not to tell you to go to class." Harry replied, setting his bag down as if to make a point. Draco raised an eyebrow at that. "I'll explain why if you wouldn't mind some company. May I sit with you?" Draco blinked slowly, processing his words.

"I'd rather not sit up if that's alright with you, so perhaps you'd rather lie down." he stated, closing his eyes again. Harry sat down before lying back to stare at the ceiling of the astronomy tower.

"I'm sorry about what I said earlier today. If yesterday was any indication, we can get along and I know I hurt you because well if the aching in my hand was a signal I get the message. I think if you feel I can't trust you, this whole being ally's thing isn't going to work. I don't want that." Harry said softly. A hand quickly covered his mouth. He turned to look at Draco.

"Yes I was upset, Potter. I'm trying to change the past and all you can think about is the past. We've hurt each other over and over again. Yes we can get along; we probably understand each other better than our friends do. We've never trusted each other before; this is something new for us. Suddenly, we have to pretend the past hasn't changed while trying to change it. It's constantly wearing different masks; the greatest deception in the world for a spy is the ability to change masks without a crack in between. I have to be a Death Eater, the Slytherin Prince, Head Boy, an arrogant uptight pureblood Malfoy, spy for you, and somewhere in there I need time to be me." he laughed humourlessly. Harry pulled the hand away from his mouth. He sat up turning to look down at Draco.

"They aren't masks per se; I believe all of them are facets of your personality that make up who you are. The first one is what your father wanted you to be, from what I understand Slytherin Prince has to do with the fact that you rule the house of Slytherin and knowing you it's a good thing, Head Boy suggests your good grades and striving ambitious nature, you're a pureblood Malfoy so you can be arrogant by nature but sometimes you have to try to be so, as a spy I think it's just part of who you are, there's always been a part of you rebelling against what you're father wanted you to be, perhaps this was how things were always meant to be." Draco stared wide-eyed at Harry. He quickly turned away not wanting the raven-haired teen to notice the slight blush that rose to his cheeks.

"So where does that leave us now?" he asked. Harry turned to face Draco better and smiled a little bit. Draco sighed as he sat up feeling strange lying down and sat across from Harry.

"I'm not sure. Perhaps we should start over from the beginning?" Harry suggested. Draco shook his head.

"I'm not starting over. Without all those years, we wouldn't be here now. The past is important even if there is hurt in it." he replied. He didn't want their night together to disappear for the world. He didn't want his feelings to go away either. All the hurt had lead to that moment which had lead to this moment. No he wouldn't get rid of the past; he wasn't starting over with Harry for the world.

"Then let's start here and build a brand new friendship for the future." he said. Draco tilted his head to the side thinking. A building a future with Harry in it was something that he could live with. Friendship was the best foundation and so he could live with a friendship with Harry. He smiled a little.

"Agreed." he stated. Harry smiled slowly and was glad to hear the blond agree to becoming friends. He was worried after this morning the blond would never want to be his friend.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived and saviour of the wizarding world." Draco stared at the pre-offered hand. He carefully placed his hand in the outstretched hand. It was warm and he felt their bond tingle a little at the contact of shaking hands once again.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince and knight to the saviour of the wizarding world." He carefully let go. Harry laughed.

"Knight, huh? You and Ron are going to have to fight over that position then." Draco smirked and rested his hands in his lap.

"There are always four knights on a chess board in the beginning. Knights are nobility, seeing as both Weasley and I are purebloods that would stand to reason. Course he's very white knight-ish, standing protectively beside the king; if I was a chess piece I'd be the queen, after all, right now I'm playing all across the board." Harry chuckled.

"I thought you were the Slytherin Prince not the Queen." he teased. Draco stuck his tongue out at him, causing Harry to smile.

"There's never been a Slytherin Princess so there'd never be a Queen. Perhaps it'd be best if I stayed a prince and Weasley was something akin to an earl or a baron? Course then you could have the Slytherin Prince, the Red Baron, and the Clever Countess." Harry rolled his eyes. Draco shrugged as he moved to lie back down. Harry followed suit and the two of them lapped into comfortable silence.

To Be Continued…

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