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This contains m/m/m and will be slashy in later chapters - if you don't like don't read, flamers will be plagued by a winged demon that will cause your hair to fall out

Chapter 1 - Nightmares

He woke yet again from the nightmares that had plagued him for the past year. The dreams began innocently enough before quickly darkening and becoming violent. Mental, verbal and physical abuse would continue in a vicious cycle causing silent tears and crippling doubts. Innocence had been shattered as trusted friends and mentors revealed that the things in this life had been an illusion. The illusion was one of safety and caring, they had allowed the abuse to occur so that the subject would look to them as a lifeline. They manipulated and conditioned responses to better their own lives.

Shaking the man rose and crossed the hallway to enter a dark bedroom. There on the bed lay the subject of the dreams. Stoking a hand through the dark hair, he vowed once more to set right the evil that had occurred in this life. The body beneath him rolled and trapped the stroking hand, waking the sleeping man. Sleep laden green eyes opened slowly and focused on the dark form before them. A testament to the trust the two shared the body of the younger man relaxed as he identified the person sitting beside him.

Green met onyx as the younger man reached out and gently pushed a lock of hair from the chiseled face. "You had another dream. Stop feeling guilty, none of that was your fault, you never lied to me."

"How can you forgive so easily," queried the rough voice. "I should have seen what was happening."

"We were both lied to, repeatedly, how could I not forgive your actions?"

Sitting up, reaching for the glasses on the bedside table, Harry was able to clearly see the distress and shame that haunted Severus eyes. "Why are you still reliving my nightmares? I thought this link would fade, after we had defeated the bastard that made my life hell. This is just one more thing Dumbledore lied to us about."

Wearily Severus nodded, "I too, believed that the link would fade. It appears we will need to research the mind bond more thoroughly to determine why it has not begun to fade."

Harry could feel the turbulence in Severus head, pushing gently on their link he was sucked into the maelstrom that whirled and pulsed with violence. Gasping they were momentarily lost in the darkness before fighting their way out and locking the memories away.

"I'm sorry you have to see those things and deal with all my problems," apologized a sorrowful Harry.

"I marvel at how you managed to survive your loving family," Severus said. "It's still early we should both try and get more sleep." He moved back to his own bed as Harry slipped into the bathroom.

The early pre-dawn light cast a glow as Harry hesitated in the doorway to Severus bedroom. He watched as Severus lay quietly on the bed before starting to turn away.

Severus voice was quiet as he asked, "What is wrong?"

Harry froze and then slowly turned back, "It's…I don't want to be alone." He admitted. "I…may…" his voice broke and died before finishing the thought.

Severus held out a hand, Harry moved cautiously across the room to the bedside. Tugging on the younger mans hand Severus pulled him on to the bed and turned him to lay on his side. Wrapping an arm over the slender waist he tucked the messy hair beneath his chin.

"Sleep," he ordered.