Chapter 11 - Tea and Explanations

Walking slightly behind his companions, Harry was looking in windows when someone spotted the Boy Who Saved Them. Increasing his pace, he hurried to rejoin the older pair of wizards. Unfortunately for Harry this only attracted more unwanted attention. He was soon cornered against a store front as fans began trying to touch and gain souvenirs. Pulling inward to avoid being harmed or harming another Harry blasted a plea for help from Severus via their bond.

'Sev! Help I don't want to hurt them or be hurt myself.'

Severus cursed and turned abruptly feeling the panic that Harry was feeling. Lucius and he waded into the crowd elbowing and intimidating people by turns. The dual glares and dangerous air surrounding both allowed them to quickly penetrate the mob.

Lucius was startled as he was rocked backwards when Harry threw himself into the blondes arms. He could feel the tremors that rocked the slender body. Wrapping his arms tightly around Harry he dropped a kiss on the dark head. "I've got you, you are safe."

Breathing in the crisp scent of Lucius, Harry began to calm down. Pressing his face against the well clad chest he offered an explanation. "This is why I never get to experience our world. I can't go out with out a glamour."

"It seems Severus and I frighten the general rabble," Lucius was smirking as he made a show of holding Harry in his arms.

Severus merely sneered at the surrounding crowd as he too placed a hand on Harry. Checking with touch to reassure himself that Harry was indeed in one piece he muttered, "Only the general idiots, Lucius. The photographers are having a feeding frenzy and it appears that several reporters are gearing up for a confrontation."

"Let them have their photographs. I'm certain by morning we will have turned our Harry into the next dark lord." Lucius smirked then asked, "You never gave an interview nor issued a statement did you, Harry?"

Harry shook his head rocking it against Lucius' body. "No, I was to busy trying to escape my loyal friends and concerned mentors."

"It is time then to at least consider offering an interview or two," Lucius mused.

Severus felt the panic surge, "Calm down, Pet. Luc doesn't mean right this second."

"Harry trust me to guide you through this please," Lucius asked and pushed the younger wizard back to see his response. "Alright smile and turn around the braver ones are approaching. Tell them you will entertain interview proposals only if they are in writing. Have them submit them to … Who should we subject with this?"

"Fred and George Weasley," Harry answered. "They are cautious being the pranksters they are and the publicity will be good for the shop."

Severus smiled, "Slytherin House would have been hard to beat had you been in it."

Harry was surprised when Lucius didn't turn loose of him. Settling his back against the blonde's chest he laid his hands over the elegant ones encircling his waist. He could feel a line of heat to his left side, secure that the pair had his back he raised green eyes to meet the oncoming reporters. The photographers were having a field day, the three wizards made for a spectacular photo opportunity.

Mister Potter, Harry will you give us a statement about the battle? how is your health? why are you with Lord Malfoy? what is your relationship with Professor Snape?

Harry raised a hand halting the flow of questions. "I have been recovering and feel fine. I appreciate that you and your readers are interested in me. At this time I would like to express my sorrow for any who lost a loved one in the battle. I am ready to entertain written proposals for interviews. Please submit them at the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes joke shop. Thank you."

What about Snape or Malfoy do you have anything to say?

"My suggestion," Harry said frostily. "Is to use their proper titles and address them directly. It is Lord Malfoy and Lord or Master Snape and at this time no they do not wish to make a statement. As I said a moment ago, we will entertain written interview proposals only. Now excuse us we are late for an appointment."

Harry turned and tucked a hand in Severus' arm and slid to the side of Lucius. They set off at a sedate pace ignoring further questions as they strolled towards the joke shop.

A groan escaped Harry as he crossed the thresh hold. Draco was suspended upside down from the ceiling and was wearing nothing but a pair of frilly red underpants. "Fred! George! Put him down!"

Lucius raised an eyebrow at his son, "Really Dragon, couldn't you have worn the green pair."

Draco merely growled at his father. "This is all your fault," he accused. "You are late! What happened? Harry are you okay?" The questions were fired off as he critically eyed the dark headed wizard.

Harry caught the agitated blonde as the twins returned him to the floor right side up. "Dray! Dray, I'm fine." He said with force as he was subjected to a thorough check. "I even have a poem for you."

Draco's jaw dropped, "You…you are late! I am subjected to being their lab rat and you have a bloody poem? This had better be world class or I will make you regret ever knowing me." Arms crossed and toe tapping a rapid staccato, he demanded, "Let's have it and it better be good."

Severus and Lucius both snickered as Harry turned bright red. "Some help you are," muttered a faintly embarrassed Savior which caused the snickers to become outright laughs.

Rings of a lord, magic not to hoard.

Soup to be fed, confusion of the head.

Lust for some, twice did I come.

A mob did scare, reporters beware.

Dragon on high, I do not lie!

"That was appallingly bad," sniffed Draco as he turned the words over in his head. Eyebrows shot nearly to the hair line, "Rings? In the plural?"

Harry nodded in response.

"Wait," George commanded. "Let me lock the door, I want to hear this, too."

"Come on in the back we have more seating," invited Fred.

"Okay, go!" George said flopping down on a chair. "Where have you been? We've been worried about you."

"Recovering, I went to Severus' after I snuck out of the infirmary," Harry began.

"That much we figured out. The tracking spell went haywire in the middle of the night," Fred admitted.

"Explains why my wards flared," Severus commented. "Why did you have a tracking spell on Harry?"

The twins exchanged a meaningful look as Fred explained. "We were…um…testing some new products and may have overheard some disturbing information. It was worrisome and led us to believe Harry was in more danger from our side than the Death Eaters. He is our partner, our brother, we couldn't just do nothing. We knew he was safe at school but not when he was outside of it."

Sorry, Harry but Ronnikins is an idiot. We tried to talk sense into him," George apologized. "Even Percy took a shot after he pulled his head out of his arse."

"It's okay," Harry said. "That is why I ran to Sev. Everyone still thought I hated him, especially Dumbledore even the morning of the battle."

"Enough! The rings!" Draco demanded.

Harry shot a look of exasperation at the unrepentant blonde. "I was at Sev's when Luc and Dray showed up and found us sharing a bed. We were sleeping nothing more." He hurried to explain as growls sounded. "Dumbledore forced a mind bond on us a little over a year ago. He said it would fade after Voldemort was defeated, he lied. It hasn't and we are sure it won't. I'm fairly certain we or at least I wasn't supposed to survive the dark weenies death."

"The bond has changed, is changing," Severus picked up the story. "There are time we need to be in close contact to ease the pull. We were sleeping when Luc found us. It keeps the nightmares at bay and we both had been having them for weeks. We needed sleep."

"Sev and Luc are a couple," Harry hesitated, "but they…"

"We want Harry," Lucius said bluntly. "In a very real and permanent way."

"Last night after showing me I seriously needed a makeover Draco and I decided we make better friends than enemies. We were supposed to go shopping. This morning at breakfast Luc told me that the Potters were wealthy. He helped me to use the right ritual to claim what is rightfully mine." Harry continued, "I am the last Lord Potter. Dray you can go crazy with clothes, money is no longer a problem."

"That is only one ring," George commented.

"I was denied Sirius' will until today. Dumbledore blocked my inheritance even though he left others money and property. I received the titles, ring and bulk of the Black family fortune." Harry twisted the ring on his finger. Looking up through his bangs he said, "Draco as your mothers heir there is a vault for you as well. It hurt to take on the magic and I overloaded that is why we are late."

Harry was startled as the three younger wizards knelt on the floor before him.

"Welcome Lord Potter-Black, may you always be welcomed in our home," the twins voiced together.

"My Lord, accept my pledge of friendship and familial ties as heir of House Malfoy to that of both House of Potter and House of Black," Draco pledged the ancient words.

'They can't rise until you accept or reject them, Pet.' Severus said.


'Lay a hand on each head and say so mote it be.'

Harry read deeper into Severus and lay a hand on each head. "The Houses of Potter and Black are honored and extend the same to each of you. So mote it be!" A wash of magic blew through the room.

Harry was tackled to the floor as George figured out the line about lust. "Twice? Twice?" He growled from his spot on Harry's chest at Severus and Lucius.

"They helped," Harry blushed, throwing an apologetic at the elder wizards. "They know everything, we discussed the problem this morning when we woke up."

"But it came after the rings," protested Fred.

"Yes, Luc took us to a tea shop and then we cleaned out the excess magic. We had some emotional issues to deal with…"

"No, Luc and I had to confront some harsh truth," Severus said quietly.

"Harry shared a part of himself that took bravery to a new level," Lucius added. "He laid bare not only his soul but ours as well. We shared a very intimate part of him that goes beyond the physical and we sealed it with a sacred act."

"Stop! Oh, Merlin! Stop, too much information," Draco covered his ears and moaned. "Bad images, bad!"

"Dragon," Lucius growled. "Stop it! There was nothing bad in what occurred." Silver eyes softened with desire as he gazed down at Harry. "It was…"

"Long overdue Dray," Harry continued switching to catch the younger set of silver eyes. "I experienced something that you take for granted and have for years. We can talk about it later, cause frankly there are things that I am embarrassed to ask them. I need a big brother to talk to."

George wiggled on top of Harry and smirked before whispering, "Someone is making up for lost time and trust me, it is plenty big enough."

"George, brother o' mine, let Harry up before I'm no longer a twin," Fred pleaded eyeing the dark wizards who were letting their jealousy show.

George went up on hands and knees as Harry was whisked from beneath him. A smile covered the freckled face as Harry landed in Severus' lap.