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He had been traveling for two days, two days of nothing, but this dirt road and silence, except for the random thug who tried to rob him. The tell tale jingle of coins in his red shirt would tell you the thief ended up with less cash and more bruises.

He growled, dragging his fingers through his hair, the puffy black fro bouncing back almost instantly. He needed a fight, the silence was getting to him, if he didn't get a fight he was sure to go crazy.

He was crazy enough as it is.

Sure, he had been a loner most of his life, a pirate, a bodyguard for hire, and let's face it, he was always hired by the lowest of the low. At least he got to fight, and the pay wasn't half bad. Usually there would also be a few brothels nearby for which he pay for any amount of pleasurable company.

Somehow most of that changed when he was forced into a quest with a flat chested bitchy waitress and four-eyed fish faced Ronin, to look for some dude that smelled of sunflowers.

He'd grown attached to them, something he would never admit, after all a pirate had no friends.

'MUGEN! I'm hungry!'

"Shut up you stupid bi-" He whirled around, finding no angry girl dressed in pink. Why was he thinking about that idiot anyway!

'You miss her.' A little voice whispered.

"I do not!" He angrily shouted.

'Do too.'

"Do NOT!"

'Do too.'

"Do NOT!"

'Do too.'

"Do NOT! You stupid voice!"

'At least I'm not the one talking to myself.'

Mugen groaned and then thought back to the last few days. The way Fuu had looked at him when he came for her, the way she had hesitated when he told her to fucking go. Those big brown eyes, that pout, the way her butt looked as she-

"Fuck this! I'm going back!"

Unbeknownst to Mugen a certain loud-mouthed girl was feeling the exact same way. After their last parting Fuu had traveled back to Nagasaki in order to find work. It didn't take much time before she found herself once again a waitress in a teahouse.

It was her first day and the work kept her mind off of the two samurais that had helped her in her journey, well. . .they were forced into helping her.

"Good work today Fuu, here is your pay." Fuu's eyes widened at the amount she had aquired.

"Surely this is too much!" The owner laughed and patted her shoulder lightly.

"Not at all! I made twice as much today as I usually do, people weren't just coming back for the food!" Fuu blushed lightly and muttered a small thanks, making her leave through the door.

She travel down the street to an abandoned hut she had found earlier in the morning. It was old and dirty, but livable, she knew that she could fix it up after she saved some money. She moved the curtain from the doorway making her way inside.

The hut was much larger inside that it looked from the outside, the living area was small, but there was door in the back wall which led to a bedroom. She entered the bedroom and then made her way to the beaten up futon in the corner, collapsing down onto the lumpy peice of furniture.

She sighed softly curling up, then pulling a worn blanket around herself. Her thoughts drifted to one of her old companions, the pirate. "Mugen. . ."She whispered. She had thought of him almost nonstop since she had split up with them.

When he had come to get her, before he had come for her. . . .She shivered, remembering the brothers, she had been so scared. Mugen had looked so calm when he had interrupted them.

He was soaked to the bone, bleeding from various wounds, but he stood firmly, his eyes were hard, but held something in them, something she couldn't put her finger on. She felt a dull ache in her chest.

She wondered if this was what love felt like.