Who We Were

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Chapter 1- Eremin, Traxis, & Nantor.

(YR. 11 of the Diadem, 196 BC Ordin)

:Five year old Aldyeda watched as her still mother was wrapped in a white cloth & carried from the room. She was still far too young to understand why her mother had remained still while she called her & tried to shake her to awareness. She didn't know why her mommy's dress was covered in blood so that the, once white, material glistened red, & she definitely had no idea what the object protruding from her mommy's unmoving chest was. In later years Aldyeda understood, that her father had murdered her mother and then slit his own wrists- the reason for this homicide suicide case is still unknown- and she cried herself to sleep. But this is not then, and in the present Aldyeda walked the halls of the castle looking for her, unbeknownst to her, dead father. While she walked the halls, it was decided by all Aldyeda's close relatives that she would go and live with her Aunt Jezebel.

-10 years later-

:The now 15 year old Aldyeda, paced back and forth in front of her fireplace, her golden hair, which was neatly braided, almost bristled with her anger and her blue eyes blazed with an unspoken internal rage.

"Where is he?" she angrily asked herself. As if thinking of him had been a summons Darren Sheldar, the captain of her Aunt's army, strode into her private sitting room & gave her a bow. Darren was a very attractive man, he had dark brown hair and green eyes, he was a little over 6 feet tall, and was very well muscled.

"My lady, we have received information from our spies in Shaldara telling us that Mordrid Feldron, is indeed planing an attack against your Aunt's castle. I never would have suspected him of treachery. My lady, if I may be so bold as to ask, what made you think he was a traitor?"

Aldyeda smiled, suddenly not angry,

"A dream Darren, a dream. Did your informants find out when the assault on the keep is to take place?"

"No my lady, but they're currently trying to discover that, as well as the location of his army."

"Very good Captain. Tell me if your informants discover anything new."

"Yes my lady, of course." Darren said, then he bowed once more and left, closing the door behind him. Aldyeda had not lied when she told Darren that she knew who the traitor was because of a dream, but then again she wasn't telling him the whole truth either. Unlike most people, Aldyeda found that, at times, she could do certain…strange…things. For example Aldyeda could lift things with her mind, she could sense when someone was trying to hurt her, & recently, she could see, what she thought to be, the future in her dreams, and these were just a few of the things she could do. Of course, she couldn't tell anyone about this, except for her best friend Athalia, who could also do strange things. Athalia was of an age with Aldyeda but in place of Aldyeda's fair features Athalia had black hair and violet eyes. The two friends used their powers to do miniscule things such as toying with the stable hands by making the horses talk to them and other such mischief. Yes Aldyeda and Athalia had loads of fun together but they also confided in each other & it was for this reason that Aldyeda now sought out her best and only friend. As usual Athalia was found sitting on a fence watching the soldiers train, and after a brief hello Aldyeda pulled herself up on the fence next to her friend.

"Why does she hate me?" Aldyeda asked softly, she had no need to say who "she" was.

"You're the daughter of the man who killed her sister?"

"Yes but I'm also the daughter of her sister."

"Well maybe that's it, you remind her of her dead sister."

"I look nothing like either of my parents."

"Well uhh…maybe she's jealous of you."

"Okay give me some real suggestions here."

"Alright maybe she thinks she won't be able to have a child and will have to name you her heir."


"So…to change the subject, I've noticed you've been talking to Darren a lot recently."

"You must be jesting. Darren is the captain of the guard, I only talk to him to learn information from the informants."

"Mhm…but is that the only reason he talks to you"

"Darren Sheldar is not attracted to me Athalia, & shame on you for even suggesting it."

"Oh shame on me! Now I feel really bad! My, my Aldyeda are you blushing? Could it be that you want Darren to like you?"

"Oh be quiet, Athalia."

"Good one Aldyeda." Athalia said sarcastically while grinning from ear to ear. She then hopped off the fence and skipped around tauntingly, chanting "Aldyeda likes Darren, Aldyeda likes Darren." Aldyeda leapt off the fence & chased after her friend shrieking at her to shut up the whole time.

:"You sent for me my Lady?" Darren asked bowing low before his Lord's wife, Jezebel. She didn't even turn from staring out the window. Darren cleared his throat.

"My Lady?" he asked trying, once again, to get her attention.

"What are those foolish girls doing now?" Jezebel asked. Darren stepped forward and peered out the window.

"They appear to be laughing." He said slowly.

"Yes but why? What trouble are they planning?" Darren raised an eyebrow.

"It looks like they're just having fun my Lady."

"I don't trust Aldyeda, she's going to try stealing my lands."

"My Lady, she's the one who discovered the traitor, Mordrid, who was planning to attack your castle. Why would she inform us of his treachery if she planned to usurp you?"

"She's tricky she has a secret evil plan to destroy me." The Lady Jezebel's eyes flared with the madness that took over her mind at random. Darren took a deep breath, bracing himself for what he knew was coming next.

"Aldyeda is traveling to her dead father's estates tomorrow. You will send three body guards with her & once she is far enough form the manor house you will give them orders to kill her, and that pesky little friend of hers', Athalia." Darren squeezed his eyes shut and inhaled deeply, this was not the first time the lady Jezebel had ordered him to kill an innocent woman in her madness, Aldyeda and Athalia, however, were the youngest ones yet. Darren bowed deeply to Jezebel.

"It will be as you command my Lady."

(year 126 of the Diadem, 1915 AD Alternate / because the year is wrong Earth time / Earth)

:"SEAN JOHNSON! PAY ATTENTION!" Sean jerked up sharply at his teacher's shrilly yelled order.

"Yes ma'am" he said sarcastically. Once Ms. Hernandez's back was turned he smiled, mock sweetly and held up his middle finger, making the rest of the class giggle. After that brief moment of rebellion he put his head back down on the desk to continue his nap. He hated math, so there was no way he was going to stay awake during math class, especially since he was already paying a geek to do his homework. His parents were some of the richest people in San Diego but he had still mastered the art of picking pockets, so even when his parents weren't paying him his allowance as punishment, he could still pay the nerds quite a bit for his straight A's. While Sean could most likely average A's on his own he hated doing homework and since he could pay other people to do it for him, he saw no point to it. Anyway he had much better things to do with his time than studying and homework, like sleeping, and, oh yeah, studying how to use his powers. That's right another teen with special powers, however this ones talent was a little different than he first's. For instance he could change anything he could get his hands on into something else, but his favorite power was being able to make people do anything he wanted to do. For example he could make his teacher 'decide' not to teach at all some days but to throw a party instead, and he could make his parents 'decide' to raise his allowance; he loved it. Sean was about to nod off to sleep but was disturbed by the obnoxious bell, luckily this time the bell was telling him that school was over. Sean hurriedly packed up his books and left but instead of going home he walked to a small apartment complex in the middle of the suburbs. The particular apartment that he was going to was owned by an eighty year old woman who was able to teach him to use his powers. He knocked loudly on her door & gave the old lady, Enid, a toothy grin when she answered the door.

"Oh look, here's trouble." Enid croaked when she saw him, "Hurry up and come in, you're letting in a draft, and don't forget to lock the door behind you." Sean rolled his eyes before shutting the door, but not bothering to lock it, and walking into Enid's living room.

"Alright Enid, I did what you said but I still couldn't control the whole group."

"You probably just weren't concentrating hard enough, amateur mistake."

"Enid…why can't I control you?"

" 'Cause I can also use magic 'en you hafta be much stronger and more experienced than da other magic user ta be able ta control 'em."

"Oh…well what do I do if I bump into a magic-user who can control me?"

"Ya fight back o' course."

"Yes of course but how?"

"Ya attack thar mind, it distracts 'em, then ya gotta pounce 'fore they notice watcha done to 'em."


"Honestly boy, don-cha ever think? Ya gotta through pain spells at 'em so that they are to busy fighting those off ta notice you taking over thar minds."

"Oh yeah, I suppose that would work, okay show me." He spent the next five hours mastering the technique, then exhausted beyond all reason Sean walked home. Forgetting once again to lock the paranoid old lady's door. Oh well its not like anyone around here would choose to rob her place when they had all these rich homes they could break into. When he walked into his house he was immediately greeted by his mothers shrill screech.

:"Sean Princeton Alexander Johnson III you were supposed to be home three and a half hours ago!" Oh crap! When moms use your full name you know you're SOL. If it had been his dad he would have just used his "persuasion" to make him leave him alone, but his gift never seemed to work on his mother. Oh well, let the punishments begin. His mother, Shannara, took a deep breath.

"Sean you can't just leave like that you have to call me and tell me where you're going. Dammit Sean you know that! I was so worried about you, don't you ever do that to me again. Do you have any idea what could have happened to you?" his mother blurted out, tears streaming down her cheeks as she berated her son for his irresponsible behavior. Generally his mother just yelled at him and sent him to his room for leaving school and not coming home, but she had never cried. He felt so bad for making her cry that he walked forward and hugged her as she sobbed almost hysterically.

"It's okay mom. I'm here now. I'm okay. Everything is fine. Shh, it's alright." Sean said rubbing his hand in slow comforting circles on her back. Eventually his mom stopped crying, but was still so emotional that she forgot to ground him. Already feeling bad enough for making her cry he gently reminded her that right about now was the time she usually grounded him or took his allowance away.

"Sean I'm not going to ground you, I just want you to be safe. As long as you promise never to do it again I see no reason to punish you." She said with a small smile. Sean's mouth dropped open in shock, but he quickly snapped it shut when his mother raised an eyebrow at him.

"Uhh…okay then…if it's alright I'm just gonna run up to my room and play some video games." His mom nodded and walked towards the kitchen. Okay, that was just weird!

:Oh god why? Why me? Why him? Shannara thought, once again letting herself cry the tears of despair mixed with paranoia that only a mother could cry. Shannara had been feeling a disturbance in the Diadem for a while now, and she knew that something evil was prowling about. She also knew that with her son's extensive amount of magic that what ever it was would come after him first. And poor old Enid, she hoped the old witch's lock spell was still working. As long as her doors were locked the spell kept out all unwanted visitors. She knew her son visited the old lady often, she herself had been the one to ask Enid to teach her son once she saw that he was developing powers, but she wasn't sure she felt comfortable with trusting the old lady's ability to keep out the unwanted. She wasn't sure if her only son was safe there. She had to keep him safe at all costs, not only because he was her son, and the best one a mother could have at that, but also because she felt he was going to play a very important part in the future of the Diadem. Shannara had a feeling that something bad was going to happen at that house. Shannara took a deep steadying breath, her feelings were almost never wrong and this was one thing she was not willing to risk. Her son meant the world to her, and she was going to have to tell him everything. Noticing the full trash bin she decided to stall for time and take it out. Once outside she angrily thrust the bag of trash into the awaiting Dumpster.

"How the hell am I going to tell him? How do you tell your only son that almost everything he's ever known has been a lie? About the only true thing about the life he's living right now is that I am really his mother. He doesn't even know my real name." She mumbled pathetically to herself.

"But I do Allora. I know your true name." Shannara spun on her heel to look behind her just in time to see a mysterious figure emerge from the shadows.

"You? The menace, the evil that I have felt haunting all of us everywhere we go, that was you!" she cried. A menacing chuckle was heard from the shadow that the figure had returned to.

"Who else Allora? Who else?"

"No you were dead! I saw you die!'

"Did you Allora? Did you really see me die? Or is that what they want you to believe? Or maybe, maybe I am dead and this is just an illusion someone conjured up to confuse you. Or maybe I died but was brought back to life and was sent here to steal that son of yours. Hmm…well you never know."

"Don't you dare to even come near my son!"

"Or what Allora? You'll conjure an illusion to scare me off? Your magic can't save you, nothing you do is even real! You can't fight me with your puny pathetic powers, you'll be exiled just as I was. You'll be lucky if he doesn't kill you after thrusting you on some God-forsaken world! Is that why you're here 'Shannara' are you hiding from him?" Shannara ran inside the house and slammed the door locking it behind her and whispering a spell. She didn't stop though, she couldn't, instead she began running up to her son's room. But then she heard an evil chuckle behind her, she whirled around just in time to see him standing at the foot of the stairs. He grinned maliciously before slowly walking towards her, she reached for her powers but nothing was there, he had blocked her powers!

"Do you really think a pathetic little lock spell could stop me Allora?" He whispered once he reached her. Shannara shivered at the evil she could see in his eyes. Before she could react his hand was around her neck choking her. "You're pathetic Allora, and your pathetic son is going to be his slave because of it!"

"No" Shannara whispered hoarsely, black dots were already crossing her vision and it was a struggle to remain conscious, but she had to…had t…had…had to stay awake…had to stay……..

After that night Shannara was never again seen on the Rim world Earth.

:"Sean get your lazy ass out of bed and get ready for school!" Sean heard his father scream from down the stairs.

"I'm up, dad, I'm up!" He yelled back covering his head with the blankets. A few minutes later his dad came up stairs and uncovered him.

"What the hell dad!"

"You watch your mouth, smart ass. Have you seen your mother?"

"Not since last night." Sean responded getting out of bed and walking into his bathroom.

"Well she was gone when I got home which was at 11 last night and I haven't seen her all day today."

"Well what do you expect me to do about it?"

"You know your mother, where would she go?"

"I don't know now would you let me get ready for school?"


:Sean completely skipped school that day, instead he went over to Enid's house. But when he got there he saw the door wide open. Thinking that this was a very strange thing for the paranoid old lady to do Sean walked inside cautiously. As Sean slowly crept down the hall he heard a man talking.

" I know you teach the boy Enid now where is he!"

"If you think I am going to tell you then you are stark raving mad. I know how important the boy is and I won't let you hurt him!"

"Stop acting like an old fool woman! You are the only one Allora would trust to teach her child now where is he!"

"Safe from you!'

"Fine have it your own way."

After that there was a brief pause then, as he reached the end of the hall, he heard the most pain filled cry ever to come from a human, and the sound was coming from Enid's mouth. He watched transfixed from horror as blood poured from Enid's eyes and mouth and her body began turning inside out. There was a man clothed completely in black standing next to her, once Enid had finished dying the man turned and looked directly at Sean. Sean was to horrified to move, the man slowly walked towards him. He grabbed Sean by the arm and hauled him through a…back…hole in the air. And after that Sean Johnson, the 'innocent' child ceased to exist, and what took his place was even more horrifying than that which had originally changed him. But it was a slow transition and that has not come to pass as of yet.

(Year 126 of the Diadem, 3796 BOM/ Before Overmind / Calomir)

:"Salzar, come in sweetie it's time for dinner."

"I'm not hungry."

"Stop pouting, you knew she was trouble anyway."

"No mom I can't keep a girlfriend. I'm pathetic!"

"Sweetie you're a 16 senior in college that's not pathetic that's brilliant."

"I'm a nerd without a girlfriend, that makes me pathetic."

"Oh sweetie, no."

"Mom could you just leave me alone? I think I'm gonna take a walk."

Salzar Dreid was very smart when it came to math, science, and all other school related subjects; but unfortunately for him he was also illogical, a helpless romantic, a horrible planner and organizer, and he had no imagination what-so-ever. This gave him the appearance of a nerdy desperate dude, which at the moment he was. Salzar had been trying to get, and keep, a girlfriend for going on 5 years now- all were failed attempts. The only thing that Salzar, in his opinion, had going on for him right now was- you guessed it- magical powers. Some of the things he could do were scientifically impossible. For example he could control the weather, he could turn a hole full of water into a burning lake of fire, he could turn an ant hill into a mountain, he could set fire to an area the size of current day Texas, and he could read minds. He thought it was very impressive, especially the reading minds thing, not so much the other stuff- in his opinion. Anyway he was walking when he saw something…odd. There was a spot in the road where the air was…crackling.

: Aldyeda awoke that particular morning to Athalia jumping up and down excitedly on her bed. When Athalia noticed Aldyeda was awake she plopped down on the bed in a sitting position next to her.

"Come on, hurry up Aldyeda I want to leave early so we can explore!"

"Leave me alone!"

"You know you love me. Anyway I think we should take the path that leads us close to the Rahad, I mean who knows we might actually see a ghost!"

"No one has really ever really seen a ghost in that forest Athalia they just say it's haunted."

"Well you never know."

Aldyeda merely chuckled.

: 3 hours later the girls were ready to leave. But as they were riding across the draw bridge Darren rode up to them with three soldiers in tow.

"I am to escort you ladies to your destination." He informed them. Athalia loudly cleared her throat.

"We don't need or want an escort."

"Athalia's right, you are not needed. Return to your regular duties."

"Our duty is to protect you." Darren objected.

"No, your duty is to protect my aunt and uncle."

"Not today it isn't."

"Well then find someone else to follow."

"My orders are to protect you."

"I don't need your protection!"

Darren laughed derisively. "Yes you do."

"No I don't now go away and leave me alone!"

Aldyeda screamed while forcing her horse into a full-out gallop. Athalia squeaked and raced after her friend, their guards only seconds behind her. Darren, however, ran his horse at break-neck speed, galloping past Athalia and quickly overtaking the, no longer, far off Aldyeda. He grabbed her reins and pulled on them sharply causing her horse to rear up, throwing her off. Darren quickly dismounted and knelt beside her.

"Are you alright?" he asked almost frantically.

"I'm fine." She answered tersely. Darren took a deep breath.

"I meant no offense by what I said earlier, but you are a woman and in need of constant protection and in your case supervision also. Honestly Aldyeda you're still a child!"

He said while waiting for the others to catch up.

Aldyeda stood up angrily and brushed her skirt off almost violently. She whistled sharply for her horse who began to trot back to her. Then she once again turned her attention to the man staring up at her from the ground.

"For your information I am no longer a child and need neither protection nor supervision. I can take care of myself and do not require your assistance nor will I accept any aid you may one day offer. I am no longer a child and I refuse to be treated as thus." She said while glaring at him.

Darren chuckled.

"Well my lady, whether you like it or not I am coming with you. So considering that you have no options in this matter I would suggest you accept my aid." Aldyeda only sighed dramatically, causing another amused chuckle from her unwanted protector.

: After three days of traveling with them the girls had become accustomed to the men's presence, so when they woke up to find the camp void of any presence save their own they were…shocked, to say the least.

"Where are they!" Athalia shrieked.

"They left us! He left me!" Aldyeda shouted- over the last few days her and Darren had spoken constantly, there was barely a moment during the day they weren't together.

"They're gone!"

"Yes but why would they leave with out telling…Athalia get down!" Both girls dropped to the ground just in time, as four arrows flew through the air where their heads had just been. Less than thirty seconds later the men strode into the camp.

"Why!" Aldyeda cried as Darren grabbed her by her hair and forced her head back. He placed his dagger against her bare throat before answering with.

"The lady Jezebel has ordered your demise. I am so sorry Aldyeda." Her shoulders shook as her body was wracked with hysterical sobs.

"The other one got away sir." One of the soldiers said. Good at least Athalia got away, Aldyeda thought.

"Hurry up and finish it Darren!" Another soldier shouted.

"Yes…just end it quickly…please?" Aldyeda pleaded quietly, with tears still streaming steadily

down her face.

"Darren finish it!" the same soldier ordered. Darren took a deep breath and Aldyeda closed her eyes readying herself for the dagger to slice into her throat. It never happened, instead the dagger was removed and she could hear it being thrown down. She opened her eyes to stare into Darren's in confusion.

"I cannot do this again. I cannot allow this to happen to yet another innocent girl." Darren said while standing and backing away from Aldyeda. She stared at him in shock.

"Fine then I'll do it!" the soldier from before said, quickly moving forward with his sword drawn.

"NO!" Darren screamed. The next few minutes were kind of a blur. All Aldyeda knew was that Darren had attacked one of his own men for her, and that, somehow, he had managed to kill all three of the soldiers that tried to attack her. But not without personal cost, Darren had a slice across his side which was bleeding profusely. He stumbled over to her and knelt beside her, he was panting slightly from exertion and no doubt pain. He looked her over worriedly before asking

"Are you alright." Still to shocked to speak Aldyeda merely nodded. After a few minutes Aldyeda managed to whisper.

"Why? Why would you do that? And you're hurt!" she said, the fact that he was bleeding finally registering in her mind.

"It's only a scratch." He protested weakly.

"It needs to be bandaged."

Just then riders were heard approaching.

"Dammit! I should have known that she would have sent more men to make sure the job got done. You have to leave quickly, go find your friend and run, hide, just get out of here!"

Aldyeda stood and ran as fast as she could. She stayed in the Rahad alone for three days before she found Athalia.

: "Alright Aldyeda, we've been wondering around these cursed woods for a week and we still haven't found anyway out of here."

"True but we can't just give up, come on Athalia."

"Alright but I think it's a waste of time."

"Well thanks for the vote of confidence but if we don't keep looking we might as well just kill ourselves now." Athalia only sighed.

About two hours later the girls were still wandering apparently pointlessly and were complaining A LOT.

"I'm hungry!"

"Well so am I!'

"Hey this looks edible!"

"That's a dead wasp Athalia."

"That's beside the point, I'm hungry and I want to be fed NOW!"

"Well so do I but there's not much we can do about it now is there?"

"I don't like your tone…"

"Shut up Athalia! Did you hear that?"

"Yes it sounded like a monster."

"Don't be ridiculous Athalia it didn't sound like a monster it sounded like a…VAMPIRE!"

Just then something resembling a giant bat with a human face and fierce gleaming fangs flew out from behind a tree.




Both girls ran as hard and as fast as they could, not stopping for fear of being killed. But then up ahead they saw…something… it resembled a completely black doorway that no light could come through, and it was opening and closing right in front of them! Both girls paused for only a moment to exchange a glance before squeezing their eyes shut and diving through the doorway at the same exact moment. When they opened their eyes again they were in a completely different place.

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