Who We Were

Who We Were

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Chapter 2: Teach Me!


(Year 126 of the Diadem, 298 Altru)

Where am I? Ok this is definitely not my room, my bed was not made out of stone so there is no way this is my room. Am I outside, I can feel a breeze? Did I fall asleep on the floor of Lenny's garage again? You know what this would be so much easier if I just opened my eyes. Sean thought and opened his eyes slowly.

"Ok, this is so not Lenny's garage!" Sean muttered as he looked around his…cell? "Did I fall asleep on the set of a movie or something, 'cause this looks like a cell from the dark ages. It's to dark in here for this to be a prison cell, and this honestly looks like one of those castle dungeons from those movies…Where the hell am I!!"

"You are where you were meant to be, before your heinous mother disappeared with you! Earth what kind of a fool would take a magical child with so much potential to a rim world?!" answered a deep creepy voice from a dark corner outside of the cell. Sean ran to the bars and tried to see the owner of the voice.

"What are you talking about, Rim-worlds? And what do you mean my mother disappeared with me, I have always lived on earth, that's where my father is and I was born at Presbyterian hospital." He asked confusedly.

"It seems your mother is better at her illusions than we originally thought, even making your 'father' think that he was really your father. Huh, well no matter it's time for you to know the truth. You were born here on Altru on the date that your birth certificate says, your mother saw the great power you would one day yield and thought to shield you from that power because she feared it would corrupt you. I however thought that she should keep you here and allow me to train you, but 'Shannara' would have none of it. I fear your mother lost her mind, I believe she was intending on draining you of all your powers once you had fully grown into them. She told Enid to train you, so that your power would be easier to steal. That's why I sent my man to snatch you and destroy Enid, we didn't want to harm her but she wouldn't give us your location and she would have killed you and drained you if she thought there was even a risk that we could catch you and save you. I have been looking for you for years Sean."

Sean swallowed nervously, "But my mother was being even more worried about me recently. If anything she was being over protective not psychotic, and why have you been looking for me, and how do you know so much about me? Are you…are you my real father?"

The voice laughed, "No Sean, I am not your father, your mother decided he was a threat to her plan to get more power and murdered him; I'm sorry. I am your uncle, your father's only brother. And I have been determined to save you and avenge my brother ever since that day. We all thought she was a beautiful, wonderful, powerful yet kind sorceress, but she was always just a mad power hungry bitch!" Sean shuddered at the thought of what his mother had supposedly done.

"There's no way she would do that though, she loves me, and she would never hurt my father. Maybe your wrong maybe she was just an innocent victim of someone else's plot, maybe she was framed and that's why you think that she did it. Maybe you're wrong!"

"Sean, my dear nephew I saw her do it with my own eyes, she murdered your father and was planning on stealing all your power, a procedure that would kill you. Don't you see Sean she is evil? And of course she could convince you that she loved you, love is just and illusion and your mother is a master of illusions."

"No! I don't believe you; my mother would never do that! You're lying to me!"

"Believe what you like Sean, but I only tell you the truth. Your mother wouldn't even tell you her real name. Which one of us will you believe the illusionist who has proved she's willing to lie to you? Or do you believe the man who wants to train you and help you to grow in your power, and who just saved your life? The choice is up to you, but you'll find that your cell is unlocked and if you like I can show you to a more comfortable room for you to stay in? I can't allow you to leave the castle though, your mother is still out there somewhere and she won't stop until your power is hers." Sean stumbled to the door of his cell and opened it; he followed his…uncle…in a daze to the room where he would be staying. The man opened the door but before he left Sean alone with his thoughts he said. "Oh and by the way, your mother's true name is Allora; I just thought you should know."

Sean curled into a little ball on his bed. "It can't be true; my mom loved me she always looked out for me. She was always worrying about me and being over protective." 'Yes but she wouldn't want you to die alone where she couldn't take your power now would she' a voice inside his head answered. "No, no, she loved me, that wasn't a lie. I don't even know this guy who claims to be my uncle why should I trust him?" 'Because your mother lied to you about so many things, just think about all the lies you caught her in? How many more did you miss?' "But why? What kind of sick person would have a kid just to wait for them to grow into their power and then kill them for it?" 'The very same kind of person who would lie regularly to their child and the same kind of person who craves power more than anything else in the world.' "But, she was always caring and sweet and just loving there's no way that a person with so much love in them could be that evil!" 'But love is just an illusion, and your mother is a master of illusions. You heard your uncle, and you know deep down that he is right.' Sean's mind was made up, his uncle hadn't been lying, and his mother really was evil and had been lying to him his whole life. It was honestly a little bit odd, Sean had never made up his mind that quickly before, but that probably just meant that it was without a doubt the right decision. Suddenly feeling exhausted Sean lied down on the bed and promptly fell into a deep sleep.

Watching from the door was a man cloaked in darkness; he smiled to himself and whispered. "He believes, stage one is complete."


(Year 126 of the Diadem, 3098 Parushel)

Salzar had no idea where he was but he knew he was alone and that it was really, really quiet. The problem was that Salzar had an unnatural fear of the quiet, just as he had an unnatural fear of being alone, combine the two and he was pretty freaked out right now. An even bigger problem was that Salzar was not only alone, stuck in silence, and afraid, but he was also getting hungry and confused. Ugh, where was he?! One minute he was walking through his comfortable home and the next he was stuck here, wherever the hell here was! The only thing Salzar could thing for miles around was, grass and a couple trees, he was right smack in the middle of a bowl shaped valley that had absolutely no cover, no where to hide except behind the trees that were about three or four miles up the hill. If anything came over the rim of that bowl they would easily be able to eat him, because he would have to run up hill to get away from them and they would have an easy run down the side of the hill. Salzar being the ridiculously logical person he is, decided this rather quickly and began to make his way up the side of the bowl slowly and steadily. After about five hours of walking Salzar lay down underneath a tree to take a quick nap in the shade but he woke up to a bit of a surprise. Standing above him was a creature that stood about 7 feet tall, it had the face and upper body of a man but had a set of horns atop its head, it had the lower body of a lion, and a fierce scorpion's tail that stretched far above its head. The creature looked down on Salzar with a confused look on its face. Salzar jumped to his feet and began waving his arms over his head, "Back beast, back! I'm warning you I would not taste good, and I know karate! I don't know what you are but I have no intention of being eaten today!" he screamed while jumping around and waving his arms frantically in the air.

"I am a Brazan you strange child, what else could I possibly be? And I do not eat humans, no matter what strange color their skin may be. What are you doing out here in the wild, there are dangerous beasts out here?"

"You can talk?!"

"Well of course I can talk, what did you think I was some mindless beast? Oh my, you did, didn't you? You're clearly not from around here. Well come on I'll take you home with me and the misses will cook you a nice hot meal." The creature said, Salzar merely sat staring at it.

"Well come on, I haven't got all day to wait on you!" when Salzar still didn't move the Brazan walked over to him picked him up by the arm and sat him on his back, "Hold on!" he yelled and raced up the side of the bowl and across a long stretch of plains. Salzar only sat and wondered, while holding on for dear life, what was this place?


(Year 11 of the Diadem, 183 Altru)

"I have no idea where we are," Aldyeda said while turning slowly in a circle and observing their surroundings.

"Maybe we should ask someone for directions?" Athalia suggested.

"Oh, that would be a brilliant idea Athalia if there was anyone around to ask!"

"Well…we could find someone…"

"Where?! We are lost, out on a tiny inconsequential island where the only thing around is a castle in the distance, and I don't know about you but visiting a neighboring lord unannounced and uninvited sounds like a very good way to get beheaded or sold as a slave!"

"Yes, but if we don't ask for help we are going to die from starvation anyway! We have to walk over there and ask them for assistance!" Aldyeda sighed in defeat.

"As you wish, but if we are murdered or taken as slaves, I am blaming you entirely."

"Very well, agreed. Now let's go!"

The two girls walked to the castle whispering back and forth to each other about whose castle it could be. They walked as assuredly as they could to the door and knocked loudly. A beautiful woman answered the door, she had dark golden hair, and chocolate brown eyes, she was tall for a girl her age and looked to be about 14 years old.

"Hello, what's your name?" Aldyeda asked as sweetly as she could. Athalia rolled her eyes.

"Umm, my name is Allora, I mean Shannara! Crap! Don't tell them I told you the first one ok?"

"Umm…alright? Well Shannara, my name is Aldyeda, and this is my most trusted friend Athalia, we are lost and need to get reach Castle Korvinus, may we come inside and rest before traveling further?"

"Uhh, sure I guess where is this Castle Korvinus place anyway?"

"Oh it's near the Rahad and almost part of the Northern Lands of Ordin."

"Ordin? That's a Rim-World right?"

"What are you talking about?" Athalia asked.

"You know a Rim-World, one of the worlds on the outermost reaches of the Diadem? Oh crap you guys got her by a Traveling Portal didn't you?"

"We don't know, what exactly is a Traveling Portal?"

"Oh wow, it would have appeared as a black doorway that consumed all light that even came near it and it would be revolving continuously."

"Yes, yes! That's what we jumped through it and then we ended up here, on that giant rock right over there!" Athalia yelled while pointing at where they had come from.

"Yikes, I hate to tell you this you guys, but you're not on Ordin anymore, this is Altru, it's on the third inner most tier of the Diadem. You guys must be really powerful to have made it through that Portal, regular humans die when they go through it, we find their bodies scattered all over the place on this end."

"What do you mean we're not on Ordin anymore? It's impossible for us to be anywhere else! There are no such things as 'Other Worlds'! There is one world and that is Ordin! And now we need you to tell us where on Ordin are we?!"

"I would love to tell you that but you're kinda not on Ordin anymore, there's no need to be in denial anymore, this is actually a pretty cool place once you get used to having to avoid the water." After that Aldyeda fainted. Athalia and Allora stared at her for a couple minutes before the two girls carried her inside.

"I'm sorry, Shannara was it? Aldyeda here usually isn't this bad when it comes to the whole being a weak and humble lady; she's just a little shocked that we're not on Ordin anymore."

"And you're not?"

"Well no, it's just that Aldyeda and I have nothing to go back to on that world, and I am willing to admit that, it's just that Aldyeda isn't quite willing to admit it to herself yet."

"Oh I see, here we can put her down here." Shannara said while kicking open a door, she lead Athalia into a room with two beds and a large window overlooking the water. The two girls gently placed Aldyeda on the bed nearest the door and Shannara left Athalia alone to get some rest.


It was the morning after Sean's uncle had convinced him that his mother was a psychotic murderer who was out for his magic, and Sean was ready to tell the mad that he was ready to learn everything and anything he could about his powers. Sean wanted to track down Allora and show her exactly what he thought of her willingness to betray his trust like that, and to punish her for lying to him. "That bitch is going to pay for what she did, and planned to do." He said bitterly. Sean descended the giant staircase until he reached a magnificent dinging hall, sitting in the head chair he saw his uncle.

"Ah good morning Sean, how did you sleep?" he said with enough to cheer to make the dead smile

"Good morning and good thanks. Uncle? I want to learn, I want to be able to punish her for what she did and what she planned to do. I want to kill her and I want it to be slow and painful…I need to learn."

"Well for starters we must think of a name for you. Powerful sorcerers do not keep their real names because if you know the real name of something you can control it. So what would you like to be known as?"

"Umm…how about…the Decimator?!"

"Uhh, well it's a bit over the top but, we'll fix it."

"So on to lesson two, concentration. You must never lose your concentration no matter what, do you understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright good, now it's going to be a while before you can take on your mother, I have had a lot of practice at magic and even I am not powerful enough to defeat her, it is because of how many magic users whose power she has stolen. But you are going to be very powerful indeed, it will be easy for you to destroy her once you have had the right training."

"And what should I call you sir?"

"Well you may call me sir, and uncle, but if those two do not suffice you make call me Sembas, and since I have absolutely no intention of every referring to you as 'the Decimator' what should I call you?"

"So this is my second chance to think of a name for myself? Do I eve run out of chances?"

"Yes if you cannot come up with something appropriate by the third try then I will think of something for you."

"Umm how about Aragorn?"

"Aragorn, as in the king from the Lord of the Rings?"

"Yeah, he's cool."

"You only get one more try kid."

"Umm…ok….how about…..? EMINEM! On my world he's an awesome white rapper!"

"Umm no, unless you can think of something better in the near future we will call you Argon. There that even sounds close to Aragorn."

"Yeah, but not as cool…"

"Well until you can think of something better it will have to do."

Sean simply sighed in defeat, but this would all be worth it when he could finally get his revenge.


Salzar once again awoke to the gigantic Brazan standing over him.

"Ahh, why do you keep doing that?!" he said while jumping out of the bed he lying in and clasping a hand to his chest.

"I am sorry but you fell asleep on the way here and so I had to put you down in the bed and you woke while I was standing back up."


"Yes so welcome to my home, my name is Dracon and this..." he said while grabbing the arm of pretty human woman is my wife Allana. I took her from one of the local farmer who owed me a great deal of money, beautiful isn't she? She's a magic user to, so she really comes in handy some times. Allana go make dinner for me and my guest, if it tastes good I'll let you eat something afterwards." Allana merely walked off to go prepare her "husband" dinner.

"So umm…how long have you two been together?" Salzar asked awkwardly.

"Three months, what's funny is that she could kill me if she really wanted to but she does everything I say because if I was killed all the other Brazans would destroy her family."

"Oh well that sounds like the makings of a healthy relationship. Is she good at the whole magic thing?"

"Oh yes, she turned everything I specified in the house to gold, she just recently learned how to do that though. Why do you know magic? "

"Yeah, that's how I was brought here, I think."

"Ahh, well you can stay here for as long as you like and I could have Allana teach you all the magic she knows if you'd like?"

"Yes please." Salzar said while nodding enthusiastically.

"Good it is settled then; your lessons will begin after dinner."


Aldyeda woke up to the sounds of Athalia soft snores coming from somewhere close by and to the feel of someone watching her. When she opened her eyes she saw a boy no older than thirteen standing above her bed staring at her.

"Umm, hello?" she asked tentatively.

"Hi, umm, my name is umm…Jeremy…well Sembas…but my real name is Jeremy, oh I shouldn't have told you that."

"Oh well hello Sembas my name is…"


"Ummm, thank you?"

"Yeah, ummm….I have to go now….bye…" he said and took off like a bat out of hell, going so far as to leap over Athalia's sleeping form to get to the door faster.

"What, in the name of all the gods, was that about?" asked the newly awakened Athalia. Aldyeda merely shook her head.

"I have no idea; I think I have an admirer. Yeah but on a more serious note, I think we need to stop telling people our real names; everyone else is referring to it as a mistake when they say their real names. I think we need to come up with some alternate names for ourselves. Alright to me you look like a….Iasis. Now you think of one for me."

"Ummm, alright, to me you look like a……Eremin. Yeah Eremin that sounds pretty and the name just…fits you."

"Alright, now we need to start referring to ourselves by these names, if anything we need to forget what our original names were, apparently using your birth name is dangerous around here."

"Alright, perhaps we should go meet the others and tell them our new names. Yeah that's what we should do!" Athalia said and began walking towards the door.

"Athalia, er Iasis. It's nighttime."

"Oh yeah, sleep first then we will get to know everyone."

"Good plan"

"Thank you I thought so myself."

"Well that's good?"

"……Hey Aldyeda?"


"I can't sleep now….."


"Ladies! I trust you slept well? Breakfast will be ready in an hour before then I would like to start the day off with giving all of you some training. Do you have any special talents thar you know of?"

Aldyeda cleared her throat.

"Well, my name is Eremin and this is my good friend Iasis, and we would love your training. As for any special talents, I can see into the future, control the elements of fire and earth, and I can change my appearance. Iasis here can change anything into what she wants it to be, controls the lightning and therefore all electrical charges and can make herself invisible."

"Wow, I have some wildly talented girls before me, with a little time I can turn you into the worlds' most powerful sorceresses. My name is Camille I am Shannara's mother and I will greatly enjoy teaching you."


"Concentrate! Argon you fool at least try to focus!"

"I'm trying uncle I'm trying!" Seam yelled while concentrating on swatting away weapons that were coming at him full speed with his magic.

"The kind of magic I am teaching you is not simple parlor tricks like that old hag was beating into your head; this kind of magic is meant to be used in battle. It is meant to be used to punish those who get in your way. It is meant to be used to conquer people who are not worth the freedom they have been given. Only the weak give Argon you must learn to take and never give back." Just then Sean was thrown into the awaiting lake with a giant splash from the handle of a long-sword colliding with his chest. "Just feel lucky it wasn't the other end of that thing my young nephew, then you would really be hurting." Sean climbed out of the water slowly; he had been worked mercilessly over the last few weeks and was covered in bruises, welts, and gashes over almost every inch of his body.

"Come on Argon just one more try and then we'll call it quits for the day."

With a sigh and a pout Sean climbed to the top of the small cliff and awaited the oncoming assault of weapons. They came at him faster than normal and he used every spell he had learned to deflect them. He tried everything but some of them stubbornly came through it all so he decided to try something he wasn't taught to use and formed a portal directly in front of himself that sucked up all the weapons and tossed them out behind him. Once the weapons assault was finished he looked hopefully at his uncle who was staring at him in shock.

"You are learning much faster than I thought you would. I have highly underestimated you, to think of using a portal as a defense, BRILLIANT!"

"Uncle, now that you are pleased, I have one favor to ask."

"Hey kid, after what you just did? Anything."

"I decided what I want to change my name to, Traxis."

"Traxis? Hmm…it suits you somehow, well then Traxis it is."

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