Title: Dreaming On: Renewed Dreams

Author: Gifted

Rating: K

Language: English


Disclaimer: I do not own Disney.

Claimer: I do own this fanfiction, this plot, but do not own characters unless I say otherwise. None of my original characters are featured in this prologue.


"Mickey?" Minnie Mouse asked her boyfriend, "Where exactly are we going?"

"I don't really know," Mickey Mouse replied to his girlfriend. Minnie stopped following Mickey and placed her hands on her hips, arching her eyebrow all the while.

"You mean we're just wandering into the great unknown?" she asked unbelievingly. Mickey stopped as well and turned to her.

"Oh come on! We're at Disneyland! What could possibly happen?" Mickey responded. shrugging

"That's what you said when you tried to get me on Indiana Jones!"

"Let go of that! It's not like it killed ya."

"First off, we can't die because we're cartoons!" Minnie pointed out as Mickey rolled his eyes, "Second, that huge snake still gives me nightmares."

"It's not a ride this time Min," Mickey told her as he started climbing up a staircase, "Trust me."

"Well okay, but every adventure you lead us on usually gets us into trouble," Minnie looking at the stone floor below and then looking up to see that Mickey was continuing on, "Hey! Wait for me!" She hurried after him panting a little when she caught up.

While they traveled deeper inside the passage, Minnie observed her surroundings. Mickey had led her through a door in Sleeping Beauty Castle so the walls, steps, and floors were all stone. Ripped fabrics revealing now filthy rich vibrant patterns adorned the walls. She could guess that they used to be tapestries. Broken plastic pieces, small mechanic pieces, and ripped fabrics littered the floor. The place looked so…distant and cold and yet…so familiar and warm. It was an odd feeling.

"Can you at least tell me about where we're going?" Minnie asked Mickey.

"Okay," Mickey replied after a bit of silence, "Do you remember what this place used to be?"

"No. Nothing's ringing a bell."

"This is the retired Sleeping Beauty Diorama Walkthrough," Mickey answered slowly.

Immediately, Minnie's eyes widen. Minnie now felt a haunted feeling. She had forgotten about this place. When it closed, it seemed like it disappeared completely in her mind and many others. It was like it never existed.

"I had heard that they trashed it up pretty bad, but I never imagined this terrible," Minnie admitted to Mickey. Now when she looked around she could remember what the now junk looked like then.

"Yeah. Me either. You'd think with Disneyland known for its cleanliness, this place wouldn't be such a dump!" Mickey tried to joke to lighten up the sorrowful mood. It had no effect, but the gesture was appreciated.

"So what brings us here?" Minnie asked him more curious now than ever.

"This," Mickey said stopping her.

After a short while of walking, but what seemed like forever to the two, they finally found their destination. Minnie didn't understand what Mickey was indicating at first, but she followed his gaze to the wall where she realized what exactly he brought her to see.

It was odd like a sign of unfamiliarity in familiar halls. It was a tapestry. Of course, there were ripped tapestries in the chambers and corridors they went through, but this one was different.

What first caught her attention was that this was a full tapestry. The ones they had left behind were only half or even less. Occasionally, there would be one in an almost full condition, but all of them were ripped, torn at some places, and uncared for. This one had no bad treatment of any kind. It seemed treated out of respect.

The second was how clean this was compared to the others. It was bright and beautiful. As if someone cleaned it on a daily basis. It was devoid of any lint, dust, or dirt of any kind. She knew this was impossible since she and Mickey had been the first visitors for years since it closed.

The third was the design. It was a bright royal blue overall, but right in the middle were three circles woven from bright gold thread. These three circles were in the shape of the famous Mickey symbol. This was weird for there was no tapestry here before in her memory and she knew it was accurate for it was just a few years ago.

"That's definitely…" Minnie struggled for the right word. There seemed to be no word to explain the feeling that overcame her. She wasn't even sure what emotion it was. Nerved? Curious? Or just maybe even fear? Luckily, Mickey felt the same way and understood.

"That's not all," he told her, "Check this out." He walked over to the unknown tapestry and pulled it aside for Minnie to see.

The tapestry wasn't there for no reason apparently. It was hiding a secret door. Minnie remembered that there was no door there before and wondered if there had been an unknown visit here recently. The door was whitewashed with a silver doorknob. Right in the middle, was a perfectly sized pure silver heart.

"Have you gone in yet?" Minnie asked. Mickey shook his head.

"Too afraid," he admitted embarrassed and rubbing the back of his head with his gloved hand, "Figured that it might be better for back-up. Ya know? Just in case."

"Good idea. I'll go get Donald!" Minnie said trying to wing her way out of it and was turning away.

"Minnie!" Mickey seized her arm gently and stopped her, "I just want someone to wait out here while I go check it out. It's only a safety precaution." Minnie sighed of relief when hearing it would not be her duty to see where the door led to and smiled.

"Okay Mickey. Just be careful and yell out if you're in danger," Minnie warned him. Mickey nodded and saluted her.

Traveling to the door, Mickey glanced back at Minnie who simply waved at him and smiled softly. He was beginning to wonder if that offer to get Donald was still available…Sucking it up, he grabbed the silver doorknob and turned. The problem was that it wouldn't open.

"What's wrong with this door!" Mickey muttered pulling it, "Is it locked!"

"Please knock."

"Huh?" Mickey paused.

"Please knock." Mickey realized that it was a robotic sounding voice and that it was coming from the door. Sheepishly, he stopped pulling and knocked.

"Please identify yourself," the robotic voice answered to the knock.

"Mickey Mouse," Mickey answered proudly.

"Full name please."

Mickey replied, "Michael Mouse."

"Password?" Mickey's grin faded away.

"Password? I don't know any password," Mickey said quietly.

"Would you like a clue Mr. Mouse?" the robotic voice asked.

"Much appreciated," Mickey said waiting to hear it.

"In the Mickey Mouse Shorts, Mickey was silent at first. What were his first spoken words in the short Karnival Kid?" the robotic door said.

"That's easy!" Mickey said beaming, "Hot Dogs!"

"Correct Password. Have a magical day Mr. Mouse," the robotic voice said once again. He heard a click indicating the door was unlocked and saw it swing open.

Mickey tip-toed in; the emotion of fear rushing full blast in his system. Though the sight he saw was not scary at all, but rather inviting.

He was in what seemed like a living room. There was a large fireplace with a mysteriously already lit friendly fire waiting to warm down cold ones. On the fireplace mantel, Mickey could see countless frames filled with photos lined on it. He identified that a few were of Walt Disney and his family and friends. Others were screenshots of early shorts and films. There were many comfortable red arm chairs luring visitors to sit, relax, and perhaps get a nice nap. The room was white and Mickey knew that there was no reason to be afraid.

"Come on in Min!" Mickey called out to the hall, "It's safe!" Minnie slowly came in and saw that it was indeed safe and that there was no need to worry at all.

"What is this place?" Minnie asked. As she came in, the white washed door closed with a click, but went unnoticed by the two.

"I have no idea," Mickey replied.

"Hey," Minnie said walking up to the fireplace and reaching her hands toward the center photo, "What's this?"

What Mickey had failed to notice earlier, was the there was an envelope tucked gently in the frame. Minnie tugged it out with out any problems as Mickey made his way over.

"Who's the letter for?" Mickey asked.

"It's addressed to you," Minnie said confused and handing the envelope over. Mickey took in into his own hands and tore the long letter out. For several moments of absolute silence, Mickey read the letter quickly. Minnie could never recall silence being so loud before.

By the end of the letter, Mickey's eyes were wide opened. He tucked the letter into his pocket insecurely and grabbed Minnie's hand. He flung the door opened and ran out of the room dragging her along. The door closed shut behind them.

"What's going on?" Minnie asked confused.

"Not enough time to explain," Mickey panted out, "We have to get the others!"

What went un-noticed as they raced down the passages was that the mysterious letter fluttered out of Mickey's pocket into the darkness behind them.

Author's Notes: Yay! Finally getting published. I know. Long prologue, but I think it gives that mysterious feel I wanted to give the beginning and compels you to read more. You do want to read more…right? Anyway, let's get to some facts about this prologue.

When Minnie says "Second, that huge snake still gives me nightmares," there is a giant snake in Indiana Jones that hisses and attempts to bite you. Let me tell you, scares me every time.

The place they are exploring is indeed a real place. I'm not exactly sure when it opened, but for a long time Sleeping Beauty Castle was the home to the Sleeping Beauty Diorama Walkthrough which closed shortly after the 9/11 attacks claiming to close it for security measures, but actually because it was a failure and they jumped at the chance to close it. I do know for sure that it was open when Walt Disney was alive. Walt was disappointed what a failure it was and that is why the Pirates of the Caribbean (it was being planned to be a wax museum) and The Haunted Mansion (it was being planned as a walkthrough, but it truly turned into a ride after POTC's success) turned into rides. Sadly, I never knew it existed until I researched Disneyland rides of Yesterdayland so I am only guessing what it used to look like. I will say I know for sure that at first it was a huge mess because they literally demolished everything in there. No one really knows what's going on in it now besides it's/it was (depends on when you're reading this) storage for the fireworks show, Remember…Dreams Come True.

Michael is Mickey's full name.

Now about the password. Hot Dogs really were Mickey's first spoken words in the Karnival Kid Mickey Mouse Short.

Trivia: Dreaming On was started as one of those fanfictions you never really intended to publish until the plot was becoming so good you couldn't keep it to yourself