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Chapter 3

Roy's Promise

Amy power-walked up to the strange rabbit-like creature across the wooden drawbridge and underneath the stone gateway. When she caught up, the toon continued to walk through the small corridor leading to Fantasyland.

"Do you mind telling me…?" Amy was about to say "what", but that seemed too rude, "who you are?"

He stopped and turned looking at her blankly before realization came to him, "Oh. I'm just so used to everyone knowing me, but old habits die hard. The name's Oswald. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit."

"Lucky Rabbit?" she asked questioningly, "That's a strange name."

"What do you expect? I'm a toon," Oswald answered, "This way."

"So what are you doing here?" she asked following to the end of the corridor, but stopped short when she saw Fantasyland.

She hadn't been there for a quite a long time, but she always remembered what a crazy and crowded dreadlock it was to walk in between Snow White's Scary Adventure, Peter Pan's Flight, King Arthur Carrousel, and of course the castle. She had always remembered it with large crowds full of impatient kids and frustrated parents. It seemed so odd to see the area deserted of people.

"What do ya mean?" Oswald asked continuing over to the water fountain with the statue of Sleeping Beauty, her prince, and the Three Good Fairies.

"I mean, you don't seem Disney to me," Amy hoped she didn't sound rude, but Oswald didn't seem offended at all.

"I've always been Disney my whole life. Or at least I was sorta Disney before Walt lost the rights to me. But now that Disney bought me back, I get to live where I belong," Oswald answered, "Don't dawdle. We have to get there quickly."

Amy stopped staring at the unusual sight to her and followed him once again, "But that's it. Where are we going?"

"Can't say here," Oswald told her turning back to look around, "The shadows have eyes."

Amy gave him a strange look before rolling her eyes, "I'm not going to ask about that."

The rabbit went over to the plain wooden door in the castle's wall and opened it with just a push, "Let's just say Disneyland doesn't just have pixies or princesses living in it."

December 5, 1901 Chicago

There had been an ominous silence in the Disney home. Though there was no reason to, no one spoke unless in a whisper and Elias Disney could be seen pacing around the house. Herbert and Raymond would whisper to each other as if used to it (which is most likely true). Yes, everyone was busy in the Disney household, but one.

Roy Disney, the fourth grader of the household was not used to this. He wasn't used to his mother upstairs, the doctor arriving, and no one letting Roy see her. He didn't know what to do with himself. Though it was where he grew up in, the house seemed almost different. Its rooms and halls were unfamiliar with him and its quietness strange and alien to the 8 year old.

The only way he could entertain himself was read his school textbook, but he couldn't find it in himself to try to understand what the story was about. He just blankly stared at the words waiting for some news about his new sibling.

It seemed to still stun him when he thought about it. He was going to be an older brother. But what exactly did older brothers do? Herb and Ray had told him he would get more chores; there would be crying day and night, and all by a baby. Roy was nervous about what his new duties were as the second youngest brother in the Disney household.


The boy placed his textbook not bothering to bookmark it and followed the sound of his father's voice up the stairs.

"Yes Father?" the fourth grader asked as he reached the landing.

"The doctor says we can come in now," Mr. Disney lead Roy into the master bedroom where he say his mother cradling a bundle of blankets.

"Congratulations," the doctor smiled wearily, "You have a new baby boy."

Roy approached Flora, whose mouth broke into a tired smile, "Hello there big brother. Do you want to see your new brother?" He didn't say anything in return, but his mother turned the bundle to face the boy. Within the blankets was a sleeping baby who opened his eyes and looked at his brother with wide brown eyes.

"Walter here is a newborn who just arrived in the world. Since you're experienced, can you promise me that you'll help him Roy?" Flora asked her third son.

Roy nodded, "You can count on me." The infant was actually kind of cute…That was until it broke into tears.

This kid is going to give me a headache, Roy thought annoyed, But maybe it'll be worth it.

June 2006 Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty Castle

"What is this place?" Amy asked as they climbed staircase after staircase and traveled through corridors. The place was messy and begged for some cleaning. It wasn't just dusty, but messy and crowded like a teenager's room when they haven't cleaned it up.

"Sleeping Beauty something," Oswald told her, "It used to be this attraction full of dioramas. Now it's this."

"So why are we in here?"

"That's why," Oswald told her pointing at something. Glancing in the direction with wide eyes, she saw a bright blue tapestry with a gold Mickey Mouse symbol looking innocently back at her.

"Have you seen anything yet?"

Ursula looked up at the shadows of her make-shift grotto and narrowed her eyes. She couldn't see the speaker, but she knew who it was.

"Yes," Ursula conducted her attention back at the cauldron-like carol, "A girl has arrived."

"People arrive everyday. What makes this one special?"

Ursula gave a piercing stare at the shadows where she felt the other's presence, "I wasn't finished. That rabbit is leading her to their base. Because of their magic, I can't see them anymore when they go in the castle, but she has seen the ghost of Disney."

Silence ensued as Ursula heard the other woman walk around in the shadows, "So, she has come at last."

"You think it's her?" Ursula questioned.

"Of course! What other human could see his ghost? That little rat knows more than we thought by the looks of it. We must start now."

"Now now?" Ursula asked unbelievingly.

"Yes now!"

"But, we aren't completely prepared. For instance, we haven't finished that potion for you yet and the research isn't done."

"Does it really matter? We know where and how to start. We can go on from there."

Ursula rolled her eyes, "You're the boss."

"Now get that cat to summon everyone here," Queen Grimhelde finally stepped out into the dim light her with hideous hag face and her black cloak covering her humpback, "its showtime."

Author's Note: Yes, I know. This chapter was even shorter than the Prologue. That's how I felt that the chapter could be best written though. Hopefully, Chapter 4 will be longer, but I have to balance out all the information I have to throw at you. In case it was confusing, the moment with Roy was a flashback.

To everyone who guessed that the rabbit was Oswald, you all deserve a virtual sundae! Betcha you all thought it was Roger (If Roger is in this at all, he'll premiere much later in the story). Please excuse me if he ever goes out of character. I have never seen an Oswald cartoon and I have never heard much of his personality. I think he may not have one as Mickey was the first cartoon with personality (at least I have heard). I will try not to overdo anything, but if I ever do, let's call it artistic liberty.

There is a little statue of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing on a water fountain in Fantasyland. It you find this, keep following the wall and you'll see the wooden door. Ta-dah! The entrance to the Sleeping Beauty Diorama Walkthrough! It's so close by the entrance of Fantasyland that it makes one wonder why it wasn't so well know! At least, this where I believe the entrance used to be according to accounts, but feel free to correct me in a review.

December 5, 1901 is Walt's birthday and I just wanted a POV of Roy and why he looks over Walt all the time. This was fictional and it came entirely out of my mind so please don't think it's an actual Disney fact or memory. Other flashbacks from Walt's life will be based and be influenced from real memories.

Thank you all for your support. It's taking much longer because I'm still trying to define Amy's personality along with trying to find out exactly what the plot is (I'm still only with concepts). Also, I have so many fanfictions that need my attention, but I'm getting too much homework (I'm in advanced gate classes so you can imagine my stress). I try my best and will hopefully get more stories up soon.