In A Split Second

An X-men: Evolution story by Lavender Gaia

Summary: Everything can change in a split second. And for Kitty Pryde, it does.

Pairing: Kitty/Lance

Continuity: Set during Growing Pains.

Disclaimer: I do not own X-men: Evolution or any of its characters. They are property of Marvel.

Dedication: To DOJ, one of the most dedicated Lancitty lovers I know.


Everything seemed so surreal. Everyone knew that the students at Xavier's Institute were mutants. They were having an open fight on the soccer field with their powers. And the guy who was an enemy but didn't seem to want to be anymore had just been crushed by a giant, flaming, gold hawk. Nothing about it made sense.

Kitty wasn't sure how she felt about Lance. He had deliberately used and attacked her—not to mention almost killed her, even if it was an accident. Lately he seemed…different though. Maybe without Mystique around to pollute his mind, he actually got to use it to think for himself.

He did seem to genuinely want to talk to her. He liked to make her laugh. And the scoreboard thing was to impress her… She bet if he was every free of the other guys in the Brotherhood, he might even be fun to hang out with. Not to mention, he was pretty cute.

Then he had to go and pull something like this. She really wanted to know what made him think that revealing their powers to the whole world was a good idea? Even Blob wasn't that stupid, most of the time. Apparently, that only lead to a fight where innocent people got hurt. Once she got her hands on him, she was going to make him pay for this.

But as she was getting the said innocents out of the rubble, she heard him call her name. Looking up in surprise, the next thing she noticed was Lance running past Scott and shoving her hard. Before she could get mad at that, the golden hawk was crushing him.


She quickly phased his body through the metal, using what was left of her strength to pull him out. Once he was clear of the flaming bird, she collapsed on the ground, resting him against her. What had possessed him? Didn't he realize that she was intangible and he was potentially very fragile? Why was he so stupid?

As Storm's rain fell down them from above, Lance stirred in her arms. "Kitty?"

"Lance?" she adjusted him so she could look at his face through the glass helmet.

"Are you okay?"

What kind of question was that? "I'm fine. Are you okay?"

He seemed to move closer to her, snuggling against her warmth. "Never been better. Just as long as you're alright."

The realization struck her. He just wanted her to be okay? He'd risked his life for that? A tear slid down her cheek, mixing with the raindrops. "You fool…" Leaning down, she kissed his lips softly. A small grin worked its way on to his face as he slid back into unconsciousness.

Someone's life, his or her perspective on everything, can change in a split second.

That's what happened to Kitty Pryde when she realized she was falling for Lance Alvers.

A/N: Very short drabble, just wanted to get it out there. I missed writing for Lance and Kitty. This should also explain why Growing Pains is one of my favorite episodes.

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