"Hi Sasuke!"

"Hello, Sakura."

"Are ya hungry?"

"Not really."

"Hey…you didn't eat that muffin I made you yesterday."




" Why."


"'Because' isn't good enough."

"…it looked questionable."

"It's got tomatoes in it, I thought you loved tomatoes!"

"I do."

"Well that tells me why you didn't touch this perfectly fine muffin."

"Oh good, I was getting worried."


"Fine. I didn't eat it because I am not touching a muffin that has tomatoes in it, no matter how much I love tomatoes."

"Uh! You hurt its feelings!"

"...please stop hugging and petting the muffin, Sakura."

"I told you, you hurt its feelings!"

"Just…put the muffin down. There you go, slooooooowly, keep going, you're doing gre -"

"I told you you hurt it's feelings."

"…ow. Please stop smirking, Sakura."

"Not until you apologize."

"I am not apologizing to a muffin."

"Fine, but I'm turning your life into a living hell."

"What! Sakura, it's a damn muffin, it'll get over it!"

"No it won't!"

"Sakura. It's food. I am not apologizing to it."


"…wait! Sakura, hold o -!



Hee hee, poor Sasuke.

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