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I don't know when I started noticing her.

I mean, yes, I've always thought she was attractive, but I never really started to pay attention to her. But now I do.

I notice the raw intensity her blue eyes have.

I notice how I'll push her buttons so that that intensity gets directed at me.

I notice how even though her words hurt me, I love the sound of her voice.

I notice how some days she doesn't have her makeup on at the beginning of shift, and it makes her look all the more beautiful. I notice how she puts some on before the end of shift, and how she still looks beautiful.

I notice how her hair looks gorgeous whether it's in curls or straight.

I notice how her eyes dim when she tells Warrick how she and Lindsey hardly talk anymore without fighting.

I notice how she doesn't seem to care that it's like that with us.

I notice how she flirts when she's interviewing men.

I notice how she kisses her boyfriends at reception.

God help me, I wish I had never started to notice the beauty that is Catherine Willows.