Truth Or Dare?

Summary: The whole gang, at the Cullen house, trapped inside on a rainy night. Add some boredom, and throw in Emmett's competitiveness, Bella's clumsy streak, Rosalie's vanity, Alice's quirky sense of humour, Edward's protectiveness, Jasper's naivety and Carlisle and Esme both in a playful mood. Oh, and I almost forgot. A game of Truth or Dare.

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Isabella Marie Swan, Forks, 6:07 PM

It was raining, too cold and wet for Emmett to even entertain hopes of playing baseball. Thank God. That meant I could just stay inside, safe (relatively) from most kinds of disasters involving sporting equipment, rocks, and Emmett too.

Oh, and I could lounge around and listen to Edward play the piano. It was one of those perfect evenings, where I could sit and hum along with my lullaby, and dream of the (hopefully) not so distant future when I wasn't clumsy, and could spend forever with Edward.

Of course, I should have known better. Everyone had gone for a feed earlier in the day, and they were all in great moods. Alice and Emmett, both in great moods, never boded well for me. It normally involved a lot of running, screaming, (in my case) falling, and Edward ending up locking me in my truck while Emmett and Alice tried to distract him.

I could only hope they didn't make me run down the stairs again. My knees were still bruised from the last time we played hide-and-seek. Sure, Rosalie sniffed and called us childish, but she normally ended up joining in despite herself. I never found her though. Alice was the only one who ever found her or Edward.

I winced at the imaginary degree of pain I was bound to be in after roughly twenty minutes. It never lasted long, because they could smell me wherever I hid, and I normally ended up falling over before I could even find one of them, and then Edward stopped our game.

When I heard Emmett barrelling down the stairs, I was half and half, anticipation versus common sense. Common sense was telling me to run, far, far away, while anticipation was telling me that no matter how much it hurt or was terribly humiliating, the games were still fun, and that running away was going to prove just as disastrous as the game. Since my intelligence and common sense were severely lacking, I stood up as soon as Emmett entered the room, prepared to run (and fall) as soon as he started counting.

He never did. Rosalie flounced in after him then Alice came bouncing down. Jasper followed her, a pained look on his face. Carlisle and Esme came in too, and I sat down. Edward had stopped playing, and I was instinctively frightened.

With Alice grinning, and Emmett smirking, all I could think was:

Shit. I'm going to die.

Edward Anthony Cullen, Forks, 6:15 PM

When I saw Alice's grin and Emmett's smirk, I was instantly on my guard. Over forty years of experience had taught me to be wary of both the grin and smirk, and the past months with Bella thrown in the mix, I was even more edgy. Then there was that odd twinkle in Carlisle's eyes, and Esme's slight smile.

Okay, I admit it. Yes, I was frightened. Very frightened.

Rosalie looked impassive as usual, and Jasper merely looked pained. He looked like he was suffering from a human ailment, usually induced by eating too much junk food. Constipation, my memory seemed to offer as a diagnosis.

Everyone settled in, silently. That was a danger sign, one that I should have acknowledged immediately, and removed Bella and myself from the vicinity as quickly as possible. Stupid me, of course, thought, oh, what could happen?

Famous last words, because I was doomed when I left the piano stool to sit on the couch. Doomed.

Carlisle Cullen, Forks, 6:17 PM

Edward looked wary, and rightly so. Bella looked a little confused, also rightly so.

When Alice had suggested this human game as a pastime for tonight, I was rather intrigued. The concept was highly interesting, and I could foresee much amusement in the course of the evening.

There were six distinctive personalities involved, and Esme and I.

Yes, I was looking forward to much amusement.

Esme Cullen, Forks, 6:18 PM

Carlisle was anticipative, and Edward looked particularly frightened. I could scarcely blame him. Alice's description of this human game had also frightened me. Emmett had looked positively gleeful, Rosalie had raised her eyebrows, Jasper had looked pained, and Carlisle had asked many questions.

Poor Bella was looking confused. Alice stood up and clapped her hands, although all attention had been on her from the beginning. She had been recognised as the instigator from the moment she walked into the room. It was no wonder.

Emmett Cullen, Forks, 6:19 PM

This was shaping up to be a great evening. Bella already looked scared, and we'd only been in the room for about nine minutes. That was close to the record for the shortest time it took, although she'd looked scared from the moment I'd started smirking.

Alice was looking at us, with her 'evil' grin on her face. Edward looked edgy, and had dragged Bella into his lap. Bella looked positively terrified. "Tonight, we are playing a game," Alice said grandiosely. I couldn't help but snort.

Alice shot me a death glare and went on. "We shall be playing a human game." Here, she shot a glance at Bella. "One that I am led to believe has caused numerous kinds of disasters." Bella paled noticeably. Edward's grip around her waist tightened. I snickered, and Rosalie poked me. "Keep going," Esme said.

"Tonight," Alice said, clapping her hands together. "We shall be playing Truth or Dare."

Edward Anthony Cullen, Forks, 6:21 PM

I wasn't an idiot. I'd heard of Truth or Dare, mostly from the minds of teenagers traumatised by it. Bella's horror was enough to convince me that playing this game with my family wasn't a good idea, if my preconceived notion wasn't enough.

"Carlisle, as oldest, you get to choose first," Alice directed before I had a chance to grab Bella and run, as far away and as fast as I could. "You pick someone and they choose either Truth or Dare, and then if they say Truth, you can ask them any question you like, or if they pick Dare, you can make them do whatever strikes your fancy."

Carlisle looked positively gleeful as he scanned the room. Who would have thought that a brilliant mind, over three and a half hundred years old, would be excited by something so barbaric?

His gaze settled on Jasper and I felt Bella relax slightly against me. We were safe. For this round at least.

Jasper Hale, Forks, 6:23 PM

Carlisle had a glint in his eye and I could sense the anticipation from everyone in the room. This was going to go pear-shaped. Fast.

"Truth or dare, Jasper?" he asked. Truth seemed the answer that common sense was demanding I take. "Truth," I said. Alice seemed to deflate slightly, but even that couldn't make me turn my back on self-preservation. Carlisle considered for a minute or so. "What is the most human thing you've ever done?"

I must have gaped, because Bella snorted and Emmett was laughing at me. "Carlisle, couldn't you have asked something a little more…" her nose wrinkled slightly. "Humiliating?"

"More humiliating?" I demanded, leaping to my feet. "You know perfectly well that that is humiliating enough!" Alice was shaking with silent laughter, but I was getting embarrassed and losing my cool. Me!

Esme looked torn between laughter and worry and Rosalie was smirking. Edward looked sympathetic. Bella was looking amused and Emmett was still laughing. Damn older siblings! Damn them all to hell! Well, not that they can die… but still! It's the thought that counts!

Carlisle just looked satisfied. "I believe that is a human trait that carried over," he told everyone. "He is rather easily flustered. Now, Alice, what happens next?"

"It's Jasper's turn," she said. I sat down, somewhat placated.

Alice Cullen, Forks, 6:31 PM

This was getting interesting. I was getting flashes of everyone in some rather funny, compromising situations, and wanted it to hurry along. Please, whoever Jasper chooses, pick dare!

Jasper was looking around the room and he had a familiar, evil glint in his eyes. I shivered in anticipation. Carlisle seemed a little apprehensive. Jasper might choose to take revenge. I snickered quietly. My family was so weird.

"Edward." I heard Bella giggle and Emmett chuckle. Jasper was looking at Edward with a sly grin on his face. "Truth or dare?"

Edward obviously heard the challenge in his voice and rose to it (magnificently, in my opinion) with a resounding "Dare.'


Rosalie Hale, Forks, 6:34 PM

I'd seen the damage this game could do. Especially to humans. Seven vampires thrown in the mix was like putting a spanner in some kind of machine in a production line. In simple terms, I would have to say that this was going to turn into a disaster area, and fast.

Not that I was looking forward to it or anything, but I was interested to hear what Jasper had in plan for dear Edward. It was bound to be good, especially after the humiliation of Jasper's weakness being put out.

I was excited, okay? So was everyone else. Jasper opened his mouth to tell Edward his dare.

(And then the stupid author changed the POV! Hehehe)

Emmett Cullen, Forks, 6:35 PM

The look in Jasper's eyes would have made any sane person run for the hills. Of course, Edward wasn't a sane person. He was a lunatic of a vampire, and one who was about to be humiliated. Badly.

And I was so looking forward to it. I could hold it over him when he decided to start bragging about catching me out every time we played ball. Jasper's mouth was half open, and his eyes were glinting evilly, and Edward was trying to look brave. Bella was giggling helplessly, Rosalie was smirking and Alice was bouncing slightly in her seat. Carlisle and Esme merely looked curious.

Jasper spoke. "Edward, I dare you to…"


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