Truth Or Dare?

You're all gonna kill me…

Summary: The whole gang, at the Cullen house, trapped inside on a rainy night. Add some boredom, and throw in Emmett's competitiveness, Bella's clumsy streak, Rosalie's vanity, Alice's quirky sense of humour, Edward's protectiveness, Jasper's naivety and Carlisle and Esme both in a playful mood. Oh, and I almost forgot. A game of Truth or Dare.

Disclaimer: musicalgerbil: nil. Stephenie Meyer: the whole world: aka Bella, Edward, you know… all my characters basically. If you sue me, you can take any debts I manage to incur, but I'm keeping my copy of Twilight, my laptop, and my treasured, dog-eared copy of New Moon!

Well, people, vampires, werewolves and my faithful readers… I am sorry to inform you that this is the epilogue to Truth Or Dare. Yes, this is the END! Everyone has been suitably embarrassed, humiliated and blushing within an inch of their (well, you get the gist) lives. This isn't the last of me, I swear! Notes is still going, and I promise you that a new fic will be up soon!

I really just have to thank you all for being such great readers. I am eternally grateful for all the praise and encouragement you've all given me throughout the months of Truth Or Dare! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all!

Carlisle Cullen, Forks, 9:59 PM

Esme and I glanced up as the six tumbled through the front door.

Bella was yelling at Emmett and pointing rather forcefully at her own rear.

Rosalie and Alice were advancing on Edward, who was backing steadily away from the piano.

Jasper stood there, looking rather smug.

Esme, beside me, cast me a bewildered look.

I studied the scene before me for a few more seconds.

"I am unbelievably glad that we left when we did," I remarked.

Esme nodded fervently.