"I'm so excited! We're going to the Central Town today!" Mikan exclaimed in delight, with Hotaru and Iinchou beside her. "I can't wait!" She continued as she rubbed her hands in glee, thinking of the soft creamy Howalon.

"Oi, Polka-dots!" Natsume beckoned the auburn-haired girl to come nearer as Sumire growled. "Huh?" Mikan wondered as she took a small step closer cautiously.

"Come closer."



Mikan was barely an inch from him. "Go away, ugly," Natsume answered as he used his Alice to burn her hair- for the hundredth and one time. "What are you doing? Natsume, you baka!" Mikan cried in anguish as she rushed out of the room. There was a momentary silence in Class B.

"Just ignore her, Natsume-kun. Let's go on a date to the Central Town together!" Sumire asked enthusiastically. Natsume shrugged as he sank back into his seat and continued reading his comic. Have I gone a bit too far? He wondered. He glanced at Ruka. Ruka does seem worried about her…

"Why don't you chase after her if you care so much?" Natsume enquired.

Ruka hastily replied, "No! I don't care about her! I'm not worried!"

Natsume shot him a quizzical look. Ruka blushed slightly and starter stroking his pet rabbit.

"Imai-san, shall we look for her?" Iinchou asked worriedly.

"Don't worry. That moron will come back soon," Hotaru responded in a calm voice.

Just then, the classroom door slid open. Narumi-sensei greeted the class with a cheerful smile. "Where's Mikan?" He asked curiously. "She's never skipped lessons before. I expect she caught it from Natsume," Narumi-sensei continued as he winked at Natsume. "Well?" He looked around, expecting an answer.

"Well, it's because… because Natsume burned her hair again…" Iinchou explained, casting a nervous glance at Natsume.

"Well then, let's start our lessons now," Narumi-sensei grinned.