"This is taking forever! I'm going to find him!" Mikan grumbled. As she stood up, someone shoved a box under her nose. It was Natsume.

"Natsumeā€¦" Mikan began.

"Sorry," Natsume said.

Mikan was surprised. Indeed, this was the first time Natsume had ever apologized to her. She cheered up immediately. "Is this Howalon?" She asked. Natsume nodded. Mikan beamed and gave him a big bear hug, "Thanks!"

A slight tinge of red appeared on his cheeks. As they started sharing the box of Howalon, their relationship grew. She is pretty. Natsume thought, blushing.

"Natsume, why are you blushing?"

"Shut up."

Mikan smiled. Time passed in the blinking of an eye. It was already half past four. Natsume and Mikan made their way to the bus and joined the rest of Class B.

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