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A Dragon in the Dentist's office

Chapter One- Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation. Summer vacation and what am I stuck doing? I'm stuck answering phones and writing down appointments for my parents. Its summer, how many people are going to come to a dentist's office during the summer?

These are my thoughts as I sit behind a receptionist's desk at the office of Granger Dentistry, DDS. If only Harry and Ron weren't off with the other Weasleys in Romania, visiting Charlie. They invited me, of course, but no. I decided to have ever so much more fun sitting behind a desk all summer. Well, actually, my mother and father offered me work and who am I to turn down their smiling faces. Sighing in exasperation I read the days away till I go back to Hogwarts. Lately I've become very fond of an American (muggle) author named Tamora Pierce. She writes wonderful, fantastic tales with Heroines who overcome overbearing obstacles. My favorite stories are of a girl, Alanna, who disguises herself as a boy for eight years so that she may become a knight

So here I am, sitting behind a desk and reading the final book in the series. I'm sighing over how the lioness, Alanna, must choose between three men. Three, very interesting men. First, the crown prince, Jonathan of Conte, second, the King of the thieves, George Cooper and third, Liam Ironarm, the Shang Warrior. At that moment I wished that I could meet someone as interesting as these men, and then he walked through the door.

I'd heard the door open of course, the little bells that hung over it had jingled annoyingly anytime anyone entered. I didn't look up from the book though. Alanna was fighting for her life against a great monkey like creature. A shadow fell over my desk and I still didn't look up. I finished the page then set my book aside, picking up a pen.

"Do you have an appointment?" I asked automatically.

"No." a deep, husky voice answered me.

"Let me check if there is an opening." I knew there was, there were no appointments for today or for the rest of the week. "Yes, I can squeeze you in right now. Fill these out and return them to me." I put several sheets of paper and a pen on the desk in front of me, than reached for my book again. I had gone through several pages before the patient returned. I set my book to the side again and grabbed the papers.

"Are you here for anything particular or just a routine-" I stopped, that couldn't be right. I checked the name again. No. Here? I glanced up and my breath caught in my throat. Draco Malfoy looked down at me.

"Just a che-" He raised both his eyebrows. My eyes widened. What was Draco Malfoy doing in a Muggle dentist office?

"Granger?" He glanced at the wall where Granger Dentistry, DDS was written in gold loopy writing. It took me a moment to realize that I was staring. I returned to looking at the forms, typing his name into the computer. A screen popped up with his information. He'd come here before.

"I didn't realize. I should've." Was he muttering to himself? I glanced up, he was staring at me.

"A checkup?" I asked. He nodded mutely. I typed this into the recent visits box in his file. Still taken aback to see him here. "One moment, I'll see if there ready." I left the room and headed back to my father's office. I stepped into the doorway; he sat behind his desk reading a book. He closed it and smiled at me, taking off his reading glasses.

"What do you know about a boy named Draco Malfoy?" My mother must've heard me because she came out of her office on the other side of the hall and walked into his office.

"Oh. Is he here?" My father asked. I nodded.

"Poor Dear. He started coming when he was nine or so. Never came with his parents." My mother shook her head in sympathy. She thought that he was an orphan. I knew better, his parents were the worst people I'd met and Draco wasn't far behind. I stood, flabbergasted than composed myself.

"He's here for a checkup."

"Bring him to Exam room B." I nodded and left to fetch him. When I came back into the room I didn't see him immediately. I looked at the waiting area, no sign of him. Had he left? I was about to turn and go back to tell my parents when movement behind my desk caught my eye. He was standing behind the desk, my book in his hands, reading the back. I stalked to him and wretched the book from his hands, clutching it to my chest.

"They'll see you in Exam Room B." I said icily. He raised an eyebrow. He came out from behind the desk and opened the door. Before going through he stopped and without looking at me said,

"She's a good author but I prefer Anne Rice." I gaped at him and fell silently into my chair. He knows who Tamora Pierce is? And Anne Rice? Who is this boy? The boy who tormented Harry and Ron and me? He didn't insult me, just commented on the book I read. No slurs on my family, no reference to mud bloods. I sighed at my own idiocy; I had no reason to be so rude. He didn't hurt the book in fact he actually looked generally interested as he read the summary on the back. And he read Anne Rice. A muggle author.

"Hermione." I jumped at the voice. I had been so caught in my musings that I hadn't notice my mother come to stand in front of the desk. "Dear, I need to run some errands. Can you go help your father? I'll lock up, after this boy we're done for the day." I nodded and stood. Mother gathered her coat and purse than left. Silently I made my way back to the exam room. As I entered, my father glanced up then back into Malfoy's mouth. Malfoy was sitting in the chair that took up the middle of the room. His eyes were closed as he leaned back in the chair, mouth open. I watched him as I made my way across the room to the sink.

As I washed my hands, I wondered if there were any wizarding Dentists. Why did he come to a muggle dentist? Why not a healer at St. Mungo's or something? In 4th year, Madam Pomfrey fixed my teeth back to normal when this boy's hex made them grow extra long. Making my way to my dad's side I looked at him, really looked at him.

He looked…at peace? No. That's not the right word, how can anybody be at peace when a man has a long, sharp piece of metal in your mouth and is scraping between your teeth. He looked, placid. At that moment when I saw him, he didn't look like the boy who had tormented me and my friends for the last 6 years. He looked just like a normal boy, not a wizard boy with evil parents. Just a boy, a very attractive boy to my taste. I winced inwardly as I thought it but it was true. Draco Malfoy was extremely good looking. Right from his platinum blond hair to his… shoes? I looked at his clothes. Now when I think of Draco Malfoy (or any pretty, rich blond boy) in muggle clothes, I think of black designer shoes, straight dark slacks, a dark leather belt with a button up shirt tucked in.

No. Draco Malfoy wore baggy black jeans with several pockets over (although I couldn't see the label, but were undoubtedly) black Converse chucks. His shirt, slightly covered by the white dentist bib, was baggy, black and in white lettering, read: The Ramones. I stared. Was this a joke? Draco Malfoy, a pureblood wizard, was wearing purely muggle clothes, read muggle books and, at the moment, was in a muggle dentist office.

"Hermione, hand me the bottle on the counter." Two pairs of eyes landed on me. My father's brown ones and Malfoy's piercing gray ones. Apparently, he had just noticed that I was in the room, not my mother. I handed the bottle to my father and met Malfoy's gaze directly. He looked like he was silently screaming at me; his mouth was held open by metal and his eyes staring. I fought the urge to laugh and instead smiled in spite of myself. He must have found this odd for one perfect, blonde eyebrow raised. I stopped smiling and sat down in the window seat, not looking at him. After a few moments I looked back and his eyes were closed. I continued to look at him, comparing my mental image of him to that of the real Malfoy. His hair wasn't slicked back or parted as I thought it should be instead it was hanging free around his face. It was longer than I thought it was, it hung past his ears. Since he was leaning back, his hair hung back away from his face, in his left ear a small silver hoop shaped like a snake hung. Leaning forward I noticed that two tiny emeralds were wear the eyes should have been. That earring and a small gold pinky ring with the letter M set into the top were the only true indications of his birth.

My mother said that he had started coming when he was nine. If that was true than I should have seen him one of the times he had come. I wracked my memory for a little blond boy who came alone. I couldn't remember any. My dad was saying something.

"Sorry, say again?"

"Not you, dear." Malfoy was now sitting up in the chair, exercising his jaw muscles. "Go with Hermione and she'll set you up with an appointment. He jotted down a few things and handed me the paper. I glanced at it and sighed. With all that had to be done, it would take three appointments, three days. I don't know why this bothered me. He hadn't been rude, or anything else since he was here. I guess I'll just deal with him for while he's here.

Silently we walked together down the hall and back to the small waiting room. I sat behind the desk and glanced at the phone. The message light was blinking. I had to flip on the lamp to see the desk, the sky was darkening. What time was it? I looked up at Malfoy, he was watching me. He wasn't watching me impatiently or with interest. Just watching.

"Uhh. Is there any particular time you want to come? For tomorrow, Saturday and Monday." He didn't say anything for a moment. To fill the silence, I said quietly, "We're closed Sunday."

"What?" He cocked his head to the side, such an innocent gesture that I had to smile.

"We're closed Sunday. If you don't have a preferable time, you can come by at three on all three days." He nodded. I wrote down the dates and times in the planner on the desk and gave him one of the carbon copies. He took them, nodded and without a word, left.

I released the breath that I hadn't known I'd been holding. I frowned and checked the messages, adding a few last minute appointments into the book.

After that my dad and I got into his car and headed home. He flipped on the radio and was humming along to some oldies song or another while I wiled away the time thinking about the day.

When we arrived at home, we were greeted by my mother, in her apron. After going inside we promptly sat down for dinner. I expected the normal dinner talk: the weather, how was you day, The latest news, etc. No, the first thing my mom says to me is,

"Do you know this Malfoy boy?" I chew slowly. What should I tell them? I decide on the truth, well part of it.

"He goes to school with me." My parents stare.

"Really? He's a wizard?" My father puts his fork back on his plate.

"He didn't say. He's such a charming boy, he doesn't talk much. No more than a please or a Thank you and such." He captivated my mother. I believe I'll keep the part about him being a righteous prat to myself right now.

"Is he like that at school?" my mother now asks.

"We don't talk much." This isn't a lie, but not a truth either.

"What a shame." My mother always takes pity on people, no matter how little she knows of them.

"I wonder why he comes to us for dentistry work when he could have things magically done." My father remarks, more to himself than to us. My thoughts exactly. "What time did you set his appointments for?"

"Three p.m. for each." I pause. "Also tomorrow, Mrs. Cleary at one and Bobby Munk at two." He nods. He won't remember this but he ought to know anyways. My dad is a wee-bit scatterbrained. He continues to eat and I glance at my mom. She doesn't eat but instead has a far off look and a wispy smile. She reminds me of Trelawney during a fake vision. I finish eating and hurry to my room. I want to finish my book before I go to bed. I have an idea for tomorrow.

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