I was always a Shaman king lover, it's just that this is the first fic I'm gonna write. There will be more soon. I hope that you like it and that you will reveiw and that you'll reveiw.(yes, I said it twice)

Chapter One


Anna walked outside the house. It was dark and really late at night. She had been thinking about Yoh, hoping he was okay. In truth, she didn't really love him. She didn't even want him. She just didn't want to be alone. But Yoh didn't give her what she wanted. He was too easy to control. Too lay-back. Too...unforceful. She wanted a challenge. Someone that could dominate her. She needed someone like that, but there was no one. Not Yoh. Not his friends. Not anyone. It was frustrating to her. She usually got what she wanted. Rather, she took what she wanted by force.It irritated her that she couldn't get what she wanted.

"And you should get what you want, Anna." In a burst of flames, Zeke was in front of her.

She reached for her beads, ready to summon a spirit to come to her aid. She narrowed her eyes at him. Did he read her mind? How dare he!

"Your fire always amuses me, Anna." Zeke chuckled.

"What do you want?" She hissed, angered that he had intruded on her thoughts. How dare he do such a thing. He had no right.

"Do not be angry." He said soothingly. "I am not here to fight."

"Then what do you want?"

"You." He said simply.

Anna's eyes maintained there cold hard stare, but internally she was stunned. He took a step and approached. On que, she held up her beads to summon a spirit. She closed her eyes and began to chant. Behind her back she felt heat and heard the sound of flames. Hands gripped hers as she tried to finish her chant. She opened her eyes and heard the clank of beads hit the ground. Then she heard his whispered voice, "I told you I didn't want to fight." The beads were set on fire, burned and turned to dust.

Anna broke from him, turned, and threw her fist straight at his face. He caught it in his hand and frowned at her. "What did I say? Weren't you listening, Anna." In a swift movement he was, again, behind her. He held her hand behind her back. He pushed it against her, forcing her to the ground. She made strained sound as she felt the pain in her arm. He whispered to her, "I'm not use to being held up, Anna, and neither are you. We take what we want. I want you. And I will take you. That's a promise." The flames ensnarled his body, making him vanish.

Anna looked at her arm. No marks. She fumed. He had stopped her attack! was she really that weak? She would have to do some training of her own. When he came back she would not be beaten. Even though she'd never admit it, she was pleased he came. He'd given her part of what she wanted. A challenge. Tonight, between her and Zeke, there would be a fight for dominance. If he thought he'd won, he couldn't be more wrong.

Anna marched into the house. "Tamara!" she yelled. "Tell your useless spirits to get out here! I want them to massage my arm!" She wouldn't allow herself tense muscles before she even began to train.

Zeke listened to Anna's voice as t drifted in the night. He smiled to himself. That was very Amusing. It was fun to enrage someone like Anna. He really did want her. She'd keep him entertained. He liked her fiery temper. A fire he would soon ignite into passion. But for now the challenge to get her would keep him content. It would not be a chase, but a battle. A battle he would turn into a different kind of war. And that war he did not intend to end.

Anna thrust her leg against the firm surface of the body weight. She punched it with her left hand. Her right. Kicked with her other leg. She paused to wipe her forehead. She'd been there all day, since the place opened at 6:00 am. She had put herself on a strict training schedule, but it wasn't enough. She wasn't like Yoh and hs friends. She could handle it and did. She was in shape. What else could she do?

Sghing, she began to go toward the pool. She stared at the side of the empty pool. Stepping ot of her dress she revealed her dark blue one peice. She dived into the water. She felt the cold rush around her. She began to swim as fast as she could to the other side. It refreshed her greatly.

She sat on side, wiping water off her face. She thought of Zeke and consiously smiled. She would win this this fight with Zeke. He would not get the better of her.


Anna held her above the grass. Sand ran though her fingers. "Dst."she sighed. She stood. "I guess these will have to do."She looked at the blue beads on her wrist. They were just like her neclace, but they worked faster. They were stronger. Also, they used up her power much quicker. She didn't mind these though. Leaning to control and advance this power would be another thing he gave her. He would help her. Advance her. Make her more. If it wasn't for her self-appointed mission to defeat him, purely because he wanted to conquer her, she would admit to herself that Zeke is what she wanted.

Anna sat outside under a tree. She leaned against it. It was deep into the night like previously.

"Were you waiting on me, Anna?" Zeke asked her.

"Don't flatter yourself." she said to him. "I was just getting some fresh air."

He smirked at her. In a burst of flames he was behind her, suddenly. He wrapped his arms around his waste. "You know you want me, Anna. Just give in."

"In your dreams." She jabbed her elbow in his stomache. His gripped loosen and she stood in front of him in a fighting stance. He had a hand over where she hit him. "Don't worry, I'll hit harder next time."

"So you want to fight again?" Zeke asked. "I don't want to hurt you, Anna."

"You'll be the one hurt."

He sighed. Instantly he had her pinned, arms next to her head. "I don't like to damage things I want."

She looked at him coldly. Her bracelets glowed and above the two of them, in the sky, a hole to the world of spirits opened. A golden bird shifted outward. It hovered above them. Electricity seemed to flow through it's feathers.

"So, Zeke. Who's going to be hurt?" She asked sarcasticly.