Summary: Seto reflects on how much he has changed. Puppyshipping, of course
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Seto/Jou
Warnings: Yaoi
Disclaimer: Yep; I own them. I've stolen them, and am currently hiding them in a shoebox under my bed. Shh – no-one's noticed they're gone yet!
Author's Note: This happens quite a few years after then ending of the series. And I feel compelled to say this about the original Japanese voice actors – Yugi sounds like a girl.

Requested by, inspired by, and dedicated to Reecey-boy… Who is not, in fact, a boy…

I used to think my stepfather stupid. He taught me too well, created the perfect person to take his company and cast him out. But I no longer feel justified in thinking that…because I've made the same mistake. Ah, Mokuba, you learned from the best and you learned well. You stole my company right out from under me with consummate skill, and did it with an evil smirk I've seen in the mirror too many times. In some perverse way, I'm proud of you.

There was no place for me at the company any more, and to be quite honest I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's probably indicative of some deep-seated character flaw that I would sooner lose my company completely than accept some inferior position in it.

And so here I am. I've lost my brother, my company, my home…but I still haven't lost everything.

For despite my losses, I am happier than I have ever been. Five years ago I would never have believed that I would ever say this, but now I owe my happiness, my sanity, and possibly even my life to love. It was the love of someone I once disdained which lifted me from my depression; my lover who gave me a home, and most importantly of all, hope. Five years ago I would have walked away in disgust from someone speaking like this, and now I am doing so myself, even if it is only internally. I like to think that love has changed me for the better, and I can almost hear my seventeen-year-old self lecturing me about weakness. I cannot help but smile at the irony.

Strong, sun-kissed arms wrap themselves possessively around my waist, honey-blonde hair visible from the corner of my eye. I give a soft, contented sigh I would once have been appalled by and lean into that comforting warmth:

"Aishiteru Seto."
"Aishiteru mo, Jou."


Aishiteru – I love you
Aishiteru mo – I love you too
According to my very basic understanding of Japanese, anyway.

From somewhere I've picked up the odd writing quirk of having Kaiba psychoanalyse himself. It just seems to me to fit the character so perfectly.
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