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The Top 10 Reasons Vincent Loves Yuffie



It couldn't be more perfect.

The stars were shining, the moon was full, and Yuffie was alone on the beach of Costa del Sol with the man she absolutely adored. It was a scene right out of her favorite books at home, the ones she hid behind the dresser so her father wouldn't find them. She lay on the cool sand next to the crimson-caped gunslinger, smelling the salt air (with just a slight aroma of fish—well, all right, it could be a little more perfect) and gazing worshipfully down at him, willing those gorgeous ruby eyes to open.

He stirred and gave a sigh that melted her. Well, actually it was more of a moan, but still, in that thrilling low voice, he'd sound good reading bad haikus in German. She smiled and brushed strands of dark hair away from his face. Those stunning eyes opened, just as she'd imagined, and took a moment to focus on her face. "…Yuffie?"

"It's me, Vincent," she whispered happily.

He frowned; she could see it in the faint lines appearing between his eyes. "Where are we?"

"On the beach, with nobody else around to interrupt us," she purred, stroking his temple lightly.

He winced and moved his claw hand up to his head, making her give a startled yelp and duck. He touched his temple with the back of one claw, and it came back bloody. Those crimson eyes turned back to her face with a significantly cooler expression. "Yuffie… you hit me with your shuriken."

Dammit. She thought head injuries were supposed to cause amnesia—why couldn't he have forgotten that part?