(And finally…)

The Top 10 Reasons Vincent Loves Yuffie



The world was saved.

Tomorrow there would be rescues, rebuilding, rejoicing… but tonight, there was rest.

Well, for most of the party, anyhow.

Vincent paced quietly through the Highwind, which had stopped in Junon for refueling and some repairs. Tomorrow it would join the other airships in the effort to find survivors in Midgar. The night-shift crew was supervising all that; everyone else had turned in. They'd earned it.

Red XIII was snoozing on the bridge. Barrett and Cid had passed out companionably at a table in the commissary, but the stack of cans was pretty small. Vincent smirked very faintly.

He hadn't spotted Cloud and Tifa, and didn't really want to. They'd been going in the same direction at the same time and smiling at each other in a significant fashion when last he saw them, and that was all he wanted to know.

This is their victory. I should go. I don't have any talent for fixing things.

Go where? He didn't know. He'd think of something.

But there was one more person he felt the need to see once more before he left, and he couldn't find her anywhere.

Finally he ventured above decks, and there she was, wide awake, leaning against the rail, arms folded. "What kept you?" she said, smirking.

He paused for a long moment, and then came forward to stand beside her at the rail. He gazed down at her. She grinned back up at him.


"Yes?" she whispered.

"Isn't that my materia?"

She glanced innocently down at the ranks of mastered materia adorning her shuriken and armor, and beamed up at him. "Well… we took care of Sephiroth. You don't need it anymore, right?"

He sighed...and smiled. Well… I guess I can't leave until I win them all back, at least.

Yuffie blinked, and smiled back, and turned to look out at the lights of Junon reflected on the water under the clear night sky.

The stars were shining, the moon was full.

It couldn't be more perfect.


The End