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Memorable Days


Tug. Tug.

She wouldn't stop tugging on his hair—ouch. And it was irritating Sesshoumaru to the end of his childish sanity. He attempted a glare, but he was much too cute for it to do anything.

He gnashed his teeth in frustration.


"But it's so long, Sesshy-kun!" A giggle was heard. "My 'kaa-chan always said that boys with long hair were…hmm, what was the word again? Enh…e…e…Oh yeah! Emotionally Unstable Feminists!"


"Ooh, you know how to use a grown-up long word!"


"But I didn't know what it said, so there!"

Logic was no use against this girl because she always flipped it into a scrambled-egg mess. "Look, Kagura—"

He turned to face her, and was met with large, pinkish-red eyes.

He blinked.

She blinked.


Sesshoumaru watched inquiringly as she jumped up from the grass she had been sitting in and laughed.

"Sesshy-kun said my name! Sesshy-kun said my name for the first time! YAY!"

He could just die, die, die. "Kagura—stop—"

Pause. And then another cheer. "HE SAID MY NAME AGAIN!"

Little Kagura sparkling in the sunlight, laughing and dancing and smiling, all because he said her name.

Kagura, Kagura, Kagura.

He liked her name.

He liked her smile.

"Come on, Sesshy-kun! Smile!"

He smiled.

This was his first memory of her. They were five years old.

Three years later

"Why wont you smile anymore?"

Eight-year old Kagura asked sadly, her eyes a somber dark red, her voice soft and her face pale. Sesshoumaru glared at her coldly.

"None of your business."

"You know Sesshoumaru, you look all gloomy when you don't smile—(glare)—uh, well, at least don't glare like that!"

"What do you know?"

Kagura bit her lower lip.

His mother is dead, that's all she knew. And a stepmother had come to take her place.

"But Izayoi-san seemed very kind—"

He was still glaring. Kagura flinched.

"She's a human."


Sesshoumaru looked away.

Kagura, Kagura.

She taught him how to smile, friendship, and trust. She taught him the names of flowers, the warmth of the sun, the sound of the ocean waves. She taught him the freedom of the wind and how she adored it, and how to dance and play and have fun. But she hadn't taught him how to cope with death.

He saw his mother die. Death was a cruel, cruel thing.

A hand timidly linked with his.

"Sesshy…I know this might sound cliché…"

She closed her eyes as if praying.

"It's okay to cry."

He didn't want to cry. The heir of the great Inutaishou shouldn't cry! But he sniffed and cried anyway.

Kagura, Kagura.

She'd just taught him how to cry.

Five years later, both were thirteen years old.


He inclined his head ever so slightly. Kagura could be so childish sometimes.

"Hurry up," he said, not stopping.


He sighed and turned.

Kagura was a pretty, pretty girl. Her hair sprayed in an array of black crystals, her eyes the two of the finest ruby. When she laughed or smiled he could feel a pleasant, fuzzy feeling in his heart that had nothing to do with his breakfast.

She finally caught up with him. "YOU! NOT EVEN WAITING FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND!"

"We're late."


"Unlike you, Kagura, I prefer a clean record."

"Yeah right, mister I-MUST-BE-SO-PERFECT—" she scowled, but a few moments later she brightened up again. "Sesshy, guess what!"

He didn't answer. Kagura kept continuing. "My baby sister! She learned how to talk, and her first word is 'nee-chan!"

"All babies talk sooner or later, Kagura, it's a part of growing up."

"That's not the point! The point is that she said 'nee-chan. ME! She meant ME!"

"I pity her."


Sesshoumaru had a younger sibling too, Kagura remembered, after giving him a great tongue-lashing and looking away. A half-brother, named Inuyasha. She knew Sesshoumaru hated that brother. He would always say that a hanyou was a disgrace, and he would like to kill him himself.

Now, that's kind of cruel, Kagura had said. After all, they were brothers. But Sesshoumaru sent her a disgusted look, and the subject had dropped.

Kagura peeked at her companion.

Sesshy-kun is very cold.

It was strange. She didn't remember him being so cold when he was a child.

He could be kind if he wanted to. His tolerance with her foolishness was enough proof of that.

Sesshoumaru, Sesshoumaru.

They were best friends.

Without him she would feel lonely. So very lonely.

"Kagura," he called, pulling her out of her thoughts. "We're here, ten minutes until eight."

"Huh. A full ten minute leisure and you can't even wait for your best friend—"

"I thought we were past that—"

Kagura stuck out her tongue playfully and poked him in the ribs.

"Sesshy, you're IT!"

It was his turn to run.

Sighing exasperatedly, Sesshoumaru started the chase.

Kagura, Kagura.

He would always catch her, no matter what. And she would always catch up with him.




Two years later.


They were fifteen years old.

Don't leave me!

Kagura stopped, dropping to her knees and panting, inside Tokyo Airport. The world around her was an insignificant blur of color, the many sounds a buzz. Her finely manicured nails clawed at her skin. No, no, no! How could he…how could…

Damn bastard.

I'm leaving for America this afternoon, the letter had said.


He can't leave, was what passed continuously inside Kagura's mind. He can't leave me.


Without him

I would feel

So very lonely…

Lonely, lonely…

Such heartbreaking loneliness…

She urged herself up, her eyes darting everywhere to find a glimpse of long silver hair. Please, please, please…She had to find him, to tell him something…


And there, she saw it.

A glimpse of silver hair, a pair of golden eyes…Sesshoumaru. He was there.

Right in front of her.

"Kagura," he said, cold as ever.

"You…You…" She was suddenly angry. "YOU—"


"I thought I sent you a letter."

Stupid, stupid bastard.

"Well, that wasn't enough! How could—"

Her breath got stuck in her throat.

Kagura knew, by staring directly into Sesshoumaru's golden orbs that he was going to America, and nothing she said would make the slightest difference. She felt like crying angry tears.

Without you

I would feel

So very lonely…

"Don't leave me," she whispered.


"Don't worry, I'll correspond."



"Stop being so childish and demanding, Kagura, grow up."


For a long time, they stood in silence, as various people walked past them, as the speaker boomed out that the passengers for the plane to New York should hurry up…

"I have to go now, Kagura."


Tears welled up in her sunset eyes.

"We'll meet again."

Meet again…

Her lips moved as tear after tear rolled down her cheeks.

"Call me."


She couldn't even bear to think of it.

I...I'll miss you.

I'll miss you so very much.

I'll wait for you year after year.

Sesshoumaru sat thinking, as he sat in his seat, first class.

Kagura, Kagura.

The fuzzy feeling in his heart never did go away.

And this is how everything began.

Author's Note: Ahahahaha…alright, I've had this idea in my head for a long time and I just had to flick it off. So? Does it suck? Should I continue? I'm just happy I got it all written down!

Sesshoumaru might seem OOC at the start but what do you expect? He's supposed to be a cute little kid! And Kagura seems childish, but I wanted to portray the Kagura in this fic as what she could've been if her life hadn't been all angsty like in the anime/manga…carefree and happy.