Blue Star: A loose Sonic 1, 2, 3S&K adaption

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Author's note: This has aspects of the Fleetway STC comics, is loosely based on the Mega Drive/Genesis games, but is predominantly my views and perceptions. I'm trying to make it acceptable to everyone else, so I hope you like it.

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Part 1: Birth of a legend

A single, blue star shone in the sky, making the fact that the sky was pitch black more obvious. It wasn't cloudy. It was just that the stars and the moon refused to show this night. Many Mobians saw this as a bad omen, and stayed inside. Superstition said that the blue star was a cause of very bad luck, and if you were caught in its light you'd be bad luck to yourself and everyone around you. Some dismissed it, but very few took the risk of going outside anyway.

Even children due to be born would wait a day for the blue star to go. It was like the superstition had been imprinted into the Mobian genes. But one child didn't want to wait.

The blue star shone through the hospital window, illuminating the young child as he lay curled up in his mother's arms. The hedgehog had been born with all his quills already formed, and this had undeniably caused difficulty. The quills were stiff and sharp, and had torn his mother up inside. While he lay in her arms, bathed in the light of the blue star, his mother died.

"I asked her if she was certain she wanted the blinds to let the light through. She wouldn't back down on it." a sharp male voice said.

"It's her choice" a second voice. Slightly deeper, and another male.

"It was her choice. Her child's bad luck!" the first voice spat

"Oh psshh. It's just a dumb superstition." a third voice. Soft in tone, and female.

"What do we do with the kid?" a fourth voice. Warbly and slightly older than the others. Another female.

"We get someone to look after it. Any volunteers?" the third voice asked.

A silence.

"Oh don't all jump at once. I'll do it." the third voice gave an annoyed sigh

"Can we shut the blinds first?" the first voice spoke with a hint of apprehension.

"If you must, you chicken." the third voice growled.

"Hey!" the second voice protested.

"Sorry George." the third voice apologised.

The doctor and nurses stood near the door, not willing to go near the light from the star. The nurse who had decided to look after the child walked over to the window, and twisted the blinds to shut the light out. The florescent lights were able to light the room fully now. The blue star's light had been too strong to be blotted out by the electric lights, and as such the staff didn't want to go close to it. The doctor was a dobermann, he was the first to have spoken. There was the rooster, who had been named as George, he was one of the nurses. The other nurse standing away from the window and the dead hedgehog on the bed was a pigeon, and the one who had simply dismissed the superstition was a panther.

She reached down and lifted up the baby hedgehog, scooping him carefully into her arms. She glared at the others until the doctor ran over to help sort out the child. He glanced at the dead mother, who seemed completely peaceful, unaware of the pain she must have gone through. He looked at the panther, and frowned.

"Why would you take a cursed child on?"

"He won't survive otherwise" she frowned "And there is no 'curse'. It's just folklore"

"Then how come his mother died already"

"Simple freak accident."

"Yeah…. Right…"

"What kind of doctor are you? You'd just leave this child to die?"


"NO. Look, I don't care about any curse. He needs care and a home and you aren't offering him ANYTHING." She growled threateningly at him.

"Karen, I didn't mean it like that." The dobermann bent his ears back "I mean… What about Maverick? Would he accept that?"

Karen frowned. Her son was known for not easily accepting change. Well she'd made up her mind. He was going to accept it whether he liked it or not. She clutched the baby hedgehog closer to her and flattened her ears. Her yellow eyes focused on the Doberman's brown ones.

"He'll accept it. This is my child now."

"He's not even a cat species!"

"Doesn't matter. Now if you don't mind, I'll take my leave."


"Oh I quit. I can't work with a bunch of superstitious fools like you" she turned to go. The pigeon and the rooster stood aside. "Good bye."

She stormed out the door, snatching up a blanket to wrap the tiny ball of spikes in. She held him closer to her chest as she walked out of the hospital, grabbing her coat. No one tried to stop her. No one wanted to risk having to go out in the light of the blue star. If the panther wanted to, that was her problem.

A cold wind was blowing sharply as she stepped out into the eerily lit night. She pulled her coat on and tucked her new wards inside it, clutching him like he was the most precious thing she could own. She ran down the road, heading into the rural area of the Green Hill Zone. She didn't have any vehicle to travel in but she preferred to run anyway. A faint boom echoed, and the quivering ball of spikes in her arms twisted his head to listen to it. A small smile was visible, and Karen smiled back at him. She looked up to see a streamed cloud from a sonic jet. The pilot must've been as dismissive of the 'curse' as her. It was the only aircraft she'd seen that day. The little hedgehog's interest in the sound it made gave her and idea for his name.

"I think you can be called Sonic."

A small sigh from the child as he rolled up again, and she smiled softly. He may have made an ugly cub, but she couldn't help but feel for him. Maybe they got their superstition backwards. She felt lucky to have him. He was lucky that she was in there. Anyone else would have left him to die, despite their 'doctors' oath'. Stupid superstitions. Some believed that the heavens were warring when the blue star showed. And maybe they were. But she didn't care about that. What the heavens did was their concern, not hers.

She reached her house, and opened the door. It was a modest cottage on the very edge of the Zone, and had a small flower garden in front of it. She walked indoors and had to step aside again to avoid a tackle by her five year old cub. Maverick raised his arms, demanding a hug, and she sighed. An old owl hobbled out of the lounge and glanced at the bulge in Karen's jacket.

"Well he's been as good as he normally is.."

"What did he do this time?" Karen sighed, glancing at her cub, who flattened his ears and hid behind the babysitter.

"Smashed a vase, threw his train out the window, and complained about you always working nights…"

"Well the last isn't a problem. I quite today" She held the bulge in her jacket protectively as it squeaked

"Oh?" the owl tilted her head "May I ask what you've brought home with you?"

"Sonic…" Karen slid her jacket back to pass her the bundle of blankets and spikes.

"This…. He's newborn? Since when did baby hedgehogs have their quills already?" she tilted her head at the youngster, who fidgeted and unrolled a bit, allowing them a tiny view of his face.

"They usually don't. But those quills of his killed his mother. He needed someone to look after him. His dad died a month or so ago. That's what his mother said when she came in." Karen sook her head "Only child born tonight. The others saw him as cursed and wouldn't go near him."

"I don't blame them. I don't trust the blue star myself" she ruffled her feathers.

"I know. You can stay here overnight anyway." Karen took her new child from the babysitter.

"Mummy? Wha's curst?" Maverick peered at her from behind the owl "Wha's hetchock?"

"Don't worry Mavvy, they're nothing" Karen sighed, then smiled "This is your new little brother, Sonic"

"Yay brother!" Maverick bounced out from behind the babysitter, forgetting he was in trouble "Can I hol' him?"

"Hahahahah, no sweety. He's new and fragile". 'not to mention covered in some wicked points' she thought. "Maybe when he's older, okay?"

"Umm….. Okay!"

"How long are you going to look after him?" the owl hooted

"As long as he needs me"


The owl hobbled back into the lounge again, and pulled the sofa-bed out, sorting it out for her overnight stay. Karen may not have cared about the curse, but old Lucy certainly did. She really appreciated that Karen was letting her stay overnight. While she was busy with that the panther looked at Maverick. The cub was bouncing around excitedly, trying to get a better look at his new little brother.

"Oh Mavvy, aren't you supposed to be in bed?"



The cub squeaked and ran up the stairs, giggling. Karen smiled. That had gone better than she could have hoped. She held Sonic close again as he curled up, sleeping, and walked up the stairs. She didn't doubt that it was going to be hard looking after Sonic for a while, but she'd get used to it.


So yeah. Sonic's raised by a panther. XD hence his catty behaviour in my stories. More to come later.