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Nine Ways To Know You Are In Love, You Idiots
by MiraJade

Erik Destler and Christine Daae.

As different as day and night.

This is their first clue.

Erik Destler, the infamous Phantom of the Opera. Darkness impersonified, and a soul overflowing with music. Christine Daae, the very picture of innocence, with a sweet loving smile, and eyes that some would call empty. He says they are lost and sad. They are just like his.

Neither of them saw it coming.

She Can't Stand Him

So she says.

She'll argue with him, and demand to be taken back. Yet when he isn't looking she'll smile fondly, and reflect on how much she's come to appreciate the dark. He's still smiling and waiting for her answer. She smiles back. "The piano. The organ is much too dark."

He snorts and says, "The piano is much to light."

Neither will yield.

'He Can Already Listen To Her Rant'

"And then Cadence! I can't believe what a horrid, mean toad she is! She called me a untalented meanie right to my face!" Christine rants, and revels in the fact that he is the only one that she can be so open around. Not even Meg saw this side of her.

"Christine, you were ten."

"I know." Enter pout here. "But it still irks me."

"You were ten."

"Your point?"

"Let it go." Erik smiles, and is glad for the role reversal.

'She Already Picks Up After Him'

The first time she had came to the lair, it had been such a mess, as if taking her had been a spur of the moment decision. She decided to surprise him by cleaning up a bit.

So she found her way through the tunnels, and across the lake. When she got there, not a thing was out of place.

Maybe he was trying to impress her?

She huffed, and quickly escaped to fix her own mess.

'She's already playing doctor'

"You really should eat."

"I'm not hungry."

"You still should eat though."

He glared.

She took it unflinchingly.

"I already ate."

"That's why you look like a skeleton."

He ate.

'You've Perfected The Art Of Correcting Others'

A rare night spent on the bois, even here they met others. A lovely older couple who payed no attention to Erik's mask, and were dazzled by the ring on Christine's finger. "What a wonderful couple you two make!" The old woman exclaimed.

They look at the mistaken woman, twin pairs of blushes on their faces.

"We're not together." They both say at once.

This just makes them blush harder.

'You've Fought A War Together'
"It wasn't a war. It was a slight misunderstanding."

He looks at her, and stubbronly says, "It was a war."

"How do you figure that?"

"Because I won."

'Everyone Knows But You'

Madame Giry smiles as she watches Christine pass. A healthy glow to her cheeks, and a happy sparkle in her eyes. The song she hums is happier than normal. She hopes to have a wedding to plan soon, and ignores the feeling of far off dread.

Meg's just happy to have another readon to tease her friend.

Everyone else just smiles.

'You Deny It Fiercely.'

This is the final, and most confirming fact.

When this happens you know you are doomed.

"I don't love him." Christine insists. 'I hope no one ever sees my lie.'

"I don't love her." Erik states. 'I know I am lying, but it is easier that way.'

When will they finally see what everyone else sees?

Only time will tell.


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Note: I got the title idea from a Inuyasha chapter title.