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A New Direction

Part One


In her entire life she had never felt worse. This feeling of trepidation had taken over. The nerves were extreme. Debilitating to a degree, she couldn't move. Her only thought was that this had to end soon. He told her it shouldn't take too long, and that he would come to her as soon as it was over.

But he never told her it would take this long. It seemed like hours since dinner when he told her to go down to the common room and stay there. In all reality it was only ninety minutes, but every second felt like a minute, and every minute felt like an hour. Time would not go any faster, no matter how much she desired it too.

She always knew it would come down to this. He had been up to something. His moods had been up and down all year long, the others hadn't noticed. But she'd been his friend, a part of his life for as long as she could remember. Something was up, he hadn't told her what it was, but she wasn't stupid, she realised it was coming to a head tonight. Whatever he was involved in, it was happening tonight.

She looked around the common room, and noticed how to everyone else it was just another night. The year was nearly over. They could relax slightly. It was as jovial as the Slytherin common room ever got. They had no idea that everything was about to change, of course she didn't know if it was going to. But she could tell, everything that had happened this year, it had been leading up to this night.

She knew for real the moment Slughorn and Professor Sprout came into the common room, that whatever it was, it happened. They would never have come down here otherwise, at least not without Professor Snape. So whatever had happened, it was big.

While she was running all of this through her mind, the main question that overpowered it all, where was Draco?

To be continued...