Worlds Collide

Chapter twenty-four

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The walls of the building were painted white, but no decorations covered them and the floor was white tile as well. It looked like a hospital, but it wasn't furnished at all. It could only be described as very bleak.

No windows were in the girls' room either. The white door was locked shut. But Cream's sobs could heard loud and clear from the other side.

"We're never going to get out of here!" the little rabbit wailed. She kneeled on the cold floor, tears running down her cheeks.

Standing next to her, Amy tried her best to comfort her friend. "Don't worry Cream. Sonic will be here in no time. Then we can go back to Megan's house and get back to our world."

But Cream's bawling didn't stop. Soon she was gasping desperately for breath.

Rouge sat on the floor too, but it was more of a need than a want. The pain from her wings was making her dizzy, but fear also sapped her energy away from her. Her wings were starting to go numb. The white bat was beginning to fear that she would never be able to fly again.

"Stop being stupid," she whispered to herself, but Cream must have thought that it was directed toward her, because she began to cry even harder.

"Now look what you did!" Amy fumed, patting Cream on the back reassuringly. "We have enough to worry about, Rouge. We don't need your smart mouth to worry us more!"

Rouge gritted her teeth. "Excuse me? Was I talking to you? No, I wasn't. So shut the heck up Pinky. Don't bother me." She crossed her arms over her chest and pursed her lips.

Amy stomped her foot. "Ugh! I swear if Eggman hadn't taken my Piko Piko Hammer, you'd be in a heck of a lot more pain than you already are!" She advanced toward the white bat.

Pushing herself up, Rouge tried to stand up, but her legs gave out from under her. Like that was gonna stop her. Rouge tried once more to stand up and this time kept her balance. Making a fist she took a weak step toward Amy. "Why don't you just shove it hedgehog! I wouldn't want to harm that pretty little head of yours!" she screamed.

"Don't worry, you can't. I could take you any day, old lady!" Amy screeched.

"OLD?! Pfft! You better shut your mouth before I ram my foot up your-!"

"Stop!" Callisto ordered, her tail lashing. She had been standing by the door, trying to unlock it with one of her claws, but to no luck. She had been listening the entire time. "Both of you need to relax. Arguing won't get us out of here any faster." She glared at the two, "Now, let's try to come up with a plan so that we can get out of here and find Sonic and the humans." Her eyes softened as they fell on Cream. Kneeling down to the little rabbit's height, she asked, "Sweetheart? I need you to stop crying now. We're going to be okay, but I need you to stay calm. Can you do that for me?"

Cream wiped her eyes with her arm, then nodded her head. She still looked upset, but at least her sobs had stopped.

"Good," Callisto smiled, then stood back up. She turned towards Amy and Rouge who seemed to have calm down as well, but still a bit edgy. "Now, I don't know what we can do to get out of here. Does anyone have any ideas?"

Amy shrugged her shoulders. "There aren't any windows, so escaping that way wouldn't work."

Rouge rolled her eyes, but held her tongue. No need to start yelling again. Besides, if it led to a fight Rouge wasn't too sure she could beat Amy. She was too wiped out.

Seconds passed. No one could come up with any other ideas, plus night was falling and they hadn't had anything to eat since morning. Lack of food and sleepiness could really mess up your brain.

"Why don't we rest for a while, then in the morning we can think of a way to get out of here?" Callisto suggested. Not waiting for a reply she went over to the wall opposite the door and slumped to the floor. Soon content purrs were heard from the Siamese as she slept.

Amy looked sideways at Rouge, her cheeks red with embarrassment. "Sorry," she muttered, then sat down next to Callisto and closed her eyes. It looked weird seeing the two girls asleep sitting upright, but Rouge didn't say anything. She stared at Cream for a while as the rabbit debated in her head whether or not to go to sleep as well or cry even more. Reason and exhaustion won over and the rabbit crawled up next to Amy, laying her head in the pink hedgehog's lap. She then curled up in a little ball and soon was asleep as well.

Rouge sat down in the middle of the floor, about five feet away from the others. She laid down on her side, which was the most comfortable position for her body at the moment. She closed her eyes and her world became dark, but her mind wandered.

Please, anyone who's out there, listen to me. We need help. Please, whoever can hear me, bring help. A painful twinge in her wing made her grunt.

And fast.

"Watch out!" Eli screamed, reaching over and taking the steering wheel in his grasp. Yanking it hard to the right, he maneuvered the truck back onto the correct side of the street.

Megan slowly pulled her hands back down from her eyes. She squinted then sighed with relief when she saw they weren't dead.

Eli turned toward her, "That's it, you are no longer driving! Pull over now!"

Megan whined, "Aww, come on Eli! I was just getting the hang of it!"

"Nearly killing us by driving straight into oncoming traffic does not qualify as 'getting the hang of it!'"

She fell silent, then the blonde asked, "Well, I checked my mirrors right."

Eli closed his eyes, then looked up at the roof of the car. "Heaven help me!"

From the backseat, Shadow gritted his teeth, but he reminded himself that this was his idea. Shadow had wanted to be the one to drive, like before, but the argument about whose fault it was when the guy flipped them off had started up again. And for some reason it ended up Shadow's. But for some reason he didn't mind an awful lot. He hugged Missy closer to his body, trying to keep her warm.

But he was starting to have second thoughts when the truck went into reverse, off the road.

"Forward! Forward! Forward!" Alex screamed, pointing in the direction she so desperately wanted the car to go.

"I got it!" Megan yelled, but was smiling like an idiot. This is so cool!

"No you don't!"

Megan laughed, "YES, I DO!"


"SHUT UP!" Sonic yelled from the back. He crawled up to the front and glared at the human girls.

"Stop arguing!" he ordered. "And get us off the road! I'm driving!"

"No!" Megan whined, clutching the wheel even tighter. "Shadow said I could drive!"

"Well Shadow was wrong! Now pull over!"


Sonic growled and then turned around. "Knuckles!" he yelled.

"What?" came his response.

"Get up here and convince Megan to pull over!" Sonic disappeared and Knuckles took his place, murmuring something about how he hated that blue hedgehog.

The red echidna looked at the road and all the people on it, then looked up at Megan and asked, "Uh… Megan? Pull over. Like, now."

Megan opened her mouth to refuse, but then Alex quickly added, "Do it, and Knuckles and Rouge promise to go on a date at the place of your choice."

"What!" Knuckles demanded, his cheeks now matching his fur color. His eyes were the size of saucers. But he never got a chance to protest.

Immediately the car swung to the right and came to a screeching halt. About twenty feet away from the road, but hey, at least she didn't run over anyone.

Megan hastily took off her seat belt and jumped out of the car, slamming the door and jumping into the back. Knuckles slithered out from the front and crawled out through the broken window, looking flabbergasted.

"What?" he repeated, this time in a weaker voice.

The blonde's eyes shone with happiness, but also mischief. "Okay, tomorrow, you and Rouge at the Doux Amour and I'm thinking a black tux for you and something red for her, 'kay?"

Violet eyes stared at her with fear and confusion. It melted Megan's heart to look at them. So cute…

Suddenly the truck lurched forward, then froze. Everyone stared at each other. Then the truck jerked again and began to roll backwards. It began to pick up speed and soon was slowly rolling down the hill, but no one was driving.

"Aww shit." Megan muttered and the car took off, gravity pulling it to who knows where.

Stupid gravity.

The girls woke up the next morning around four in the morning. They had about six hours of sleep, but it didn't seem like enough, but tough. They had to get out of there before Eggman came by to 'check' on them.

"Alright," Callisto began, knowing that if they didn't get down to business Amy and Rouge would start arguing again. "First things first. We have to get out of this room. And the only exit is through that door, but as we all know it's locked. So, I thought, we could try to break down the door. All of us ramming it together should be enough, right?" The others nodded, but doubt flickered across their faces and in their eyes.

"Okay, let's do it!" The girls stood at the other side of the room and then took off toward the door at the same time.


"OWW!" they all cried in unison.

Amy was the first one back to her feet. She dusted her pink dress off then turned to Cream, reaching out a hand to help the little rabbit up.

"Well, that was stupid," she seethed. Cream nodded in agreement, holding her now bruised elbow.

Callisto pushed herself up, shaking her head, trying to get rid of the ringing sound in her ears. "Not one of my better ideas," she admitted.

Rouge stayed on the ground, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. She panted in pain, but was silent otherwise. Callisto looked down at her in concern, but a glare from the bat told her not to help.

"So how do we get out of here?" Cream whimpered, her voice getting higher into a sob.

Silence met her question. No one knew.

"Well," Eli moaned sarcastically, "ain't this just peachy. We're stuck out here in the middle of no where, with a busted up truck, nine freaks of nature, and one of them happens to be an unconscious criminal. Could this get any worse?"

Sitting on top of a big boulder, Knuckles eyed the human, "Boy, stop complaining. It won't help." He turned his purple gaze back to Tails, Shaddie Boy, and Alex, who were all working on the truck's engine. It had finally given out as the vehicle came to a halt at the end of a rather large hill. Now they were all stuck in a valley. When Eli had started the car up again to try to get them out of it, the engine had died.

Megan sat on the dusty ground, looking around the group, counting on her fingers. She turned her head toward Eli, her golden hair flashing in the sunlight. "Hey, Eli?"

He turned his head toward her, "What?"

"You said there were nine freaks of nature."

"Yeah, and?"

"There are only seven." She pointed at the Mobians as she rattled off their names. "Sonic, Shadow, Missy, Espio, Vector, Tails, and Shaddie Boy. Seven."

Eli sighed. "Megan, put Knuckles and you into the equation and you have nine."

"What did you say!" she demanded, jumping to her feet. Her small hands were clenched into fists.

Al turned around, brushing her curly locks out of her eyes. "Meg, calm down. Eli, be nice."

"I will not! Did you hear what he called Knuckles!" Megan screeched. As an after thought she added, "And don't call me Meg!"

As the humans bickered Sonic scooted closer towards Knuckles and whispered in his ear, "You must like it, having someone defending your name before her own."

The red echidna simply smiled, "Jealous?"

"Pfft! No! I was just wondering-"

Knuckles laughed, "Sure Sonic. Sure. And yeah, it's cool. It's just…"

"Kinda creepy?"

"Yeah," he nodded.

Sonic watched as Megan pulled Eli's hair and he yelped, but grabbed a handful of Megan's hair too. "I think I can understand that."

Shadow sat a few feet away, Missy leaning against his shoulder. He shook his head in dislike for the humans' stupidity, but didn't voice it. No point in getting his own quills yanked. A sudden stirring made him peer to the left. Missy's eyes fluttered open, then swung wide open. Sunlight filled them and she closed them tight, cursing.

"You're awake," the black hedgehog said in amusement.

"I can see that you moron," the two toned cat hissed. Her eyes opened once more, this time hatred sparkling in them. Missy adjusted herself so that she could get a better look at him, almost to where they were face to face. "You saved me."

There was no gratitude in her voice. It was more of an accusation. Shadow nodded. "I did."

Her yellow eyes burned his fur. "Why?" she snarled in disgust.

Shadow froze. Wasn't that the question of the year? He didn't know why, but he did.

"I wanted a rematch, and it wouldn't be rewarding fighting a dead cat." The hedgehog lied with a smirk on his features. "Just wouldn't be fair."

"Pfft! For you maybe." Excitement from a challenge replaced the hate in her eyes. "You'd need all the help you could get, if you wanna actually try to beat me."

Shadow opened his mouth to retort, but Missy flicked her tail over his mouth. "But not now. There are witnesses here."

A laugh rumbled in her throat at the angry look on Shadow's face, but couldn't help it. This was going to be fun.

"Hey!" a voice sounded. "She's awake!" Megan had released her grip on Eli's hair and ran over to the hedgehog and cat.

"Missy!" Megan squealed, almost throwing her arms around the cat and squeezing her. But common sense and the death glare she received made her stay put.

Squirming out of Shadow's grasp, Missy stood on her paws, glaring at the people who glared right back.

"What?" she demanded.

Sonic took a step forward, "Well, for one, you made us come out here to come and find you!"

Espio piped up, "And stole Megan's car."

"And wrecked it," added Shaddie Boy, his tail lashing side to side in frustration.

Knuckles growled, "And to top it all off we're stuck out here in the middle of no where, because our only source of transportation is now dead."

Missy shrugged her shoulders, "Not my fault."

"EXCUSE ME?" Megan screeched. Her fingers tightened, until they became a fist. "You stole our car. It is most definitely your fault."

The cat simply grinned, "Did I ask you to come after me? Did I ask you to take that old heap of junk? Is it my fault you had bought a car and left the keys in the ignition? Is it my fault I suddenly have the power to open doors with my new thumbs? No, it's not." She wiggled her thumbs to indicate her point.

"But, you, I, no, …Crap." Megan hung her head, wishing she had taken debate class.

"You might not have asked us to follow you, but your actions in taking the car led us to having the need of getting it back." Megan looked up gratefully at Shadow. He obviously took debate.

Missy shuffled her paws; "It's not my fault I was curious…"

"Curiosity killed the cat," Shadow recited the old saying, his eyes narrowing as if to imply something.

Hissing, Missy extended her long, hooked claws. "I resent that comment," she replied, her words tipped with venom.

"And we all 'resent' you, but we deal with it," Knuckles barked back, his patience wearing thin. Missy drew back her lips to reveal her fangs, giving her the full 'vampire' look.

Eli rubbed his still sore head. "Hey, can we argue about this later? Let's get this hunk of junk working so we can get back home. God knows what Maddie and Charmy have done to the place."

"EEP!" Megan squeaked and ran over, grabbing Tails and Shaddie Boy by the wrist and dragged them to the automobile. "Fix it!" she pleaded, releasing the two from her grip.

"But we need a jump start to get the engine going again, Megan," Tails told her slowly, afraid she would unleash all of her anger on him if he refused.

"Fix it!" Megan stated again, this time getting down on her hands and knees. "Anyway possible, please, fix it!"

Shaddie Boy and Tails stared at each other. The fox shrugged his shoulders, his eyes rolling at the over dramatic display. Shadow kept a straight face, but his tail was twitching in amusement. It wasn't everyday you were compared to a genius. But Megan was blonde so…

"We'll try, but it could take a wh-" Tails was cut off by the arms that wrapped around him.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Megan shouted. She squeezed the fox boy and looked over at her best friend. She laughed at the bitter look on Alex's face and set Tails down.

"Calm down, Al. He's all yours. Besides, mine is over there." She pointed her finger at Knuckles, who crossed his arms.

"Don't you even thin-"

He too was cut off by Megan's arms wrapping around him, but gasped as she tried to squeeze the life out of him. "You're just SO CUTE!"

The echidna's face grew hot as Sonic laughed and Shadow smirked at him. Talk about a blow to the ego. Someone scooping you up and talking to you like a newborn baby, squealing how adorable you were.

Alex had to laugh too, but she felt a hand tug at the end of her pant leg. She looked down and saw her black cat.

His amber eyes were smiling, "Tails is all done. He just had to connect one pipe to a bolt, or a bolt to a pipe. I couldn't really catch what he was talking about, but he said we can go now."

"Wow, that was quick."

"He's a genius, what did you expect?"

Dr. Eggman chuckled as he walked down the hall. He had gotten very lucky, yes very lucky. Grinning at the shining rock in his hands he began to laugh even harder. He held the silver Chaos Emerald with a tight grip, as if it would slip out of his huge, pudgy hand. If it and the other five he had didn't bring Sonic running, then his friends would.

The man approached a robot guarding a closed off door, it's red 'eyes' blinking in question.

"Muerte," he spoke, his glasses glistening.

"Password confirmed. You are Eggman." The robot made a series of clicks and beeps, when suddenly the door slide open. Eggman stepped inside the room, the door automatically shutting behind him with a clash of steel against concrete.

The doctor strode into the middle of the dark room, where a single lamp was turned on, shining over a medical table. His footsteps echoed in the darkness. Dr. Eggman laughed under his breath, creating a rather husky sound. The Chaos Emerald in his hand began to glow and shimmer even more as it was drawn near the 'sleeping' creature on the table.

"Well, my dear," he sneered. "It seems you have something I need. And since you can not simply give it to me, I'm afraid the doctor is going to have to operate."

Since she was unconscious she could not reply, but if Maddie had been awake, she would have hissed and wrapped her paws around her stomach where a Chaos Emerald was hidden.

Maddie had swallowed a Chaos Emerald. And Dr. Eggman was going to take it back.

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