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I never thought that I would get from there. Why did it take me so long? Why did they trust me to be able to stay in that cell, and not make my escape? Fools, I thought, but the thought also came across that they wanted me to leave. Something must have been very important. They must have found things out, and knew that I could not up and leave.

At least… not without my Kitten.

He looked so peaceful there, head against my shoulder, sleeping the entire escape away. I found it rather funny, actually, considering all the noise that was going on around us, guns firing, roars from what I called my followers, and screams from the victims of our assault, and some of our own, more human companions. It was a surprise we had so little resistance. For a place holding so many chimera, and a homunculus, you would have thought them to have a bit better security, something to bind me, weaken me so I could not get away…

It made me wonder if their plan wasn't to do that to begin with. Their tools for war, I heard them say. I wasn't anyone's /tool/, dammit, I had my own life, and I would refuse to do what some moron in a lab coat told me to do.

It was damn cold outside though. Didn't those bastards know that? There was… white stuff on the ground. Snow, that's what they called it. What the hell did they expect us to do in the /snow/? That could have been another reason, the reptile chimera, and those without fur probably wouldn't survive for long with our current situation. We had no shelter, we had no place to go.

Kitten clung tighter, giving a whine in my ear, nuzzling close. Thin prison garb did not provide much for protection, and I noticed the slowly bleeding wound. He really had cut himself deep. Damn idiot, should have just let me break the lock. Forget alchemy, mine had been easy to dismantle. The others too, why did he insist on it?

Stubborn human, no doubt. "It'll be fine…" I muttered, nodding to the others to open the warehouse door. It would have to do until I could find a better place to hide us in. The place was a mess, but there were papers to start a nice fire, those that had not been leaked on, anyway, along with some dry leaves that must have floated in during the fall. I could deal with it all for the moment, and Kitten and the others would just have to deal. I wasn't all that excited to leave them there, but I had to do something. Even with the roaring fire, they wouldn't last.

"I have to go."

"But sir!" Interrupted the young man, one of the few that looked human. It was obvious by the way he took the jumps back there that he wasn't, but it was nice to know that not all had been torn apart… Heh, listen to me, talking about how I feel sorry for these fools. I didn't care…

"If I don't go, the lot of you die. Did we best those military idiots just to do that?"

He stepped back, and I had to smirk at the sudden respect that they surrendered. It was great, I had to say. They were so eager to please. "I understand, but…"

"But nothing. You, with the fur coat, take care of Kitten. I'll be back in a few hours with some blankets and maybe heavier clothes. Just sit tight and wait till I get back. If I'm not here by sunrise, you're on your own."

The others made small noises of protest, but to be fairly honest, I didn't care. Something pulled me away, not to save myself, but every time I felt the man in my arms shake or shiver, every time he gave a whimper. I had to protect him, wasn't that what I resolved?

The strange white furred creature, hell, I had no idea what half of them were settled down by the fire, while I settled him next to it, a long, rather fluffy tail coming around as a mediocre cover to protect him. He curled, leaning into the fur for warmth, no longer noticing he had been away from me. Good. If something did happen, at least he wasn't so attached that I would /have/ to come back.

The creature serving as his caretaker lowered its head, licking at the wrists that were slowly healing, washing the blood away. At least if I didn't, they would care for each other. They had no one to accept them, no one but each other. I knew it would work out. Of course, it was /my/ idea.

With a wave to them, I left the actually growing warmth of the warehouse, due to the fire, and left, in search of a bit more fashionable thing then /prison garb/…


You told me not to worry. You said everything would be fine, Maes. What the hell were you leaving me out on? You would call, brag about Elysia, tell me the rumors of my triumphant return to Central, but not once did you tell me significant information. I'm in East City. What can I do from this backwater town? There was nothing I could do. I wanted to strangle you sometimes…but I sometimes thought that wouldn't be fair, considering all the things I left you out on. Ah, well, then again, I wasn't ready to accept my loss yet. Ah, hell, there were plenty of things I hid from you. Now was no longer the time for that. I just hope that everything is all right…one thing out of place, and I'm leaving my post, straight for Central.


Malcom glanced between them, fear being overridden by dedication. Pitiful, certainly, but it was about the only thing that kept him standing at the moment. The only problem was, he couldn't get around them to get to his place to get away from them, and had no means to call for help. No matter how long he tried, he couldn't get it through his head that he needed to scream. Maes was right there. Just fifty or so feet away! They wouldn't be able to handle him…or so he wanted to think. The thought also crossed his mind that they /wanted/ him to cry out for help, lure Maes out there, leaving Royce inside where they could easily grab him.

Who was to say they were even after the kid? He couldn't say he knew much about his life, maybe he was the one they were after or…maybe they had come to kill Hughes. Why didn't this stuff just go away? Other emotions seemed to override fear again. Annoyance, protectiveness, great dislike for anything in blue at the moment. What could a young man do? Not even a teenager yet…he couldn't do anymore than throw the bags at them and make a run for it.

Offering a small grin, Malcom shoved the bags forward and dived towards the stairs. It probably wasn't the smartest idea, since the man did have three others for back up, but that thought hadn't occurred until he scrambled up the walk, concern for his own safety returning. They sure were persistent bastards; he had to give them that. Of course, they weren't the stupid fools he thought they were, either. A single shot was fired, all sound leaving the world around him.


The luncheon after the funeral, I suppose you could call it a memorial service, really, was held at Glacier's house. She spoke like a brave woman, but I could see how torn apart she was, and little Elysia…she still didn't understand why we left you there.

I, myself, was asking the same question, why you weren't here with us. Why weren't these people crying over the funny memories from laughing so hard? Why were we dressed like this? It's all your fault of course. You did this to these people…

Glacier showed something to me. The photo album. Our secret photo album. There were pictures in there that I hadn't even known about. Damn…I couldn't believe how embarrassed I was when she showed it to me. She said you showed her all the pictures, and told her what happened. The moments it was just you and I with Elysia while she was out with her friends or to her parents…she said that Elysia had once told her that I'd make a great mommy. I knew it had been something you told her, it had to be, but it was still not funny.

"I knew how he was, how he felt. If it had to be anyone, I was glad it was you. Don't be afraid to come by, Elysia and I appreciate you being here."

You found yourself a good woman, and now, I guess it's my turn. There's only one that I would ever consider to be in that place, and I'm not ready for that step yet. She'd probably kill me if I ever even made a slight move towards her. Ass…you owe me…those damn pictures will haunt me forever!


Maes grinned, looking into the fridge. Perhaps there was still a bit of left over milk in there for the little one that he hadn't finished. There had to be something out there for him. He didn't have teeth, so it couldn't be something to chew. Orange juice wouldn't settle with him, and water wasn't filling. Besides, he couldn't get Royce anywhere near water. He already had the irrational fear of the liquid.

Royce lifted his head, which fell back against his father's hand, grunting, still indicating that he was hungry. Unfortunately, Maes couldn't find anything for him. Not a drop of milk in the house. Maybe oatmeal? He could swallow it, though he probably wouldn't like it, it would fill his stomach.

He lifted the baby's head, pushing it back to his chest so he would be a bit more comfortable, using his leg to push him back up into a better hold while he rummaged through the cupboards for anything that he'd be able to feed the small one without having to mush it up. Damn, babies were such pains. He had no idea what he could feed him. Butter. Maybe that would work? Roy liked to eat butter, and he had told Maes that it helped prevent hairballs. That was good, right?

Royce wasn't happy with the wait, obviously. He'd been sitting there patiently for quite some time, and there still was nothing in his mouth. So, his attention returned to his natural instincts, the one that both his kitten and his baby senses told him to follow, searching for the damn nipple with milk. Where the hell did this guy keep it? His mouth found the wet spot and the taut nub again, a content purr finding its way, forward, though, really, it sounded more like a rattle. Apparently he hadn't gotten the hang of it yet, but it was still cute. His eyes closed, no longer worried about the wet barrier between his mouth and his target, more focused on the content feeling he had and the urge to fall asleep.

Maes shivered again, stopping his search to pull Royce's head away. "Nyaaaah…you're not going to get anything out of that." Roy had been the same way whenever he started that. He made himself so content, he almost fell asleep. It was so cute, but very frustrating at the same time, especially when he had started something, and planned on leaving Maes to his own devices. A quick hand running over his stomach, though, woke him up. "You can't do that, there's nothing there." He hated that look of pre-tears on his face. That little pout. He looked so dejected, being denied access. He gave a small sigh, sitting down in a chair, running his fingers through the soft locks on his son's head. "You're a brat."

Royce wouldn't be happy, being denied such treasure. Dammit, he wanted food, and the only thing that looked promising was the dusky nub beneath the moistened cloth from his sucking. He simply glared, as if trying to will Hughes to come to him so he would have his source for contentment and possibly food back.

That all changed when the gunshot rang out, the boy immediately screaming, ears falling back into the smooth tresses upon his head. The strange sound that rumbled in him, though not quite a purr faded quickly, his frightened cries replacing all sounds in the area. Maes pulled him close, though not even that seemed to calm him any. Refusing to leave him there, screeching in terror, a sound that wasn't foreign to his ears, but in this instance, it didn't bring him joy.

Throwing the door open, shielding little Royce with his arms and muffling his cries, he glared around, searching for the source. He was /not/ going to be happy. Bastards…going around, firing guns as if they were toys. It was so close too, as if it was right outside…


Damn Hughes, you wouldn't believe the luck I had this morning. I spent the entire night camped outside your house. Don't even ask me why, I just was there. And there was nothing to indicate that anyone was even home, not until Glacier knocked on the window where Hawkeye and I had fallen asleep. I was feeling rather stupid then, but she smiled, gave us some breakfast, and proceeded with her morning routine. That meant I was running late for work, and Hawkeye as well. That meant double time on paperwork.

Of course, then I had to miss a date. Cynthia wasn't happy. And Ed's request for reimbursement. What the hell was wrong with that kid? You should have seen the absurd list of things…And you told me he was an adult in a kid's body…that's just as absurd. Sometimes I still wonder what I'm doing in this seat. Then I look to my subordinates…and I know why. For the chance to see Hawkeye in a mini-skirt! And, of course, my chance to right the wrongs…but that'll come later. Well, it's about time I passed out.


The door being thrown open didn't help the men who were trying to restrain a boy. The youth was putting up more of a fight than the four men who were sitting on him. Two of the four looked up, Malcom's struggles pausing to look up at Hughes who stared on in confusion. It was quickly fading however, to be replaced with anger, teeth grinding together, and his hold on Royce tightening. The small child's cries had subsided, fingers curling around the fabric and holding on as tightly as possible with frail claws. He didn't know what was going on, and the boost in anger that could be smelled with his increased animalistic senses only made him more curious, and frightened. If he could get away from Maes, he probably would have.

"S-sir!" Malcom cried, trying to claw his way from those positioned on him. Maes took a step forward to help, however the gun of the man closest to him fired, scrapping the pavement at Maes' feet. Usually, being shot at didn't bother him. And it didn't. But…there was a problem. A screaming Royce, clinging to him, the loud sound even closer than the last one, the sense of fear now coming to the air.

"Damn it! Human bastards, I'm not someone you want to piss off!" Maes growled. That look in Malcom's eye…that frightened but determined look had been one he had seen before. He didn't recall that look on his Kitten's face. It was a face before then, a face that was faint. Shaking his head of the image, he moved to grab the man by his head. No way in hell would he be upstaged by a human.

The men opened fire, Maes having to turn, shielding Royce with his body, the cries of the baby the only thing being heard, mixed in with the shots that rang out. A homunculus could take a lot more than a hailstorm of bullets, but Royce was just a baby and human, for the most part, at that. He wouldn't take those shots. But Malcom…an older version, more human than the one in his arms…He couldn't simply /leave/ him in that situation.

When the bullets stopped, Maes lifted himself, still shielding the shaking infant, ignoring his cries for the moment and looking for Malcom and the attackers. The screeching tires blocked out the sounds of the neighbors, frightened by the commotion, staring at the 'inhuman' man that they had always suspected since he and his freak of a boyfriend moved in those years ago. To them, Maes was an even bigger freak than Roy had been. Unnatural…

"Damn it!" His wounds had taken little time to clear up, the blood that had come from those few bullets that had made it through his flesh and muscle, dripped to the ground and the little one that laid on the ground. This wasn't simply about Roy, or Royce or even him anymore. This was so much more than that, and damn the people who got in his way. No one shot at him and got away with it. There would be hell to pay. And, of course, there were those that threatened Malcom and Royce, he wouldn't forget about that.

"Shh…" He murmured, taking Royce back up in his arms, glaring in the direction the car had left. His entire form shook with anger and the rush. If they were coming for him, why didn't they bring anything to fight /him/ in particular with, instead of weak little guns? Because they wanted to see him squirm…He didn't squirm for anyone. He couldn't do this, not with Royce. He couldn't take care of a child. It wasn't in him. The thought had crossed his mind…it was time he gave him up…


I was asked to look into a laboratory. They told me to aid in their research, and then report to them my findings. Word was that there was a promotion in on it. Of course I jumped on the chance. A promotion? And the chance to help some research to better mankind? Who wouldn't jump on the chance to do it?

I suppose I'm a bit nervous about it…who wouldn't be, considering all the hell that we had to go through? I looked forward to it, sure, but…I could only speculate on what could be behind those iron doors. Furthering their research was helpful, I could get things from it, but…something in my gut tells me not to go. You always followed your gut feeling, I suppose I should with mine then as well? Perhaps I'll call in sick tomorrow…


The room was dark, the floor cold, concrete, very dirty. Rocks that must have fallen from their places in the ceiling and walls scattered on the floor with no signs of where they had come from, a deep midnight blue in color. The only light came in from the windows along one wall that were high up, a few inches from the ceiling, moonlight shining through, to be exact, considering the dark blue sky that met his gaze when he looked out of them.

'What happened?' His mind asked the question his mouth could not. His head was pounding, they must have hit him pretty hard. The gun shots still rang in his ears, as if he was still hearing them. Maes…took those bullets like it was nothing. What had happened to him? And Royce? For now…he had to worry about himself. There was no indication as to where he was, or what he was even doing there.

Malcom sat up, running a hand over his sweating brow. For such a cold floor, he sure was warm. A small sigh left him. How could he let himself be /caught/ like that? There was no reason for it. There was plenty more he could do to fight it. For instance…not getting distracted when Maes came out would have been rather helpful.

"Ah…you're awake."

Malcom's eyes shot around the room. He knew that voice! But…what was he doing here? He couldn't believe it. There was no way that it was him. It couldn't be. Not only that, it was too cold. Too cruel. He didn't recognize the tone. The voice may have been his, but not that tone.

"Good." He could hear the amusement in his voice. That amusement certainly did not calm his fears any. It only made him wonder what was in store now. What could this be about? Fear returned. He was a kid. What did these people want from him?

"What…what is it you want with me?!" He finally demanded. It took a lot to make his voice work, but it paid off. The response, however, wasn't something that he had expected.

A cold laugh, followed by the sound of metal clinking against metal. "Oh, just a little experiment on our new weapon. Let's test it now, actually. I'm quite eager to see if it works." A shape, a shadow, more like it, kneeled down next to something, a gleam catching the moonlight on his glasses as his gaze turned to whatever he was next to. "Wake up…" He muttered, an almost gentle tone coming from him, though it was still that shivering cool that could be heard by even human ears.

Two, glowing lights, what he presumed to be eyes (since the man had told it to awaken) opened, glaring straight ahead, straight at their prisoner. A growling sound filled the room, screeching followed with it, almost as if someone was scratching their nails against a chalk board…

"Ah, my beautiful Kitten. Look at that one there. He's come to hurt us. He's got a piece of me with him, I can't get near him. He wants to take me away from you." Malcom immediately recoiled, pressing himself against the wall. He was telling this thing to attack him…and he had no way to defend himself…he knew /some/ alchemy, but not enough to do anything with. A monstrous roar replaced the growling, something, whatever it was inside the cage, he decided, rammed the bars or the wall. Whatever was keeping it inside. What…what was going on?

"You'll protect me, won't you Kitten?" Another roar, this time much more like a reply, the growling returning. The eyes remained, though now it was pacing, Malcom figured because of the back and forth movements that its eyes had made. Whatever this 'Kitten' was, it was certainly not human.

Before Malcom could react, the door opened, and the beast lunged out, racing towards him. Malcom did the only thing he could do…he screamed.

I had waken up…I would say it was about midday, the way that the sun was positioned in the sky, but I couldn't stand the pacing, and the mutters. Where was Maes? Or Greed? Or whatever the hell he wanted to be called? Why did he just up and leave without a word to me? Sure, I was sleeping, but he should have woken me up before he left, especially if there was a possibility that he could die, or just not return…

I shivered, cuddling closer to the bear on instinct, listening to his stomach grumble. That wasn't good on any of our parts, but so far, no one had tried to take a bite out of anyone, unless it was the one who died this morning, but it was something we had to do, in order to survive. Finding food was not easy, especially in the winter. Despite our animal characteristics, or human, or conflicting tastes in food for some, got in the way. It wasn't as easy as they thought to just jump out there for a meal. Carnivores mixed with herbivores, humans mixed with animal, hell, some just couldn't stand the tastes of another, not that they were different types of food eaters.

It was a disaster from the beginning. None of us knew where to go from here. I was told, shortly after I had awaken, that Maes told us all to split if he had not returned by sunrise. He didn't allow himself all that much time. If he ran into trouble and had to hide until the heat was off, he should have realized it would have taken a bit more than a few hours.

"It'll be fine, Kitten, Greed'll be back in no time." The young male standing off to the side muttered, offering a small grin. He was standing watch at the door, since none of us refused to leave without him. We needed him to survive, it seemed, not because we had to rely on him, but his companionship was… he saved us, we needed him, so how could that bastard expect us to go?

I said nothing. I couldn't. My throat was dry, obscured with the looming possibility that Maes was not coming back, that we were all waiting for the military to find us, and our numbers were dwindling, relying off of those who had fallen for food. I shuddered again, inching closer to the fire.

It was then that Maes returned, just before nightfall, sitting around the fire that was dwindling, all those cold-blooded having been unable to last. The heat wasn't sufficient enough for their massive sizes…

"Maes…!" Of course I was the first up, despite the cold within my body, how it ached with each movement I made, but the others were happy to see him as well. Our leader had returned to us, despite how upset he seemed to be that we were here.

He found a coat, actually, tossing uniforms to those who seemed to have the human body for it, and coats to the beasts. "Idiots. Told you to run."

"How could you expect us to?! Where would we go? You never did think things through." I snapped, fighting out of my clothing, ready to shred it in my frustrations. I had never tried to get dressed, or undressed, for that matter.

"Shut up, Kitten." He muttered, crossing the distance, and blocking the others from view with a slight snarl, a faint tinge rising to my cheeks as he helped me into clothes that I found so familiar, but faint, clothing I remembered, but could not place.

He blinked, tilting his head as he gazed at me, earning a small laugh. "What?"

"You're getting sick, or something. Your face." He raised a hand to touch me, and I turned an even deeper red.

"Dammit, Maes, come on. I'm still cold, and hungry…"

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