ron sometimes cannot help staring at

the constrast between his skin and hermione's: hers white & pale and full of something he cannot help

but love wholly fully completely , jaw open with his eyes set on the jut of her collarbone

because then

the deep full beat of her heart

under his hands & in his mouth begins to race

and his skin is ashy and freckled and slightly yellow; her mouth leaves funny marks

he stares at in the mirror , wondering at the delicate way they sting like a patchwork of anemone

there are

rosettes & pinwheels and all sorts of things prickling on the back of his eyelids

as they laugh together eyes squeezed tightly shut. sometimes ron thinks he sees them

even afterward, when hermione leaves and he lies awake thinking

about the things she has said.

someday i will find a way to set you free like the girls in your storybooks

so that love is more than war in the end

& maybe i can stop the green spell with my hands