A Gaara Love Story

One cold day a girl sat just outside the Ninja Academe sitting under a cherry blossom reading her book. This girl was from the snowy region. She had been unwelcome from every town so her once loving heart had turned into ice. She had waist length silver hair that ended in purple tips. Her eyes were icy blue and her skin pale. She turned a page in her book.

Above, in the trees was a Gaara of the sand. He stared at the girl. Then she stood up. Hair swinging at her hips she walked slowly tword the school. Then he heard his sister yelling. O god im late. He remembered: he had to get to the academe.

"Gaara! GAARA! Come on were gonna be late!" Finally she located him. They both rushed off to the academe. Once inside they sat down. Waiting for their sensie. There were about 14 people in the class. Gaara and Tamari sat and waited. Soon a sensie walked in.

"Good morning"he said. "Today we are getting a new student. While we wait for her to arrive please sit and talk quietly" of course when the man turned his back the student started talking loudly. 'Will they ever learn' thought the sensi.

Meanwhile, the girl that Gaara had met earlier walked up to the front desk at the school.( Look in my story they have a front desk so DEAL WITH IT!) The woman looked up.

" May I help you?"

" I'm new here" said the girl.

" And your name?"

" Tundra." said the girl.

" Well Tundra go to room 301 and you will await your placement." said the woman. Tundra walked too room 301. She walked in. The once loud room had become silent. The sensi turned and smiled. "Welcome you must be our new student." She nodded. "Well sit down." She took a seat in the far back. " By the way what is you name?"

"Tundra." she noted all the people looking at her.

" Well Tundra, it says on your application (yes there is an application in my world.) That you've done quite a few missions. A missions?" His eyebrows raised "But I still need to test you on what you already know." she nodded.

" Ooooo Can I watch?" said a blond boy in the first row. He looked annoying she thought.

" Well that is up too Tundra. Do you care?"

" No." she smirked.

" Well then everyone come outside, you can see how good she is." The class ran out side and seated themselfs on a low stone wall. There was a good sized garden for practicing. This is where Tundra would be tested.

" Alright. Now Tundra, im gonna blind fold you. You must fight anything I throw at you, without weapons. You may use your surroundings though."

"Fine." she smirked again.