Chapter Nine: The fatal test

Norman paced around his office, it was midnight. He had lost track of time, he was so excited!

'If the X drug gave him super-powers… It could do the same for me!' He thought.

Otto had gone home two hours ago. He was not as excited as Norman was.

"There's only one thing to do!" Norman exclaimed.

"I'll test the X drug on myself!"

But a voice in his head told him that the results could be disastrous! In the end he should have listened to that small voice, because it could have stopped the accident from happening.

--The next day--

Norman strapped himself in the chair in the tiny capsule.

Otto stood outside the capsule with eight other scientists.

"Are you sure about this Norman?" He asked.

"YES! I've never been surer about anything in my life! Now start the experiment!" Norman yelled.

"But, Norman, why test it on yourself! I mean… we have dozens of testers at our disposal…" Otto started.


Otto was a little shocked by being yelled at by Norman, but nonetheless he strapped himself in the mechanical arms and he started the experiment.

But once it was complete he noticed that Norman's life was quickly fading!

" NORMAN!" Otto cried.

Otto tried to open the capsule but the door was jammed! Norman was twitching like he was having a heart attack! Otto had no choice but to smash the glass with his arms and then green gas filled the room.

Otto started coughing violently. He desperately tried to get Norman out of the chair but he passed out.

--A week later--

Norman awoke in the hospital bed in a daze. Harry was at his bedside.

"Harry… what happened…?" Norman asked weakly.

"It's okay dad… your okay…" Harry said.

"But what happened?" Norman asked.

"You were in an accident Dad, but your okay…" Harry said.

Norman suddenly remembered what happened.

"What about Otto?"

"I don't know, dad, I haven't seen him anywhere! But I did ask a nurse and she said: 'I'm not sure but I expect that he is dead'" Harry said. Norman looked away from Harry, "Otto…"

They where both silent for a while

"Hello Norman" a crackly voice said.

"What?" asked Norman.


"Harry did you say something?" Norman asked.


"How are you feeling?" the voice said again.

"What!?" Norman said his voice getting a little frustrated.

"What's wrong Dad?" Harry asked.

"Harry! Did you hear that voice?" Norman asked.

"Uh, No ones hear but us…" Harry said in a worried tone.

Norman looked away from Harry, 'what's happening too me!?'


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