The 'Moment'

By Heather Hinam

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to CSI New York, just the thoughts in my head.

Rating: T, for vague innuendo.

Summary: def: period of importance, influence, or significance (or what happens when you get Danny and Lindsay in a room together)

Spoilers: None, though it takes place after the end of the second season

Author's Notes: This is a long way from my previous works Catharsis and Solace (there is a third one coming eventually). I'm trying my hand at comedy with this one. This whole vignette stems from an actual conversation I had with a friend of mine that we then realized would make for a good story and Danny seemed like the right character for the job. What started as a single vignette has turned into a multiple chapter piece so I'll post them as I go along. I hope it makes you chuckle.

A big thanks as always to my dear friend Joy. Thank you for being the Toby to my Sam.

Chapter 1 – The Moment

Donald Flack glanced up from his crossword as a visibly shaken Danny wandered into the break room and made a beeline for the coffee pot.

"Everything alright, Messer?"

Danny looked up from his steaming mug, only now realizing that he wasn't alone.

"What? Oh, yeah, everythin's fine."

One didn't need to be a CSI to be able to discern that everything wasn't fine, but Flack wasn't about to push. If Danny wanted to talk, he would. Taking a sip from his own coffee, Don returned his attention to his crossword puzzle. Nine letter word for small letters…lowercase.

As Don continued to fill in the little boxes, Danny flopped gracelessly into the chair across from him.

"I think Montana an' I just had a moment."

Flack dragged his eyes back up from the book and gazed bemusedly at his coworker.

"A what?"

Danny leaned in closer and dropped his voice slightly, as though about to discuss a matter of national security.

"Y'know, a moment."

Don's lips twitched with the beginnings of a smirk. This was going to be fun.

"A moment?"

Danny's brows furrowed with frustration.

"Yeah, y'know, a moment, moment."

Flack's blue eyes twinkled with barely suppressed merriment. Yep, he was definitely having fun with this. He had a pretty good idea what his coworker was talking about. On his way into the break room, Don had noticed Danny and Lindsay 'Montana' Monroe hunched over a tiny piece of evidence. You could hardly have slipped a piece of paper between them. Since Lindsay had joined the team about a year ago, everyone had noticed the tension building between the two young CSIs. Don was just waiting for it to snap and if Danny's current demeanor was any indication, maybe it just had. Still, Don had no intention of letting his buddy off the hook.

Dropping his crossword puzzle to the table, Flack leaned back in his chair, pretending to ponder a bit before answering.

"Oh, a moment." Eyes bright with amusement, he continued, "Just what kind of moment we talkin' here?"

Danny's eyes softened from aggravated to downright starry.

"Oh man," he whispered almost reverently. "It was a moment with a capital 'M'."

Don smiled serenely and nodded in feigned understanding as he brought his cooling coffee to his lips.

Then, out of nowhere…

"Maybe even a capital 'O'."

Don sputtered, trying desperately to keep from spilling his coffee down his shirt. His smirk was back in full force.

"Whoa there, Messer! I don't need to know the details! Should I knock before openin' any supply closets from now on?"

The look of abject horror on Danny's face was the final straw that broke through Flack's façade and he laughed outright. Danny looked like an indignant fish, as his mouth worked, trying to put a voice to his ire.


Still laughing, Don finally decided to put his friend out of his misery.

"Look man, I was only kidding, though I really wish you could see your face right now."

Danny only scowled in return, so Flack continued.

"I know you two aren't like that, but your reaction makes me wonder, why the hell not?"

Danny's answer was reflexive.

"We work together."

Don chuckled. "So what? It's not like you're her boss or anything and this 'thing', or whatever it is between the two of you, is driving the rest of us crazy."

Danny's eyes again widened in terror.

"We don't have a thing."

Don was quick to respond. "But you just told me you guys just had a moment."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we have a thing."

Amusement was quickly turning into aggravation and Flack was getting tired of trying to open his friend's eyes.

"Oh, forget it! Would you just ask her out already!"

Visibly uncomfortable with the direction the conversation had taken, Danny downed the last of his coffee before muttering. "I need to get back to work."

Rising from his chair, Danny made a hasty exit from the break room, nearly running over fellow CSI, Stella Bonasera, on the way out.

Don couldn't resist one last push and called out to his friend's retreating back. "For the record, you two do have a thing!"

Stella's eyes followed Danny as he disappeared around the hallway corner before she stepped fully into the break room. Turning to Flack, she asked.

"Who has a thing?"

Don smiled slyly. Inclining his head towards the door, he answered. "He and Monroe."

Stella smiled serenely.

"Yes, yes they do." Turning to again face the doorway, she continued, "He just figuring that out?"

Don's smile spread into a full grin.

"Yeah, I think he is."