A/N: I came up with this in study hall the other day. It's not that great but what else was I supposed to do for the hour I was stuck there. Anyway it's from Sasuke's pov and trust me when I say that makes it a little weird. I'm not that great at writing first person. But ya Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think at the end.

"Sasuke wait up!"

Here we go again.

"Do you want to go do something together?"

You think that damn girl would figure out I'm never going to say yes. Don't get me wrong, Sakura's beautiful but she doesn't fit into the circle that's my life right now.


"Hey Sakura, I'll do something with you."

"The invitation wasn't to you Naruto."

Rolling my eyes I started the walk to my house. They were to busy arguing to notice but what else is new? As I walk the streets of Kohona I think about what's wating for me at home. Or rather who. Her name's Jetta, which means black gem. And she is most definitely a gem. I mean how many other guys have a girl that loves them no matter what or greats them with a kiss if they so much as walk into the same room.

None I know of. Not only that but she always has time for me and never asks me to do anything I don't want to do.


As Sakura would put it here comes a pig. Now I could just keep walking but she'd probably follow me and Jetta doesn't like people she doesn't know and I don't want her knowing Ino and vice versa. So, to keep things simple I stop.

"Hey Sasuke, how about we go get dinner or something."

I'll give Sakura this; she's a lot more subtle.

"No" I told her.

Turning I continued my walk home, this time at a faster pace. Jetta's probably hungry and I'm the one who make's dinner in the house, not that she could. I'm soon digging through my pockets for my keys. Finding them I pull them out and unlock the door. Opening it I step in.

"Jetta I'm home."

There's the sound of someone getting off the couch. Heading towards the leaving room she meets me half way. What I could only guess as a smile is on her face as she jumps up and tries to lick my face. Laughing, yes I laugh; I get down on my knees and hug her around the neck.

"Ya I missed you too girl. Now how about some dinner. Then maybe we can go for a walk. Sound good?"

She lets out a bark and wags her tail. Smiling, I stand back up and head to the kitchen, my gem at my heels.

Well what do you think? I've always kind of seen Sasuke as a dog person and so I guess that's how I came up with the idea in the first place. Well I hope you liked and don't forget to push the purple button at the bottom of the screen.

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