Title: For His Pleasure

Author: Olga LaLa

Rating: PG:13...will get higher eventually!

Summery: This is another Veela!Draco and Mate!Hermione fic but with a different twist.

For His Pleasure

Lucius Malfoy flew out of his office and ascended the handsome stairs, two at a time, at the Malfoy Manor. This had been the third time this week that he was forced to leave sanctuary of his office at the Ministry of Magic to floo directly to his mansion. Cane in hand, Lucius briskly walked almost to the end of the soft-carpeted hallway on the second floor on the north wing of the manor. Penny, their family house elf, was still shivering just outside the door of his son's chambers. Seeing the elf's eyes widen in pure terror, Lucius felt his heart escalate a few bits, not knowing whether it was the usual reaction in seeing her master or because of the situation at hand.

"Have there been any changes?" Lucius asked calmly.

"I'm afraid not for the better, my lord." Penny trembled. "It has been anything but."

"But I don't hear anything," he said, looking at the mahogany door and referring to the usual moans coming from the room.

"It's because of the milady, my lord." Penny explained. "Family portraits as well as other elves were getting a bit distressed by the screams, so Milady Narcissa had no choice but to put a silencing charm on the room as well as the whole second floor."

Lucius looked about the portraits that were doing what they were pained to do and then back at his elf. "Screams?" He asked incredulous. "Draco was screaming?"

"He is screaming now, my lord." She answered with a little sob. "In terrible pain."

"And my wife?" Although knowing the answer, he still asked…anything to prolong the time to enter his son's chambers. He didn't want to look at his son when he was in such a state. Lucius feared he could break down.

"Milady, the Potion Master and Healer Davis have been with the young lord since noon, from the moment he began screaming in pain, my lord."

Lucius fetched his elegant, gold pocket watch to look at the time, which read two-forty in the afternoon. Draco had to be screaming for nearly three hours now. Taking another calming breath, Lucius deposited the pocket watch back into the side of his pocket and without another word to Penny, opened the door.

His face displaced almost no reaction at the hellish screams greeting him as he entered the chambers of his one and only son and successor.

"Oh, Lucius…" Narcissa breathed a sigh of relief as she picked up the train of her ruby-red medieval gown and walked a short distance to her husband and lunged herself into his strong arms.

"My love," Lucius said in return, although he was sure that she barely heard his declaration over the screeches coming from their son. Still holding his wife's petite body in his arms, Lucius looked around the room.

Although it was the middle of the sunny summer day, Draco's room was dark as the nights of the frigid winter. The heavy emerald curtains were draped over the tall windows on each side of the room. And Lucius was sure that the windows were closed behind the curtains as well, due to the heavy sweaty odor in the room. Only a few floating candles around the room illuminated Professor Severus Snape and Healer Joshua Davis who were standing on each side of the four-poster bed. Draco was in the middle of the bed under many layers of blankets. His silvery eyes were wide open and his flash was on fire but he did not seem to be awake.

"What is the mater with my son, Joshua?" Lucius asked the wizard who served the Malfoy family as a healer, over yet another howl. The short, round wizard was well beyond one hundred and ten years of age, but did not look a day over seventy. Joshua Davis had been in services of the Malfoy family for over eighty years, so naturally Lucius Malfoy respected and trusted the one of the few wizards who knew his family so intimately.

Walking up to the Lord of the Manor and his elegant wife, Healer Davis regretfully informed, "I am afraid, that I don't know the answer to that myself, dear boy." Shaking his gray head, the healer continued. "I received the blood result that I collected from Draco on our first encounter a few day ago and I must say that his results weren't at all what I expected them to be."

"I pray you would elaborate, sir." Lucius said highly, still stroking Narcissa's blonde tresses, calming her down. "What did you expect to find in the first place?"

"I…" Yet another scream interrupted the healer. "…Was expecting to find some slight blood abnormalities, such as deoxygenated red blood cells or numerous white blood cell. That would have shown me one of the most common symptoms of a weak or an anemic patient. However, it wasn't so. On the contrary, his red blood cells looked very much alive, motile and…hungry and aggressive."

"Hungry?" Confused Lucius continued. "Aggressive? What are you trying to say?" He was running out of patience and looked at his close friend/associate/partner of many years for an explanation.

"He is trying to tell you that this isn't a normal reaction of a wizard blood." Severus Snape answered absentmindedly. "Draco's blood is attacking its own blood cells." Taking a deep and steady breath, Severus looked at his godson. "It is painful and that is what's killing him." He finally managed to say the one thing the other three dreaded.

"No!" Yelled Narcissa, as she turned to Severus and stomped her right heal against the wooden floor stubbornly. "I won't allow it."

"Shush, darling," Lucius turned his wife around and hugged her carefully. He knew what anguish his wife was going through. Draco was the only child out of five that Narcissa bore him who had survived during their first seven years of marriage. He was their miracle baby. There could never be any other for them. "Nothing will happen to our Draco, my sweet. Everything will be as fine as it had been before we took the trip."

"Trip…what trip?" Healer Davis asked.

Sniffing lightly, Narcissa took one of her husband's hands and started pulling him to their son's side of the bed as she explained. "We took a mini vacation to the South Africa about a week ago."

"Why?" Lucius asked, stopping at the foot of the bed.

"Has Draco shown any symptoms on the trip?" Davis probed, "some allergic reactions to anything, anything at all?"

To tell the truth, the old wizard had never seen any case such as this one in his entire career. The past two days have been bizarre with the heir Malfoy to say the least. He had been called by Narcissa to check on Draco two days before because she thought he was paler than usual and didn't seem to have a sweet tooth for the sweets that she usually bought for him, without her husband's knowledge of course… as they were muggle sweets. To Narcissa Draco's behavior was out of character because rain or shine, happy or sad, sick or healthy…Draco Malfoy never turned muggle chocolate away…not for any reason at all.

"No." Lucius answered confidently and then looked at his wife who was biting her pink full lip. "Narcissa, had he…?"

"He didn't tell me anything…it was unintentional that I saw…" she rambled.

"Saw what?" Snape prodded.

"His bedroom at the villa was open when I came to let him know it was lunch time when I heard him mumble 'bloody bird spikes' as he threw whatever was in his hand while the other moved over his neck." Her own hand automatically went up and around her slender neck. "When I asked him if everything was alright, he said yes, and that was the end of it."

"Oh dear," muttered Snape as Davis hurried to Draco's side once again to examine the young wizard's pale neck. "Narcissa, did you see what he through over his shoulder?"

"No, I just heard a soft tap on the marble floor." She answered calmly and then added. "He isn't screaming anymore." Narcissa stated that fact. "Has stopped the moment Lucius and I approached his bed."

"Hmm," pondered Snape. "Lucius, would you be so kind as to step a few feet away from the bed?" Not understanding or really wanting to question the Potion Master, Lucius complied and walked back a few feet.

"Now what?" Lucius asked as he heard his son breath deeper and faster until he was screaming in agony once again. Shocked at his son's outburst, Lucius quickly stepped forward to the bed. Strange enough, the screams subsided replaced by the heavy breathing. "What… is happening?"

"Your guess is as good as ours, Lucius," answered Severus. "But if you don't mind, step a little closer to your son."

Lucius did as he was told. He walked to the head of the bed. "Son?" Lucius said, reaching out his left hand to stroke his son's damp cheek. The moment the contact was made, Draco gasped aloud in surprise and then one of his arms appeared from the many layers of blankets, catching his father hand off guard, and bringing it to his nose, sniffing the flash. "What is he doing?" Lucius asked the other occupants in the room aloud. No one dared to breath; they were watching the scene before them with intensity.

Draco was sniffing and licking the palm of Lucius' left hand as if it were one of his favorite chocolate lollypop his mother often bought for him. "Mine," Draco mumbled possessively. "Only mine." The more Lucius tried to pull his arm away from his ill son, the harder it became.

With every sensual lick, Lucius felt more aroused and sickened, knowing full well that it was taboo to have such a feeling for his son. "Do something," he moaned, feeling his knees buckle. Looking at Davis through half lidded eyes, Lucius moaned again, "Please."

Taking pity on Lord Malfoy, healer Davis took out his wand and whispered an incantation. Draco was asleep in seconds.

Breathing heavily, Lucius nervously stepped away from his son's bed and toward his wife, hugging her tightly and smelling her desperately...reassuring himself of what…he wasn't even sure.

"Are you alright, darling?" Narcissa whispered.

Pulling his head away from his wife and then touching their foreheads together, Lucius answered, "I am now, love." Making her smile gently.

"Lucius, why do you suppose Draco was so compelled to sniff and lick your hand?" Severus interrupted, wrinkling his nose a bit.

"I don't know," he answered calmly. "If anything, the boy should have been discussed at the contact. But not knowing the filth I had an encounter with, I guess I don't blame him."

"Care to elaborate, Lord Malfoy?" Davis requested.

Lucius explained, "On the way to my office after lunch, I had an unpleasant encounter with Potter's brain in the lobby of the Ministry."

"Potter's brain?" Asked Snape and then realizing something, he added with a sneer. "Oh, you are referring to the Miss. Know-It-All Granger, aren't you?"

"Yes, that one." He assured and continued. "She and I collided at the corner. Unfortunately the Minister of Magic was watching us and I was forced to offer her my hand to help her stand up." At the confused looks he was receiving he explained. "Miss. Granger fell backward when our bodies collided. I assure you that if that mudblood loving minister was not about, I would have never touched the girl…but as you all know pretenses must be kept."

"Hmm…interesting development indeed…" mumbled the healer.

"How so?" Narcissa asked.

"I can't say it for sure just yet, my dear, but if you let me test this theory of mine farther, I am sure I will get somewhere." Turning to Severus he said. "Professor Snape, if you and Lady Malfoy could apparate to South Africa and retrieve whatever it was Draco threw over his shoulder before examining his neck and run some tests on it…I am certain we will soon know what we are dealing with. I am certain that whoever creature that spike belonged to is responsible for Draco's current condition."

Kissing her husband softly on the cheek, Narcissa walked to Severus, took his hand in hers, concentrated and apparated them both to their villa South Africa.

"What about me?" Asked Lucius.

"I would ask you to be as close to your son as you can." The healer answered, picking up his bag, cloak and hat, before continuing. "You are the only one so far that makes Draco's pains subside because of you present. Oh and please don't try to wash your hands or change your cloths."

"Why not?" Truth be told, Lucius couldn't wait to take a hot shower to cleanse his body.

"Because, if my theory is correct, this Miss Granger you mentioned may be the only one that could save his life."

"How so?" Lucius asked numbly. "How can one mudblood save a Malfoy?"

"You still have her essence on you, Lord Malfoy." Davis stated heatedly. "I am sure that it was her essence that made Draco react to your person as he did so. It wasn't you alone." Before Lucius could utter another protest, healer bowed, "Good day, sir," and apparated away.


Authors Note: Well this is the full first chapter. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas.