Title: To Love
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: T or PG-13
Pairing: SasuNaru

Disclaimer: Naruto and all of its characters do not and never will belong to me.

Author's Notes: wrote this in half an hour. spur of the moment... thing. X3 am proud with this, but have no idea why the title is like that. sooo.. yeah. experimented with the change in tenses, since i'm not very good at tenses and i needed practice, so this has lots of mistakes and... yeah. –sweatdrops- Please review!

To Love

Naruto had never known what love really is, nor did he have a desire to know. He reasoned that the vessel for the nine-tailed fox demon did not deserve to love and be loved in return, so he never bothered seeking for that one thing that people so desperately craved.

So even as he stood pinned to the tree with Sasuke's body pressed against him, their lips crushed, their tongues dancing and their breaths mingling, he did not believe even for a second that this was what people called love.

A kiss did not symbolize love, so he had no problems kissing Sasuke as long as their lungs could handle. And sex did not symbolize love, so moaning and writhing their way through the night did not matter at all.

What was love anyway?

Naruto did not want to know.

He simply closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of Sasuke's skin on his, hot with warmth and slick with sweat as they fought for dominance in their kiss. Every part of their body were connected and they rubbed against each other in a desperate search for friction. Their breaths mingled and their throats ached with something so indescribable that all they could was moan and gasp as familiar sensations burned within every inch of their bodies.

Naruto didn't care when he felt teeth sink in his skin somewhere on his shoulders, and he knew that Sasuke also didn't care when nails raked harshly against the bare skin of the Uchiha's back.

Naruto loved the fact that this wasn't love at all.

Because he did not deserve love, and although something burned within him that ached so desperately for Sasuke, he knew that this wasn't love.

It was just too bad that he would only realize his mistake when a bullet would be mere inches from his face, and when Sasuke would jump in front of him, spasm as the bullet tore through his flesh and fall limply to the pavement as blood seeps out from his skin.

He would realize his mistake too late.

Because at that moment, he would know that it b is /b love.

"Sasuke, if you dare die on me, you bastard..."

Then a hollow laugh would resound within Sasuke's chest, and he'd smile that annoying smile of his as he spoke, "Why? Don't tell me... that you've fallen in love with me." Then again he would laugh, his face stained with blood and tears, although he would not know if those tears belonged to him or to the person leaning over him and cradling his body.

Naruto would not reply, so Sasuke would continue, "That's good, I guess..." Then Naruto would cry, because the last words that Sasuke would say before he closes his eyes would be the words that Naruto had dreaded and craved for all his life.

"Because I've fallen in love with you, too."

But none of those things matter, because what mattered was the present, where they kissed heatedly against the trunk of the tree and where love did not exist.

- owari -