Hello all who are my fans! I'm back with another Fanfiction! Yay! But this time, I'm not going to do my normal Humor genre... I'm going to write Horor!

Tamaki - don't you mean horror?

Haruhi - Yeah, you spelled it wrong?

K&T - who asked you?

Hikaru - no one...

Kyoya - but you still spelled it wrong

K&T - stop talking! I'm trying to make a scary fanfiction!

Tamaki - then stop whining

K&T storms off to write fanfic.

At first I thought Mori was the silent type, which he is, but he seems a bit more then what he is. His true self, not the quiet, always protecting Hunny, Mori. No. The one that everyone doesn't get to see. I want to personal know him but lately, Mori's clients seem to disappear. He always lead them into a room were they could be in peace and quiet. Not even Hunny was allowed, but Kyoya was happy since it seemed that the girl and Mori were making out... Which sparked some interest. But since the disappearances, I've been wondering if the rumors are true about Mori making out. It hardly seemed he would do such a lustful thing. Nobody in the Host Club would, We only gave love out for money... not for pleasure. Well for some of us it's for money. It still seemed odd... I couldn't put my finger on it. So I decided to see what was going on in the room.

As I made my way across the floor, I noticed Mori was talking to Hunny who was suddenly sparked by the sight of me going to the door. His emotionless face stared me down as he walked towards me "Haruhi..." he started, that was third time he called me by my real name, "Where are you going" he said looking down at me. I hesitated at first then looked confident to throw him off a little. "I just want to see what's in this room, that's all!" I said pushing some of my brown hair out of my nervous face. Mori stared me down then looked at the door "There's nothing" he simply replied and turned around, making his way back over to Hunny who was eating cake. "Then why can't I go in?" I said staring at his back as he stopped. Mori stood perfectly still then turned his head then his body, to face me. Mori half glared at me "Because it's my room" he replied again. "So what's wrong with me seeing what's in it?" I said incouraging him but it didn't seem to work. "Just leave it" he said now completely glaring. "Oh come on!" I said as I turned to open the door. I got it half cracked open when a large hand came down upon the door and quickly shut it. Terrified, I stood there frozen as Mori lips came to my ear. In a creppy deep voice, Mori whispered into my ear "Do not go in there..." he said then turned and made his way to Hunny again as I stood totally frozen. Falling to my knees, I stared at the door at amazement. "Was that even Mori?" I asked myself. "Haruhi!" yelled a voice behind me. I turned to see the twins latched onto each other's shoulders and waving with the opposite hand.

I looked at the two wondering what they were up to. I stood up and shakely walked over to the twins "Y-yeah?" I asked as I thought over what just happened. "You know what really happens in there don't you?" asked Hikaru. Kaoru shuddered "Please don't talk about it Hikaru" he said in a nervous voice. Hikaru hugged his brother "I must, it's the only way I could protect Haruhi from harm..." he muttered. I stood there rolling my eyes "Are you going to tell me?" I asked crossing my arms. Hikaru let go of Kaoru who whimpered and looked away. "Okay," he paused and looked around then looked back at me "I saw this my self, Mori was in that room right? Wel what he does is seduces them with smooth talk then he goes in for the strike. He takes out a huge knife and the girl screams. Of course Mori made it sound proof so no one could hear-" he said in a whisper but I stopped him "If it's sound proof... how could YOU hear it?" I asked but Hikaru put his hand up so he could continue. "Before I noticed he had locked the door so the girl couldn't escape... Then BAM! He runs towards the girl and slices her up. He hides everything in a dress... There is a truck for every part even the--" he said in a low whisper but I stopped him once again. "Hold up... What the heck are you talking about? Mori wouldn't do that?" Hikaru just smiled "yes he would... Why is he so secretive and quiet? I've figured everything out" he said proudly. I looked over his shoulder at the sitting Mori who seemed to be his normal self. I raised a brow at Hikaru who was smirking at me "Just think about it" he said latching arms with his brother and started to walk away with a conversation in the air.

The words of Hikaru hung around in my head all day. Was he right? or just messing with me again like he always did. But it was the way he said it... Hikaru wouldn't just come up with that on the spot, would he? This all confused me. Was Mori a murderer or not? I let out a sigh as the last bell of the day rang through-out the school. When I had got home and finished my homework and started to cook dinner, still thinking about Mori. I was about to start dinner when my father stepped in "I'm Hoooome!" he said with his arms out wide. His sparkly crimson red dress swayed as he danced over the table "You like? I just bought it!" he said excitedly and spun around once before he sat. I gave a shrugged and started to eat in silence "Anything happen in school today?" he asked me as he ate. "Nothing..." I muttered and took another bite before I stood up and left the room. That night, I dreamed about Mori slicing me up into pieces and my head in a truck with others that I've before. My other limbs in another truck right beside my head. As the truck closed, I stared into Mori's crimson, evil eyes. They watched me very closely then he spoke in the creepy voice he had the day before "Stay out of my stuff" he said and closed the truck nice and tight. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. Like the other severd heads around me, we all had no reason to die and be cut up into small bits. Was there a connection? Did Mori hate women or was there something else? There had to be...

When I woke up, I screammed as loud as I could. It was the worse nightmare I've had in years and it wasn't really working for me. I rubbed my eyes then looked at the clock "2:37 p.m." I muttered as my father ran into the room with a blue nightgown on. "What's wrong? It's okay!" he said panicking. "It's nothing" I said looking back at the clock... 2:38 pm... darn. I let out a sigh as my father walked out disappointed. I laid my head back on the pillow and tried to go to sleep but nothing worked. In the morning, I got out of bed cranky from lack of sleep. As soon as I got to school, Tamaki was waiting for me with a huge smile on his face and his blue eyes lit up with happiness. "Haruhi!" he said trying to hug me but I pushed him down. He sat on the ground pouting "Mother! Daughter pushed me down!" he yelled and I glared back at him. Tamaki let out a 'meep' sound and shut up as I walked into the doors. I ran my hand through my brown hair and sighed as I sat in my seat. Suddenly, the twins were hanging off of my shoulders "What!" I snapped and bother backed up "You okay?" Kaoru asked then Hikaru spoke up "It's about Mori, isn't it?" he asked in a concerned voice. I nodded some and place me head on the desk "Just let me get through the day... then I'll be fine" I said as it was muffled but the desk. The two looked at each other then knelt at the desk, one on either side. "Let's go on a hunt tonight" Hikaru whispered. "Yeah, at night. When Mori isn't here... Maybe if you saw the room you'll feel better" Kaoru said smiling. I lifted my head slowly, thinking then looked at the two "Sure..." I muttered sleeply.

The last bell rang through-out the school as me and the twins went out to the Music room. It was silent in the room as well it was dark. They waited in a classroom until it was night then made their move. I crept in step with the twins, as we started for the mysterious room. I started to panic as I saw the light was on in the room and turned to Hikaru "Maybe this was a bad idea" I whispered. He shook his head but it was hard to see in the darkness of the Music Room. He unlatched the door and poked his head in... Kaoru and I stood back ready to run for the hills until the signal for clearance was brought to our attention. We latched arms as we descended into the room with winced eyes from the light. We've been out in the darkness to long that we got used to it. We stepped in and the door quickly closed behind us. Kaoru and I jumped 10 feet in the air as Hikaru continued in. It looked like a normal room, well to a rich person, with a large king sized bed with gold and crimson bedding. As we continued in more, Kaoru stopped and pointed to a line of trucks "Oh my god..." Hikaru muttered. I quickly looked at him "You mean you were making it up?" I said as Hikaru nodded slowly. All of a sudden, Hikaru fainted and Kaoru rushed over to his aid "Hikaru!" he yelled shaking him. I stood frozen "Hello Haruhi... Kaoru... Hikaru" came a voice from behind. "Mori!" we both yelled.

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