I know I talk to much in the beginning so I'm only going to say I and go on with the story, so you guys don't get bored...

Mori stood perfectly still as he glared at three of us. "What are you doing in here?" he asked crossing his arms waiting for a nerous answer. "We thought you were gone!" Kaoru said standing and putting out his hands so he could protect his unsafe brother. "Well I'm not..." he muttered as he walked to the door. 'Oh know... he's going to lock the door like the others that got trapped here...' I thought still frozen from becing in shock. Mori walked passed the door and bent over to open one of the trunks "Look, it's only cloths" he said holding up a blue shirt. Hikaru fluttered his eyes as he finally woke up "What... happened?" he said sitting up and rubbing the back if his head. Kaoru nudged towards Mori who was still holding the shirt. "Why are you in here?" Hikaru asked thankfully fine. "I got locked in here..." he said putting the shrit away and closed the trunk. Mori finally stared at me... His eyes met mine and I felt like I was going to melt or at least drop to the floor by force by Mori's emotionless eyes. I looked away and stared at the nicely furnished trunk with a gold lock that you flip up. My eyes shift over to Mori which were still fixxed on me. "But you didn't answer my question.. " he said walking towards us and only Kaoru backed up which made Mori stop. "We wanted to see this place... we never get to see you anymore" Hikaru said bravely. Mori's eyes shift from me to Hikaru who was still on the ground. "Well all of us are locked here" he said again. "We need sleep" he said after a while of standing.

That night I never closed my eyes, even for a second as the nicely warm covers laid on top of me. The three boys told me that I could sleep in the bed while the rest slept on the floor. I refused but it seemed to be an order then an offer. My eyes became lazy as I looked towards the clock '3:18... crap...' I thought. Suddenly, I felt something press against my bed and it crept up to my legs. Panicking, I pulled my pillow slowly from under my head and started to attack my attacker. He let out a yelp and two boys sat up in the darkness then one got the lights. I stared at my so called attacker with a blush "Kaoru!" I yelped and smacked him again with the pillow. He pouted as he sat on the floor "It's cold down here... I thought I would grabbed a blanket from you..." he said looking down as he was hit by Hikaru. "Idiot!" he yelled then looked at Mori who mysteriously disappeared. "Where... did he go?" I asked the two and both gave my the same shrug. "Oh Great..." Kaoru said panicking. I look around for Mori but there is not sign of him anywhere. Then there was a noise 'Klunk! Klunk! Shing Shing!' A three of our eyes went wide as he listened to it as the sound got close. It seemed to be getting closer and every second we continued to be more scared. Then a loud 'SHING!' was heard and all three of us screamed like little girls. Hikaru and Kaoru jumped on the bed, wrapping their arms around me as we continue to scream for our lives. Then a shadow appeared behind the trunk with the gold locks then all of the trunks open with a squeak and the shadow disappears. Both Kaoru and I pushed Hikaru off the bed to go check it out "Oh thanks..." he said but both of us shushed him to investgate the situation. He stepped cautiously as he approached the trunks then his eyes went wide "Oh My God" he muttered as he fell to butt. Kaoru and I panicked "What! What is it!" we yelled still holding on each other. "It's... them..." he said before he fainted again.

Kaoru and I pulled each other out of the bed and stepped together towards the trunks. We were a foot away from them with our closed eyes "Okay, on 3 we'll look" Kaoru said and I nodded in response. "1-2-...3" he said and both of us looked into the trunk. The cloths laid there normally like before... nothing different. Kaoru let go of me but still held onto my hand as he dragged me to one of the trunks. He searched through the closed then turned pale as a ghost. I stared in and there... right in front of us was the hidden head of the girls. Our bodies were perfectly still as the noises sounded behind us again. "I told you to stay out of my stuff!" came the creepy voice from before. I felt a stream of tears running down my face and both, Kaoru and I, turned to looked at Mori. His shirt was all bloody from his victum before us. "What are you going to do with us!" I yelled terrified. "Nothing... Just a little scratch here and there" he said again pulling out a knife the size of ruler. Kaoru dropped to his knees, crying as well as me "No! Hikaru! Help!" he yelped but it was too late, Mori was already running towards him. Trying to get up, Kaoru looked at me panicking. I tried to pull him up but he was heavy "Kaoru!" I screamed on the top of my lungs as the knife pierced his heart. Dropping to the floor as Mori pulled out the blood knife. His eyes all crimson for bloodlust as he licked the side of the knife for the blood. "You freak!" he said as he stabbed Hikaru too. Both twins laid dead about two feet between them. I scrambled towards them and shook the two "Don't die!" I said as the tears continued to come down my face. "They're dead Haruhi" he said plainly as if he was back to normal. "No!" I said hugging the two.

Mori stared at me as I cried over the two "Why would care about their deaths?" he asked as the tears from me and their blood intwined. "because... because their my friends" I said but it was muffled by the floor. His crows raises as he listened to my sobs for help then lifted the knife to his shirt and wiped it off. His shirt now even more bloody from before... I lift my head as I started to here the noise again 'Shing... Shing' I look at him as made this noise "What are you going to do?" I asked still sobbing but with the blood of the twins interlocked with mine. "Like I said before these two bother-some boys died mysteriously... Just like you... You'll mysteriously disappear." he said cruelly and started for me. I scrambled to my feet and started to run as fast as I could. Mori was gaining on me as I weaved through everything in my way and then threw something back at him. Looking back, I noticed it was a chair... Nice, he has a knife and I threw a chair but it did seem to stop him a bit "Stop running!" he yelled behind me. Running into the closet, I held the knob so he wouldn't be able to come in. The blood dripped onto my school uniform as I finally noticed he scratched me with the knife on my face. "Darn!" I said then quickly shut up. Mori pulls on the knob and the door comes flying open and he's staring at me with his crimson eyes "Come here!" he yells as the knife hits the light and reflect onto my face. I took a large gulp then run towards him then slid on my knees and went through his legs. "Help!" I yelped as I was continuously chased. I turned off the lights as I reached the door and felt around for a trunk. I didn't care if it had arms in it... I was going to hide in it.

I slip into a trunk before the light switch on "Where are you!" Mori said making the noise again, trying to lure me out of my hiding spot. I feel around a bit and I noticed this was the left leg trunk. I quietly gag as Mori started to search the Mori not really thinking that I'll hide in one of the nasty trunks. I hold my nose so I wouldn't smell it but through my mouth... it was worse. My eyes widen as the smell got worse as Mori's footsteps sounded closer. 'No! He found me!" I thought. "Come out Come out, where ever you are!" he said still making the noise. 'Shing, Shing, Shing" but much faster. My heart starts racing as I hear the trunks around me started to open. Finally, he came to mine and smirked at the closed trunk. Mori opened it slowly and stared at me in a ball "Don't kill me!" I yelp as I try to leap out of the trunk but was caught by Mori. My eyes widen even more as I was laid upon the bed and the knife shone in the light of the room "This'll sting a bit" he said as he started to slice each limb off. I tried to scream but nothing came out... it was like I was out of my body and watching everything from above. I was terrified as I watch Mori place the slice limb into the trunks and hide them under the cloths. He grabs my head and grins as I'm placed in with the other head who faces were stuck in a shocked look. His crimson eyes shone as he started to close the trunk "I told you to not go into my stuff" he said in his creppy voice again. I try to scream again but nothing comes out.

"NOOOO!" I yelled as I sat up in my bed, panting and sweating. I felt my clammy face with with my hands then check if everything was still there. Sitting back, I sighed as my father came into the room. "Are you okay!" he yelped as he entered the room. Thinking, I pat my bed side and he sits... I tell him my dream and he looked at me worried "Well that's not good, You need anything" he said placing his hand on my knee. I nodded and hugged him "I love you" I muttered in his ear then laid back smiling at him. My father blushed and stood up "Glad I could help" he said before he left the room with a wink. I smiled for a bit then looked at the clock '6:58... crap...' I think and stare at my ceiling waiting for morning to come.


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