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Ready Go!


# 1 – Motion

Joey barely had a chance to slip out of his school uniform before Ishizu ushered him to the new museum exhibit on Egyptian hieroglyphics.

# 2 – Cool

One of Joey's items from his freezer intrigued the isolated female Tomb-Keeper: the outlandish mixture dubbed the "ice cream.

# 3 – Young

When informing their families of their upcoming marriage, two in particular believe the couple is marrying prematurely: Ishizu's brother, Marik, and Joey's mother.

# 4 – Last

After the separation of Atem from Yugi, Ishizu musters the courage to approach Joey in order to have their long-awaited initial conversation.

# 5 – Wrong

Ishizu had a vision that Joey would go back to his olden crush, Mai Valentine, yet to both her disbelief (and relief), he happily remained with his clairvoyant.

# 6 – Gentle

Kaiba's canine analogies aside, Ishizu smiles at what bark and no bite her Joey possesses.

# 7 – One

Ishizu packs up the rest of her boxes as she arranges to relocate to Japan with her boyfriend, Joey Wheeler, in their new life together in Domino.

# 8 – Thousand

Perusing various Egyptian catalogs, Joey groans of the multiple jobs he'll have do in order to purchase his anniversary present for Ishizu.

# 9 – King

The King of Games wept shamelessly when the underdog Duelist offered the title of "best man" for his pending nuptials with his womanly Tomb-Keeper.

# 10 – Learn

Joey never realized how many Muslim customs he'd have to perform in order to be accepted into the Ishtar family.

# 11 – Blur

Cuddled with Ishizu one night, Joey still couldn't believe he ended up with the sister of his sworn enemy, Marik Ishtar and prayed Kaiba wouldn't have similar ideas.

# 12 – Wait

The slow hands of the airport clock crushed Ishizu whilst she anticipated Joey's incoming flight to Cairo.

# 13 – Change

Now with life returning to normal for Joey, his mind focuses on other matters: Ishizu Ishtar and her life, familial drama, and measurements.

# 14 – Command

Many people have speculated about the dominant one in Joey Wheeler's relationship with Ishizu Ishtar: is it the oracle or the puppy?

# 15 – Hold

Whilst the sunset descended upon the Nile, all Ishizu could do is to snuggle against her lover, Joey, in the perfect backdrop.

# 16 – Need

Regaled from the horror stories about Ishizu's dominating father, Joey's greatest wish would be to travel back in time and set the man straight.

# 17 – Vision

Having a dream about Joey's death one night, Ishizu is conflicted on whether she should combat Destiny's will for his (and her) sake.

# 18 – Attention

The impassive Ishizu blushed to her horror when Joey handed her a tabloid dealing with specific details about their relationship.

# 19 – Soul

The cancer ravaging her body, the ethereal Ishizu savors death, so she can be with her departed Joey in the afterlife.

# 20 – Picture

Not even the stone-faced Ishizu could resist Serenity's Bambi eyes as the girl oddly poses a casual date with Joey on her.

# 21 – Fool

Her face redden with embarrassment by one of Joey's emotional outbursts, Ishizu has to teach the teenager her poker face before she evolves into a tomato.

# 22 – Mad

Whenever he and his Muslim lady are out on a date, the self-proclaimed "'Jumpin'" Joey Wheeler lives up to his title when some imbecile evokes a racist comment.

# 23 – Child

His childlike exuberance aside, Ishizu has often pondered what kind of a father Joey would be to their children.

# 24 – Now

Joey is weary of Ishizu's secretive policy on their relationship and spontaneously kisses her on the lips in public.

# 25 – Shadow

To date Ishizu, Joey has to undergo his ultimate challenge: shelve his vendetta for Marik.

# 26 – Goodbye

Joey invites Mai to a dinner at her choice of cafés in order to lessen the blow of the news of his budding relationship with Ishizu Ishtar.

# 27 – Hide

Entering the Tomb-Keeper's lair with Ishizu, Joey prepares himself to reel in the grim ambiance while upholding a happy face for her.

# 28 – Fortune

Joey is scrambling for additional finances, (Kaiba's brand-new Battle City 2.0 tournament for example), ever since his wife, Ishizu, revealed her sudden pregnancy.

# 29 – Safe

Amid nightmares of her childhood, Joey murmurs soothing whispers into Ishizu's ear while her insomnia stretched onward.

# 30 – Ghost

Ishizu wonders if her late mother would have been proud of the decisions she has made: in this case, her recent involvements with a non-Muslim with a distinct Brooklyn accent.

# 31 – Book

In an attempt to impress his cultured Ishizu, Joey pledges to recite a passage of the Qur'an, no matter what the risks.

# 32 – Eye

As Joey lies comatose, both Ishizu and Serenity are in awe by what the teenager is experiencing and a bizarre envy slowly forms.

# 33 – Never

Despite his latent attraction to the enigmatic Ishizu, Joey refuses to associate anything with the sister of his sworn enemy, Marik Ishtar, although, her exotic beauty is difficult to ignore.

# 34 – Sing

Ishizu can't cease her giggling while Joey croons his horrendous karaoke playing.

# 35 – Sudden

One morning had Ishizu vomit into the toilet after a night of lovemaking with Joey and the gears in her head rapidly turned.

# 36 – Stop

Observing Mai's personality change in her time with Doma, Joey tears himself between hating Marik with all he has, and loving Ishizu with all his heart.

# 37 – Time

The sheltered Ishizu debates if she is ready for the next level of her relationship with the experienced Joey: the bedroom.

# 38 – Wash

Ishizu tenderly swabs off the sweat and grunge off her Brooklyn pugilist's torso after a particularly strenuous Duel.

# 39 – Torn

Ishizu's newest expedition with the Domino Museum has Joey fuming, for she has a six-month excursion to America.

# 40 – History

During one of their late-night conversations, Joey reminisces to Ishizu his experiences in Duelist Kingdom and the unique magic of Pegasus' Millennium Eye.

# 41 – Power

Being a gentleman, Joey vows to go easy on his lady, until he stumbles for the Trap Ishizu has set for him.

# 42 – Bother

Seto Kaiba amused himself with reports of the surreptitious object of his affection, Ishizu Ishtar, seen with his minor rival, Joey Wheeler.

# 43 – God

Everything from his Brooklyn accent to his unusual hairstyle, Ishizu marvels how such peculiar perfection could exist for her in the form of Joey Wheeler.

# 44 – Wall

Joey's ready to slam his head on a wall whenever Ishizu uses her notorious "mystery chick" persona.

# 45 – Naked

After revealing all of his past to Ishizu, Joey fervently hopes the cryptic seer will follow his example and finally disclose the answer to a gnawing question of his: the fate of her mother.

# 46 – Drive

The underdog Duelist has endured for his sister, Yugi, Atem, Mai, and now with Marik's evil side revitalizing, he adds Ishizu to the list.

# 47 – Harm

Eyeing Joey's comatose body, Ishizu guiltily acknowledges to herself that the skeleton in her family's closet has claimed yet another victim.

# 48 – Precious

Joey savors the glint in Ishizu's eyes when she weaves her childhood yarns about her brother.

# 49 – Hunger

Observing Joey's bottomless stomach, Ishizu prepares to whip up some Egyptian cooking to quell the beast.

# 50 – Believe

Joey's open mind for ancient Egypt astonishes Ishizu, given the irony of his lack of connection or reincarnation to the past.


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