Chapter 9

As he drove, Jack mentally went through the residents of this town. He had slim pickings when it came to allies. There was Frank, and he was, well just Frank. Officer Coleman. But that was a bust. And not exactly an ally, more a dead alley. And that was about it. Most of the people were true to Walter. Probably got him elected to his profitable and powerful position. Everyone in this town loved him. So who was going to listen to him. He felt like a kid who was trying to tell someone that Lassie was down a well. But he had to do something. If only to stop something before he happened and he was accused. Being a ex-crim, he would be the first one the fingers would point to. But then why bother, he thought. He could just leave town and forget about it all. Nancy and Walter could get on with their dirty deeds and he could be riding the waves in LA or somewhere equally as babe infested. He had had too many run ins this week and enough was enough. He didn't have to put up with this. He was innocent and here he was being the subject of unwanted attention. He turned the car around and headed back to his place. All he wanted to do was to pack, sell his house and get away from this place. He pulled his car into the drive and headed to the door. But something was wrong. Once again he felt like he was not alone. The back door was slightly open. He gently opened it and walked in. He could smell a sweet perfume.
"That's not mine!" He thought. He put his keys down on the side and picked up a medium size knife from the counter top. He wasn't going to take any chances. He crept into the living room, the knife by his side.
"Nice accessory Jack. But it doesn't go with your eyes." Nancy said. She was sat in a chair, her long legs crossed as though it were an invitation for very naughty things. Images of Sharon Stone flashed through his mind.
"Make yourself at home." He said.
"You know, you can put that knife down Jack. I am not here to hurt you."
"I will be the judge of that." Jack said.
"You used to welcome me with open arms Jack."
"Well that was before you used me and tried to kill me. You remember that right?"
"That's all in the past now. I was hoping we could be friends."
"It depends on what you mean I that respect." Jack said. He gently put the knife down on the table and stood looking at her.
"You are not well liked in this town Jack, I thought you could do with a friend."
"That's so sweet of you but I will pass on that."
"I am disappointed"
"I know what you are doing?"
"I have no idea what you mean."
"You and Walter are up to something. This I know, and if I wasn't clear, the numerous threats have cleared it up. You think you can butter me up and I will forget about my suspicious. Maybe even help you."
"That thought never crossed my mind Jack." Nancy said.
"Then why would Walter, Harris and yourself all pay me visits. I feel like santa with a bag of goodies."
"Where's the red suit then?" Nancy said.
"You are trespassing on my property, I suggest you leave." Jack said. Nancy stood up and walked closer to Jack. He stepped back, Nancy advanced on him more.
"That's a new leaf for you, throwing a lady out of your house." She said. She reached her hand up and brushed a loose hair from Jacks face. He pulled away and realized he was butted up against the table. "You remember the fun we had."
"Oh I remember. But that was before, this is now. Please leave."
"I always liked your hair Jack." She said. She brushed her hand through his hair. He pulled away and stood away from her.
"Leave, go find your friend Walter and tell him I am not going to be scared away. Whatever you are up too. I will find out. No threats are going to stop me." Nancy looked at him and picked up her bag.
"So brave. So stupid." She said. She blew him a kiss and walked out of the door. Jack watched her as she disappeared down the beach. He looked over to the knife. He looked on astonished…….it had gone.
Jack had rushed out the door and down the beach. Nancy had disappeared. He had no idea why she would take the knife, but he had to get it back. He knew Coleman didn't believe him, but he had to report this. Why would she take a knife? A way of baiting Jack to retrieve it and then have another chance of getting to him. Jack had never thought of Nancy as that dangerous. She was sneaky, crafty and at some times, clever but never violent. He walked back to his house, he glanced over to Walters place which was just down the beach from his. Two figures were stood with Walter. Jack crept forward. He recognized Harris and Frank. What was Frank doing hanging with these two? He moved around the side of his house and into a small bush, he crept around it and got closer to Walters house. Now he was feeling like a spy. But something was wrong with this picture. He heard the men talking.
"I have tried." Frank said.
"Then try harder, or I can't be responsible for Harris' actions." Walter said.
"Jack has a right to be here, you can't convince him to leave if he doesn't want too." Frank said.
"Who said I would convince him?" Harris said.
"He can't be here. He is the only one who knows the truth about Rays murder, apart from you. But you won't say a thing now would you Frank?" Walter said.
"No sir, you have made yourself clear on that."
"We have big plans and we can't afford to have him interfering with them. I heard he went to see Officer Coleman." Walter said.
"I am not sure, but what if he did?"
"With his snooping around, he is bound to get in the way, ruin our plans. And I have worked too hard for some surfer to stop them."
"He doesn't know anything Walter, he won't be a trouble." Frank said.
"I can't risk it. Get it sorted Frank. Otherwise Harris will take care of your hotel, or should I say my hotel."
"I will talk to him." Frank said. He walked away and Jack ducked down. He heard a car door and in seconds, an engine starting up. Jack watched as Walter and Harris went inside Walters house. Jack headed back to his. Whatever was going on here, it was serious. And Walter was afraid.