About a week later, Hinata was back to her own timid sweet self, but still seeing Gaara whenever she went out. The mental tourcher she'd put Neji through seemed enough to make her normal again. Everyone in the village was starting to worry.

But Hinata didn't seem to care.

"G-Gaara-kun!" she ran up to him and hugged him in the middle of the street, stuttering only slightly now. She buried her face in his chest and leaned against him. "You forgot to c-call." she said gently.

"I didn't forget Hinata, Temari was hogging up the phone." Gaara said in an indifferent tone.

He lifted her chin up with his finger and gave her a quick butterfly kiss on her lips. She turned red and moved even closer to him, her hair trying to hide her blush. He only grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You hungry?" he asked her, swaying slightly with she pressed against him.

She nodded and walked with him to a food shop. Gaara had been attempting his hand at cooking, something Hinata thought would be fun.

Around the corner, Ino was staring in shock at what she saw through one of her ninja mirrors. Gaara and Hinata, still together! After Hinata had sobered up, she was sure Gaara would have left her alone and they would have gone there separate ways, but they hadn't.

Now Hinata was glued even tighter to his hip. Ino knew she had to do something, but what?

Back in Gaara's apartment, Hinata was setting the table for them both as he reread the instructions for the 8th time. "Are you sure I did this right?" he asked her again.

"Yes Gaara-kun."

"But it said to add the egg, not whats inside of it." she giggled softly and walked past the small breakfast bar and beside Gaara. "You did it right Gaara-kun, now just relax and stop s-stressing." she said in a sugary voice.

Gaara felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, he loved her sugary voice. It made him want to smother her in his arms, in the good way mind you. Once she'd gone 'back to Hinata,' as he heard villagers call it, he had thought he would just leave her and go home.

But she came to see him the next day, asking if she could watch a movie with him. She wasn't afraid of him when she wasn't a menstrual monster. It was almost as if she...

He wouldn't think that, not yet at least.

He sighed and pulled the dessert out of the oven, red velvet cake. All thanks to a 'Pillsbury' box. Hinata starting putting the food on the table and then sat down, waiting on Gaara patently.

He grinned and sat, staring at what he had cooked. Spaghetti with a very light tomato sauce and garlic bread, Hinata's idea for his first real dinner date cooking.

In fact, almost everything he did was Hinata's idea. Not that she was bossing him around, but that he was constantly asking her. She seemed not to mind at all either.

Ino's plot eventually failed. She had tried convincing Hinata to start taking a birth control pill that would make her period only last 2 to three days. By taking the pill without asking Gaara first, she wouldn't be able to have kids, and he wanted them. She knew he had, he'd told her once he was married he'd like one or two.

Hinata had told her so. Yet Ino tried her luck.

"But Ino-chan...Gaara-kun and I aren't even having...well, we are not active in that type of thing yet..." Hinata wore a red dress that day, and was picking plums from a local tree and putting them into a basket with Ino.

"I know Hinata, but what happens when Gaara can't wait anymore for you. Do you really think he's just gonna ask you?"

Hinata shrugged and set another plum in the basket. "I don't need to worry about that, I trust Gaara-kun." she said simply. Ino tried again.

"Well, even if your not having a horizontal tango with him, periods that only last about 2 days?"

Ino smiled. "You can't tell me that's not something worth shooting for." she grinned, and Hinata looked up in thought.

"I'll pass Ino-chan, I heard birth control pills can tear up your reproductive system, and if Gaara-kun and I do plan on having kids, or even getting married, I want to have them."

And thats how Ino crashed and burned. Everyone was trying everything. Shino tried pointing out Gaara wasn't stable. Tenten tried reminding her how ruthless he was. Sakura even tried talking to Gaara.

But what got everyone, was when they saw Naruto walking right up to the kissing couple. That happens today.

"Hinata! I need to talk to you." Naruto took her fragile hand and started to lead her away.

"Wait, N-Naruto-san." she turned and looked at Gaara, his eyes were cold stone set, but he was fine, he gave her a nod.

She followed Naruto a few feet away and leaned against a wall. "So, what is it, Naruto-san?" she asked, her fingers bouncing off of each other.

"Hinata, what made you stay with Gaara this long? It's been alomst three months hasn't it?" he asked her. She smiled and shrugged.

"He understands me." she said simply.

"Hinata your friends understand you too, but we're all worried about you. You've gotten thinner." Naruto tried.

"Gaara-kun's been cooking healthy foods for us."

"Your getting pale, we haven't seen you outside lately." Naruto pleaded.

"I've been working indoors."

"You never visit people around the town, the kids at school miss you." Naruto begged. Hinata simply giggled.

"I went to see them this morning, I have been going every Wednesday."

Naruto was shot down each time, but he still had his one last card.

"Hinata, I love you."

It got quiet.

Hinata sighed and looked at her feet. "I wish you would have said something before..." she didn't look up.

"I don't love you back Naruto, I got tired of loving you from a distance. I was tired of being obvious to you. I was sick and tired of waiting. I moved on, just like...like you need to." she walked away from him, and back to Gaara.

A few moments later Naruto was looking up at Gaara, Hinata at a food booth. "Uzukami."

The blond ninja sighed. "Yea, yea I know, nice try." Gaara shook his head.

"Temari always would tell me that to catch a butterfly, you need to be quick but quiet. But for a butterfly to catch you, you need to be calm and open."

Naruto stared at him confused. "What do you mean?"

"Hinata is a butterfly." Gaara said. "But I didn't catch her Usumaki, she caught me." Naruto stood there and listened.

"Naruto, in life you can either jump into a rat race, or jump out of the normal and find love. I've never wanted to jump out, but one day I got pushed. You wanna know who did it?"

Naruto nodded slightly. "You did, when you defeated me, became my friend, you pushed me out. So I could find love. Now I'm gonna push you out." Gaara turned him around and pushed him into a flower shop.

Where he bumped into a very wet, and crying, Ino.

"Ino? What's wrong?" Naruto didn't have the time to go yell at Gaara for pushing him, or for walking back over and continuing to stick his tounge down Hinatas throat. He had been pushed out, and jumped the rest of the way.