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The house was dark when Kimberly got home from work Friday evening; the only light shining through the windows came from her husband's study.

What on earth is he doing home this time of day, she though as she slid her key into the front door. He's usually still working.

Sighing, she left her keys on the kitchen counter and her small bag of groceries by the refrigerator as she made her way to Tommy's study.

"Tommy," she asked as she quietly knocked on the door.

No answer.

She gave the door a light push and it opened enough for her to stick her head though. She smiled and pushed the door completely open to reveal Tommy leaned over his desk, pen in hand, fast asleep. A small laugh escaped her at the disheveled sight of Tommy and his desk. Or at least she thought it was his desk, she couldn't really tell through the mountains of papers and coffee cups. Most of the papers were student's term papers but there was one, the one that her lovely husband just happened to be drooling on, that caught her attention. She cautiously lifted his head and peeled the paper off his face.

Nice, she thought as the paper left behind inked words on his skin. Putting her hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh, she began to read the heading.

Rangers Code of Practice: Rules to Live By

1. If you have no idea what the smart guy is saying, just smile and nod your head. Things will be far less awkward if you play along. (I speak from experience…sorry Billy)

2. There is always another option, just because you don't want to do it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

3. It says 'do not touch' for a reason.

4. If you have a phobia it is best to keep it to yourself, otherwise you will be taunted mercilessly by your peers. (No Conner, you don't have to go swinging with Ethan)

5. If you see a rabid fangirl, run like hell. (Just ask Andros and TJ. Which bring up another point, if you are forced to reveal your identify, it is always a good a idea to pick up a change of address form in the process.)

Kim smiled as she read through the short list and wondered briefly if number six was written on Tommy's face because it had been smudge off the paper.

"Huh, what," asked Tommy, groggily sitting up. "Oh hey. When did you get home?"

"About fifteen minuets ago," she said, trying to read number six off of Tommy's cheek. "What's this all about," she asked handing him the paper and trying not to laugh.

"Oh, right, that. Well all the younger rangers are always asking me for advice, so I decided to compile a list of things, course I was never actually gonna do anything with it," he said rubbing his face.


"Kim, is there something on my face, it feels funny?"

"You mean besides spit? No, nothing." Kim turned around and headed for the kitchen before she lost it completely, "so umm, what do you want for supper?"

"Whatever," said Tommy rummaging through a tower of papers."

Typical male answer! "Ok, chicken it is then."

"K, are you sure there's nothing on my face?"

Kim smiled as she stared at the inky black streaks that resembled words on his cheek before crossing to the door," no, honey, your face is fine." With that, she closed the door and double over with silent laughter.

A/N Ok, so I'm not sure if I'll continue this list...er...story or not. It depends on the reaction I get and if anyone else has any ideas for rules...But, if not, enjoy this oneshot anyway. ;)