Rangers Code of Practice: Rules to Live By

1. If you have no idea what the smart guy is saying, just smile and nod your head. Things will be far less awkward if you play along. (I speak from experience…sorry Billy)

2. There is always another option, just because you don't want to do it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

3. It says 'do not touch' for a reason.

4. If you have a phobia it is best to keep it to yourself, otherwise you will be taunted mercilessly by your peers. (No Conner, you don't have to go swinging with Ethan)

5. If you see a rabid fangirl, run like hell. (Just ask Andros and TJ. Which bring up another point, if you are forced to reveal your identify, it is always a good a idea to pick up a change of address form in the process.)

6. If you're going to take on your own red ranger, make sure you didn't teach him everything you know, chances are he'll end up handing you your own ass.

7. When going on a secret mission with the other red rangers, make sure you have a place to hide for a few days when the girls find out.

8. Always make sure you carry an extra alarm for the mega ship, otherwise you might forget where you parked it. (The other rangers may make fun of you for this, but at least you won't have to listen to your girlfriend nag when you forget where the ship is.)

9. No, you don't need a license to drive a zord, but that doesn't mean they are big toys. (Justin!)

10. Time travel is a definite no-no unless accompanied by a professional. (Sorry Wes, but you still don't get a fan club for this.)

11. No, you cannot kill a fellow ranger no matter how much they annoy you. (Kira put the baseball bat down and step away from Conner!)

12. Stop making fun of the older rangers, you will regret it.

13. Plan A never works, plan B rarely works, plan C is almost always your best bet.

14. "What's the worst that could happen" and "It can't get any worse" are two phrases that are never to be uttered.

15. Make someone smile; buy them a stick of butter for Christmas.

16. Red and pink are two colors that work really well together, as do red and yellow… (Do with that what you will….) innocent whistle

17. If at first you don't succeed, run like hell.

18. Newbie's should always listen to their elders; we know what we are talking about when we tell you not to do something.

19. Note to self: learn to land on your feet.

20. If it looks like a dog and barks like a dog, chances are it's an evil monster trying to kill you.

21. When approaching and evil villain, make sure that your backup will actually back you up. (It was only once! – Billy)

22. Think before you act. There is a very fine line between heroic and stupid.

23. Always think to ask the new red ranger from outer space if he has someone lying around in a cyro chamber.

24. Don't poke people and say 'you're human!' It just annoys them. (Have you ever seen Andros annoyed? Not a pretty sight.)

25. Never, EVER, mess with a pink ranger and her hair. (Two words: Death wish!)

26. Never dis the tech guy; you never know when he might save your life. (Just ask Cam.)

27. Witty comebacks are an absolute must for a red ranger, but you must let the others get a few in occasionally, keeps team moral at a good level.

28. Evil rangers rarely stay that way… (How could you not know that by now?)

29. Who says fan clubs are a good thing? They're full of obsessed psychos who make you yearn for baddies you use to fight. (Cheer up Wes!)

30. Its not called hero worship, its call being a stalker. (Quit it! You're really starting to freak Tommy out.)

31. The dumbest, most harmless looking monster will be the one who comes the closest to killing you.

32. If somebody yells 'look out' it's already too late.

33. "Another One Bites the Dust" is not our theme song! (Stop it Jason!)

34. Don't tease the brainiacs, they are way smarter than you are and payback will be hell.

35. No, you cannot use the force! (Who do you think you are? Obi-wan Kenobi?)

36. Guys, you may outnumber the females on your team, but you will never win!

37. There will always be a love connection between two people on a ranger team. Some of you just don't know how to do anything about it. coughColeAlyssacough

38. If a ranger laughs kinda like this 'Muahahahahhahaha' assume they are evil and are going to try and kill you. (Right Tommy?)

39. Teleporting is a privilege not a right. We will make you walk if necessary.

40. After blowing up a monster, don't bother to celebrate…the bad guys almost always make it grow. (And please keep your victory dances to yourselves, nobody really want to see that!)

41. Once in a while there are always civilians who are constantly trying to find out your identities, just distract them with a 50 shopping spree. (It usually works with Cassidy)

42. Girls make sure to let the guys think they're in charge...it boosts their egos... (Not that they need to be any bigger)

43. Rangers don't wear spandex; it just looks like we do! (Seriously, stop making fun of us!)

44. You do NOT, and I repeat, you do NOT get theme songs! ("Can't Touch This" is forthwith banned from all of your CD players!)

45. "It seemed like a good idea at the time" is not a valid argument.

46. Be nice to the smart guys on the team, they can make it look like an accident.

47. When a giant robot T-Rex is chasing you, locking the door to your jeep isn't gonna save your ass. (Right Tommy?)

48. During your Ranger career, expect one of these will happen to you: either you will be (a), sent to a different planet, (b), sent to a different time period, or (c), sent to another dimension.

49. Thunder and Lightning are not play toys (Hunter, Blake!)

50. Never go on a date with your best friend's sister/brother (Zhane you should know better by now. Really, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Don't. Do. It.)

51. If someone yells "DUCK", they don't mean a yellow feathered bird that quacks.

52. Motocross IS better than Skateboarding (Get over it Shane)

53. If your electronic device gets a virus, assume that it may be evil and will try and kill you.

54. Just because you get a cape on your uniform, it doesn't mean that you have to act like superman! (Chip! Stop! You're embarrassing us!)

55. Do not use your teammates as 'monster bait'. (It's not funny, especially when you get the hospital bill back.)

56. Just because they're an air-head, it doesn't mean they aren't really smart. (Right Dustin?)

57. The guy with the glasses is normally the one you really, really don't want to mess with, remember, geeks will inherit the earth. (Just ask Billy.)

58. Most, but not all of the time, the pink Ranger is the hottest female on the team. (Pinky, get used to the guys on the team looking at your spandexed rear...it's not like you never looked at the guys while they were morphed).

59. NEVER, EVER just assume something about a fellow ranger or monster…you do know what assuming will do to you right? (If not, break the word down into three comprehensible parts….)

60. Stop stalking the older rangers! (It's creepy and annoying. Do you really want to have to pay for their therapy bills Cole?)

61. Be nice to the technicians for your team. More often then not they hold the keys to your zords and your life.

62. Red rangers stop playing the "reluctant rookie" you know you want to be a power ranger more than anyone else on your team.

63. Yes we all know the dangers, but could you not put safety locks on blasters!

64. Just because you think all that posing looks cool doesn't mean it actually is...

65. Yes the pretty Evil Space Ninja tricked you, but that does not mean you shouldn't give up! (Cheer up Dustin! I saw the look Marah was giving you -Winks-)

66. When you appoint a new blue ranger, make sure that he knows what he's doing! (And please stop teasing Rocky!)

67. Smile, it makes people wonder what you are up too.

68. Newbie rangers have to wash All of the zords. (Yes, we realize they are gigantic. No, we really don't care.)

69. If it can go wrong it will go wrong. (Make sure you have a plan b, not just plan a recycled. See rule 13 for more info.)

70. Jocks, be nice to the geeks, they are the ones who help you with school, mess with them and that five page term paper goes 'poof!' gone.

71. It's okay to hide behind the camera, it got a certain Red Ranger to notice you. (Cheer up Maddie!)

72. Always make sure your disguise is fool proof when you go to Onyx, hiding your morpher is the first step (Andros)

73. Because you're the genius, it gives you the right to be the sarcastic and/or confusing one. (Cam!)

74. Just because you have the power of invisibility, it does not give you the right to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations! (Tommy!)

75. Stop arguing about sports! (I don't care if motocross is better than skate boarding or if soccer is better than football!)

76. If a group of mutated turtle's shows up when you're getting your butts kicked, do not assume it was only a coincidence.

77. Don't put pictures of yourself morphed in your diary and leave it lying around. People will steal it and read it. (Cassie! The whole idea of a secret identity is to keep it a SECRET!)

78. Super computers are not for playing games on. (Shane!)

79. 'No, my powers can only be use for good' is not a phrase you should use lightly. (It will come back to bite you in the ass.)

80. If there's six of you, and only five powers, Russian roulette is not the solution.

81. Never ask us why we always start our battles unmorphed or fight with our bare hands first before combining our weapons. That's just the way it is, OK!

82. Unless you're the Red Ranger, you can stop fantasizing about getting unique weapons/gadgets, unless your color is a variant shade of Red. (And no, that does NOT include Pink.)

83. If you don't like your Ranger color, too bad. Just be glad the suits don't have underwear on the outside.

84. When blasted into the air, find something more creative to say than "WHOA!"

85. Be nice to the newbie's, chances are they'll end up as your leader. (But by all means make them polish things)

86. Stop traveling through time! Do you know how much trouble this causes? (I know most of us have done it at least once, but believe me it's only fun the first time! But if you insist on doing it anyway, do not eat lunch first…)

87. Sky, your theme is not "Bringing sexy back", stop listening to music whilst on the beat now that you are red ranger.

88. If your teammate is captured and brainwashed, do not demorph in the middle of enemy territory. (Ahem, Jason…)

89. Ignore the big blue dog, he'll fight with you then erase your memory afterwards... Did that big blue dog just talk?

90. Okay, stop dancing around each other! You both like each other, everyone around you knows you like each other. Enough! Wes ask Jen out or we will do it for you! How does being locked in a supply closet sound?

91. Every team has a brooding one, goofy one, genius, tough guy, at least one girl, sometimes two girls, drowning in testosterone, and very rarely, siblings.

92. Running does NOT make you a coward; sometimes it makes you the smartest person on your team. (Ha! Take that Billy!)

93. If you have a bad memory, ask the tech guy to build something to help you record what you need to do that day…assuming you remember to use it.

94. If your invention causes you to switch bodies with a Ranger of the opposite sex, make sure any blabbermouths on the team don't know about it, or you'll never hear the end of it.

95. Male rangers if you piss a female ranger off...it was nice knowing you. (Who would be that stupid anyway?)

96. When on a Red Ranger mission, if one of the older ones says something cool to the villains, make sure you either say something just as cool, or keep your mouth shut, rookie.

97. We have doors for a reason… (No they aren't to slam people's faces into Adam.)

98. Never get involved in a 'who's the better red colored ranger' fight with your team mate (Hunter & Shane!)

99. If your 'dead fiancée' shows up one day out of the blue, don't just assume it's a coincidence.

100. Yes opposites attract, but you don't want them colliding and one killing the other. (Vida go back to the turn tables but give Xander his head back!)

101. Okay, leave Adam alone, his spirit animal could've been a lot worse, like a llama. Besides, some frogs eat beetles if you know what I mean.

102. A cocky ranger will normally be put into their place...

103. The phrase 'Do you believe in magic?' is only cool once. Let's keep it that way. (Nick!)

104. Always remember, the guy that's training you, he's been there, done that, he's not impressed by your showing off (ring any bells Red Rangers?)

105. The new guy (or guys) in town are usually the evil rangers, even if they are nice (Especially if they are nice…)

106. If you get caught spying on your teammate, just walk away and whistle innocently like nothing happened. (It worked for Lucas.)

107. If you're from a different country than America, make sure you use every single stereotype you can think of about your country, just to confuse the heck out of the others (Kat, Xander)

108. Yellow does occasionally look okay on a guy (Chip….)

109. Never make fun of anybody's size...it will be your downfall!

110. Does it really surprise you that we're a TV show?

111. All Rangers should at least try to keep relationships within the group, it's a lot less explaining when you have to dash off during an attack than coming back to a pissed off date. (Zack knows all about this one.)

112. "I didn't know she was your sister," is not a valid excuse Zhane!

113. You shouldn't mock your fellow teammates, especially after you have been caught eavesdropping. They will hurt you when they finally catch you. (Yeah, you have to sleep sometime Katie, Trip.)

114. Don't refuse to watch Japanese TV shows because you think they are making fun of you, they aren't; besides they are an excellent way to pass your history class. (Just ask Conner, he got a B on his paper.)

115. Its never a good idea to tell the bad guys that you want to be evil again, chances are you will get your wish.

116. If you HAVE to pass your powers onto someone, make sure it's not some annoying little kid, no matter HOW smart he is.

117. Yes, you can pull the sword out of the stone. No, it does not make you king!

118. If a big bird is flying around, chances are it'll attack you. No, it is not the one from Sesame Street!

119. Liking a fellow ranger of the same gender is okay; just make sure he/she isn't taken first.

120. Yes, Tommy's Native American, but no, his "Ut, seet, aiyaa!" is NOT some Native American phrase or secret code.

121. So what if she's a big pop star diva? You have the real talent! (Cheer up Kira, you'll make it!)

122. When making a SECRET video about your life as a power ranger please make sure you put it AWAY after you finish editing it. (Right Tommy?)

123. Its not the fall that kills you it's whoever lands on top of you.

124. Ethan, give Conner his soccer ball back, he's beginning to freak out.

125. Note: Although the term "You break it you bought it" does not apply when in a giant robot battle, try to destroy as little public property as you can, taxes are high enough already!

126. Ok, green may not be the best color, but at least I have a blaster and less responsibility.

127. His dumbass, girl chasing bravado is really a cover-up; yes he really likes you if you'd give him a chance. (Kira and Conner!)

128. I am not Luke and you are not my father! (You people just think you're so funny don't you?)

129. If you're really curious about how big the fan base is, check out fanfiction sites. (-Innocent whistle-)

130. Do not argue with your talking, enchanted saber during a zord battle. You'll just get your ass kicked.

131. If you're undercover at a villains' meeting, just drink the damn lava juice! (Andros!)

132. "Kamehameha" and "Big Bang Attack" are not phrases to be use when firing a blaster! (Anime marathons are now banned before battles!)

133. Do NOT give Conner shiny objects, he's distracted enough already!

134. Don't be rude to the Ninjetti master with the "Mighty Mouse" voice, especially when you need new powers.

135. Make sure to ask your mentor if there's someone even stronger than the current villain you're fighting on their way (thanks for no warning about Zedd, Zordon!)

136. We are not wimps, but if we have flu we reserve the right to sleep for a few days.

137. Don't play with your trading cards at school, chances are the evil principle will confiscate them and use them against you! (ETHAN!)

138. The answer to an arrogant green ranger is not "sick 'em Cujo!" (Joel had to have thirty stitches in his leg…)

139. If the monsters are suddenly good and the Power Rangers are evil then you've just landed into your own personal Alternate Universe! (Tori...)

140. Rare and exotic plants do not make good gifts, especially when the bad guys get their hands on them… (Kimberly still doesn't like to talk about 'the plant episode' from high school.)

141. Its not your fault that you were turning into a bug, just say the after effects of time travel threw you off, it's believable. (Cam!)

142. If someone on your team has been in the Air Force DO NOT PISS HER OFF!! There's probably three different ways she could stun your ass before you knew what was going on.

143. Ethan quit tapping into NASA's satellite system; they can trace it back to you no matter how careful you are.

144. An example to learn from...being put under any spell...can bring out a side of you that really wasn't mean for everyone to see! (-Innocent Smile- Billy's underwear….)

145. Stop making Wizard of Oz references about Zordon. (There are no curtains in the command center Justin!)

146. There's nothing wrong with teaching generations of children to put a mask on, run around in spandex and attack ugly people! Is there?

147. Stop with the innocent whistling, bushes do not whistle!

148. Yes Trent, you are the white ranger. But there's never gonna be a 'Forever White' mission.

149. The word is TEAMWORK, not ten copies of myself. (Repeat after me, "There is not I in team")

150. If you give us a bad name, we WILL go off into space and leave you behind. (…wonder who that could be…)

151. Xander quit playing "Pink" by Aerosmith, Vida's eye is starting to do that twitching thing.

152. Just because you do spend an inordinate amount of time at someone's house, that does not give you permission to leave your car there... (CONNER!)

153. Do NOT let Shane have sugar; he's like Twitchy after having coffee.

154. Being baked into a pizza doesn't get you a fan club. (Sorry TJ)

155. Just because you are a power ranger doesn't mean you can wear your color all the time...someone's bound to notice color coded kids that disappear when the rangers show up.

161. If I build something, I expect you to APRECIATE IT! (Lots of love, Billy)

162. You may think you're a badass, but you're not. So quit making yourself seem like it. (Lucas!!)

163. If you're wandering through the forest make sure there aren't any sinkholes around…

164. Cole, the 'I WAS raised by animals' excuse will only work so many times! (Either give it a rest or learn some table manners)

165. "Meet my little friend' is such a cliché phrase; refrain from using it when pulling out a really big weapon. (Seriously, the monsters are starting to laugh at us.)

166. When a certain Red Rangers show boats...remind him that a certain red ranger saved his head from being trapped inside a pumpkin!...( Jason)

167. Don't take your magic for granted! (It's not for conjuring up pizza!)

168. Just because your teammate is a little strange doesn't mean they aren't right (Just ask Chip and Bridge)

169. Don't leave pictures of a guy kissing you on the cheek lying around. Your 'dead' fiancée may show up and he will be pissed.

170. Yes, the brooding rangers do have hearts. Just because they aren't as bubbly as you are doesn't mean they don't have feelings. (When you get to know him, Eric is really sweet.)

171. Ghostbusters will not be there to help, so just get on with it!

172. You are NOT superman, so stop looking for a phonebox and trying to extend your cape!

173. Younger male rangers stop hitting on EVERY female ranger, they WILL hurt you and the guys who secretly love them will exact revenge. (Conner stop trying to flirt with Maddie...Nick looks like he's about to burn a hole through your head.)

174. People do occasionally get injured in the line of duty, but don't worry, no one has ever died….…not permanently at least.

175. The zords and bikes are colored coded so don't show the world your stupidity by asking which one is yours. (Ahem, Conner)

176. Evil doesn't sleep…so you can't either…

177. Rangers, you are not allowed to have a Myspace! (Do I really need to explain the ramifications that this can have?!?)

178. I don't care how 'beautiful' that women is, when I call for help I mean now, not when you can tear yourself away from her. (FYI, she's a monster in disguise anyway, how sad is that? Can't even get a real girl to go out with you…)

179. There is no 'Ranger Hall of Fame' so stop trying to out do your predecessors. If they didn't make it, neither will you.

180. When going on a secret ranger mission, leave your pets at home!! (Frank, the family cat, "snuck" into Conner book bag during at trip to Bio Lab. They arrived on a Friday. When they left on Sunday, Eric's bird was MIA…)

181. If you've got a tattoo on your back that is going to eventually kill you, you shouldn't use it to get sympathy from the cute girls at the base (Ryan, we all know you tried that line on Miss Fairweather)

182. If gaining your powers from an Alien who will take them back eventually, it pays to check the warranty on them in case they fail (Trey, Jason's still after your hide)

183. No, Time Traveling does not earn you frequent flyer miles (Cam!!)

184. Billy we all know you think morphinamonal is a cool word but, seriously, the new kids are starting to laugh at us.

185. iPods are a no-no. Just leave them in the car; you do not need music to help you.

186. If you're on vacation, stay alert!! Don't be hitting on random girls when the villain shows up! (Hunter...)

187. The Q-Rex will not eat the Dragonzord for breakfast, mainly because the Dragonzords at the bottom of the ocean and Tommy will kick your butt to Aquitar and back (Not looking at any one -Eric-)

188. If you think regular people are nuts, wait till you meet former Rangers... (Joel, even though you married her, you still gave her the creeps for a while.)

189. Don't say you're a power ranger as an excuse to why you keep disappearing or at all for that matter, I don't care if 'the truth is always hardest to believe' someone will eventually put the pieces together (Chip!)

190. Just because you've held different powers with different colors over the years, does not mean you can go around calling yourself the Technicolor Ranger - (And yes Tommy, we all watched your diary)

191. Communicators are not like phones: Do NOT call them if you lose them, you don't know who'll pick it up.

192. While team ups are common, and really a lot of fun, they are serious matters (remember the 'dead/destroyed' villain trying to KILL you?).

193. If a girl hits on you repeatedly, chances are she works for the other side. (Ahem, Nick)

194. Don't die! I don't care how many times the older rangers do it, you are not to stop breathing!

195. If a monster turns up as your teaching some cadets how to fight, make sure you check the cadets out first in case one's a cyborg that wants to be a ranger (Yes Bridge, it is okay to use your powers to make sure someone is who they say they are.)

196. Its not called showing off, it's called being mad because you can't do it! (Seriously Jason, leave the newbies alone!)

197. Never suggest something as a joke when it comes to rangering. (Remember the time loop?)

198. Okay, he's been evil, through four different colors, you've been through hell and high water with him, you're gonna end up together! (Tommy and Kim!)

199. We only defend the cities/areas we live in, don't expect us to fly to Korea just to save you!

200. And always remember: Once a Ranger, always a Ranger... no matter how much you try to avoid it.